IHG Rewards Club Hurdle Promotions Return For May 1 – August 31, 2015


IHG Rewards Club has new hurdle promotions starting on May 1st for stays until August 31, 2015, based on the email that I just received from a LoyaltyLobby reader.

IHG Rewards Club 5,000 Bonus Points For 3 Nights Stay May 1 August 31 2015

IHG Rewards Club (or Priority Club) used to run back to back hurdle offers with global promotions, but they have taken a break since last summer.

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These promotions are valid for May 1 – August 31, 2015:

– 5,000 bonus points after 3 nights – register here.

– 5,000 bonus points after 4 nights – register here

– 10,000 bonus points after 7 nights – register here

– 10,000 bonus points after 8 nights – register here

– 10,000 bonus points after 10 nights – register here

– 10,000 bonus points after 12 nights – register here

– 10,000 bonus points after 15 nights – register here

– 15,000 bonus points after 18 nights – register here

UPDATE: I believe that we have all the codes now. Seems that there is likely geographical restriction in place wight for this specific hurdle promotion.

If you have received or soon receive one of these offers, remember to forward me the email.


How do I know to call this a “hurdle” promotion? IHG Rewards Club actually used that word with Q2 on the personalized URL.

Let’s see if these personalized hurdles are their only offer for the summer or if there is a global promotion as well.

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  • Sam Carpenter

    I got my offer today, 15000 points for 18 nights.

    • Can you post the promo code or forward me the email (john@loyaltylobby.com)? Thanks!

      • Sam Carpenter

        Hi John, just forwarded the email.

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  • Bosi

    Hi John, I could not register for any of promos (5k or 10k)? It says these promos are not eligible for my account?!

  • sigs99

    I got the same rejection

  • Lydia Li

    I got offer of 8 nights for 10k points..

  • Kingston Lad

    I was just rejected as well.

  • Teri

    Yep I also am ineligible for this promo

  • Stephen Alexander Davis

    Also rejected. In life and my IHG. Platinum member as well. Points.

  • Still no email here………. i wait for my personalized offer.

  • mark

    I tried to regester but they are asking for a promotional code. I then went to IHG website but there isn’t any mention of this promotion

  • tomek_m

    offer code for 10k for 12 nights is 2235 (read from the url to registration)

    • Zubi

      Next one : 2236- 15k for 15 nights

  • Matt

    Can we just pick one or is like the other promotions where you have to be targeted? Anyone know?

    • You were used to be able to sign up for ONE of these offers (very long time ago you could register for all of them and really earn LOTS of points). Seems that now many are not able to sign up. Could be region specific.

      • Matt

        Just wondering because I haven’t received any of the above offers. Another question is can someone register for one of these promotions and the share rewards promotion of whatever it is called?

  • Phong Huynh

    Yeah got the 5000pts for 3 nights email

  • Audrius

    It doesn’t say anything about the requirement for the night to be a qualifying one.

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  • matt

    Best bet is wait and make sure we’re targeted I assume, right?

  • romain

    What happens if you have a stay that starts before 1st of May and finishes after? Does it count and if so, partially or fully? If it doesn’t, can you check out on 1st and check in again ?

  • John Rice

    Should this promotion show in the list on “My Offer Status” page? I have registered for my targeted offer (5k for 3 nights) a few days ago however it doesn’t show in the list, however when I try and register for it again I am told “According to our records, you are already registered for this offer.”. Any help would be appreciated!

  • bob

    10k points for 8 nights sent to me in the UK – I really hope this is not an alternative to the next ITTN/SYS promo as I completed all goals on all of them which proved to be a nice little earner.
    I also registered days ago and the offer is not showing up under my offers.

  • Jun

    10k for 10 nights. Same promo code as above, region: China, stayed 8 nights in Q1.

  • Andrew Patterson

    Platinum member – Offer not available! on any of the codes..