Le Club Accorhotels Up To 10,000 Bonus Points For Three Stays May 4 – August 31, 2015 (Book May 4 – 31)


Le Club Accorhotels has launched new offer for up to 10,000 bonus points (you can later convert them to 200 euros in vouchers) for 3 stays between May 4 and August 31, 2015.

Le Club Accorhotels 10,000 Bonus Points Offer May 4 August 31 2015

The offer is valid for stays of minimum of 2 nights that are booked between May 4 – 31, 2015, and requires registration.

You can access and register for this offer here.

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You earn 1,000 bonus points for the first stay, 4,000 bonus points for your second stay and 5,000 bonus points for your third stay.

Remember that you can convert 2,000 Le Club Accorhotels points to 40 euros in vouchers that you can use towards hotel stay (or can use the points directly online towards prepayment).

Le Club Accorhotels 10,000 Bonus Points Offer May 4 August 31 2015 Status

Remember that all these bonus points also count towards the status within the Le Club Accorhotels program. 10,000 bonus points alone is enough for a Le Club Accorhotels Gold status.


Le Club Accorhotels had had similar offers requiring just one night stay. Seems that they have now upped the required to two nights. Still not bad.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

1. General Conditions of Use of the Le Club Accorhotels programme apply to the “Receive up to €200 in points” offer.
2. To enjoy this offer, the Le Club Accorhotels loyalty programme member must sign up by clicking on the “Sign up for the offer” button above (through 31/05/2015) and then follow the instructions.
3. The offer is valid only one time per member, for maximum 3 stays of 2 hotel nights booked through 31/05/2015, and done through 31/08/2015 in hotels participating in the Le Club Accorhotels programme. Receive a total of 10,000 points maximum: 1,000 points after your 1st stay, 4,000 points after your 2nd stay and 5,000 points after your 3rd stay. Stays cannot be consecutive.
4. The points bonus is calculated based on Classic status, not counting points accelerators.
5. The offer enables Le Club Accorhotels loyalty programme and Accor Advantage Plus members, regardless of their status, to receive up to €200 in points for stays in hotels participating in the Le Club Accorhotels programme throughout the world.
6. 2,000 points are equivalent to €40 or $43 currency. Points are converted into euros; amounts indicated in local currency are not legally binding and are subject to change.
7. The stay must be booked online (via Accorhotels.com or one of our brand websites participating in the Le Club Accorhotels programme), via our mobile applications or by calling the Accor Bookings Centre. Other booking channels are not eligible for this offer.
8. The loyalty card or member card number must be presented when booking and at hotel reception when checking in.
9. Le Club Accorhotels bonus points will be credited onto the member’s account within 10 days following departure from the hotel.
10. Within this offer, a stay is understood as one (1) booking per Le Club Accorhotels Loyalty member, regardless of the number of rooms booked. A booking made by a member for several rooms will only count as one (1) stay.
11. The offer cannot be combined with any other Le Club Accorhotels promotional offers and does not apply to groups.
12. Offer subject to conditions and availability. Sales conditions of reserved public rates specific to each hotel apply.

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  • Guido

    10,000 bonus Starpoints?

    • Good catch. Thanks! Shouldn’t have written this when bit tired after some flights.

      • Guido

        I’m happy you did. Signing up for these promotions has been quite beneficial for me, I managed to get 8,600 points with one night in an ibis hotel last year 🙂

  • Hans

    Are you sure stays can only be booked from the 4th of May? It says “for hotel nights you book in May” on the website but I don’t see that anywhere in the T&C’s and you can sign up today already.

    • It says on the promo page:

      Offer valid for stays from : 04/05/2015 to 31/08/2015
      Reservation from : 04/05/2015 to 31/05/2015

      • Hans

        You are right. I didn’t scroll all the way down 🙁 I still find it strange that the start date is not mentioned at all in the T&C’s.

  • SAF

    Can i use the middle east summer offer too ?

    • All the promotions should stack as long as you meet the booking and stay requirements.

      • SAF

        Because i don’t know when i see “The offer cannot be combined with any other Le Club Accorhotels promotional offers and does not apply to groups.”

        • They usually have that blurb on all the promotions. I have not had issues various promos stacking, however.

  • Friedrich

    Hi John! Do you think this works with Accor’s private sale? Especially the 2=1 offer for Germany and Austria?

    • Friedrich

      Should have read more carefully – it does not since the booking time windows do not match. 🙂

  • HanoiIG

    I already have 4 stays or 5 within the period. Will they screw me out of the points unlessI unbook and rebook?

    • Le Club Accorhotels tend to have strict booking date requirements on these promotions. I am not 100% sure if they are always observed.

  • RudeUrm

    I get after registration: You are registered for this offer. Book now!
    In the description it is for bookings before May 31,2015 without a start date mentioned.
    Thx a lot for this great hint. 🙂

  • Highflyer

    I want to reach the Platinum status by Accor Hotels. To do so, I need a total of 25,000 points. At the moment I have the status Gold and I see that I need only 9,464 points to reach Platinum. Will the points of this promotion count and help me to reach the Platinum status?

  • Filip

    John, as far as I remmember previous offers required 1 night stay at Sofitel and 2 night stay in Novotel, Mercure etc. So there is no that much changed now.

  • Hmlg

    Do we know for definite if this will also work with Happy Monday bookings? Thanks. Hugo

  • I’d recommend to be careful with overlapping promotions. I signed up for both the February and March promotions. While the booking periods were back-to-back, the stay periods were overlapping and the bonus points didn’t post properly. It took some back and forth with customer service to get it sorted out. To Accor’s credit, they resolved it appropriately.

  • Philip

    Note 11 in conditions says “The offer cannot be combined with any other Le Club Accorhotels promotional offers and does not apply to groups”, does the new members only “OnlyOn” booking discount count as a promotional offer?

  • Mark

    I got screwed with this because I was reading the T&Cs 🙁
    They should have included this in the fine print!

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  • Lars

    What would happen if I book 6 stays with 2 nights? 20000 points?

    • 10,000 bonus points (unless you have two accounts and credit 3 stays each).

  • Highflyer

    What do they mean with “The offer cennot be combined with any other Le club Accorhotels promotional offers”? I am already registered for the offer, so I can book now. But when I want to make a reservation for two nights in Genua, Italy, can I book any rate, for example EXPO offer, Let’s taste the city?

  • Orson Young

    Will the non consecutive clause apply if you book different hotels?

    • You can book separate hotels on consecutive stays. That is fine. You cannot have two night stays back to back at the same hotel.

  • bobby

    Hi John i already have a night booked at a certain hotel on 5th June but now would like to also book 6th & 7th in same hotel for the purpose of the 10,000 points offer .Would this separate booking be recognised as such and go towards my 3 separate 2 night stays or would it be classed as just 1 booking for the 3 nights ? (which is what i don’t want as 1st night booked outside of promotion) Many thanks !

    • That is difficult question. Really depends how the hotel reports the stay to the Accor. To be on the safe side, you should rebook the stay from June 5 to 8.

    • bobby

      Not an option really as the 5 th is non refundable and also counts as my last stay for the 8,000pts bonus scheme from prior promotion. The 6th and 7yh would hopefully be one of my 3 x 2night stays for the 10,ooo points promotion !

      • Then you really need to have the nights 6 & & for this promo at other hotel.

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  • orson

    Is the Advance Saver price considered as promo? this was the reason given to me by their customer service why i was unable to earn points for the February 8k promo.

  • Philip

    Accor have assured me “consecutive stay” clause means any two night stay for this promotion MUST be separated by a night between them. So 2 nights, one elsewhere, 2 nights, another elsewhere and two more nights. It would be big help if they make this clear on offer info

    • Absolutely incorrect. Monday to Wednesday – Wednesday to Friday – Friday to Sunday and you have done with the promo. Just cannot be back to back at the same hotel.

  • Philip

    I am simply saying what Accor told me, their exact words:

    After several verifications, we kindly inform you that the rule is that all stays cannot be consecutive from one to another, even if made in different hotels. Which means that you need at least one day interval between your bookings as you said in your reply.

    We remain at your disposal should you need any further clarification.

    Your Le Club Accorhotels team

  • Alex

    Hi, John!
    Will I qualify if I book the same Ibis Styles for 3 times,
    but for stay at different week? I booked on 31 May 2015. Please advise. If I cant get it, then I
    may want to cancel the reservation. Need your reply here. Thank you.

  • Hec

    I booked three stays under the terms of this offer, and ninety minutes before I reached the first (Ibis) hotel, the management rang to say because of a computer error the room was not available, and they had arranged for me to stay at a nearby Mercure “on the same terms”. Accor now decline to credit the relevant points because I did not stay at the hotel I had booked! (The other two stays were credited, but this means I only have 5000 points instead of 10000.) I’ve had four replies so far from their help desk – they don’t seem to have grasped the point!