Hilton HHonors Best Rate Guarantee Program Case: Hilton Molino Stucky Venice


When I was researching options for a stay in Venice last week, I came to the conclusion that all the hotel prices were throughout the roof. Mid-June is not very good time to visit the city, if price is a consideration.

Hilton Best Rate Guarantee Hilton Molino Stucky Venice Best Rate Guarantee Logo

The Hilton there that has a somewhat inconvenient location had a summer sale price and was priced roughly at 303 euros including breakfast. I found a third party site that was selling the same room type for 270.98.

You can access Hilton’s web page for their Best Rate Guarantee here.

Hilton.com price:

Hilton Best Rate Guarantee Hilton Molino Stucky Venice Hilton Price

Third party price:

Hilton Best Rate Guarantee Hilton Molino Stucky Venice Third Party Price

When I research third party prices for chain hotels, I tend to use Trivago, HotelsCombined and Kayak. These sites aggregate pricing information from various websites. The third party site that I found for this claim came from HotelsCombined.

Hilton Best Rate Guarantee Hilton Molino Stucky Venice Best Rate Guarantee Confirmation

So, I shoot the Best Rate Guarantee claim to Hilton and received the confirmation email that the claim had been received.

Hilton Best Rate Guarantee Hilton Molino Stucky Venice Best Rate Guarantee Response

It took 25 hours for Hilton to process and approve the claim. They had not used the correct rate, however, and I sent them a screenshot of the rate on the third party site that was still 10 euros less.

Hilton Best Rate Guarantee Hilton Molino Stucky Venice Best Rate Guarantee Response Second

It took Hilton another 66 hours to get back to me and approve the third party rate correctly.


The Hilton Best Price Guarantee program is not well thought out (probably on purpose) and doesn’t support their claim that you can “always” find the lowest prices on Hilton branded websites because your claim is more often shot down than approved for whatever reason.

The icing on the cake on this case was that the property refused to honor the claim that Hilton’s Best Rate Guarantee team had approved. This is probably going to be another Compensation Clinic case in few months time after the issue has been resolved with Hilton’s Guest Assistance. Stay tuned!

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  • ren

    They suck.

  • Denis

    I experienced Hilton BRG a month ago. Hilton.com was selling SLS Las Vegas for $65+25++ (resort scam fee) and every single third party for $40+25++. It took about 18 hours for them to respond and approve my claim. I then received new reservation with $0.00+25++ rate.

    While checking in I was told they had no clue about $0.00+25 rate and see only original rate for about $105 total. It took 20 min to check me in and everything looked set up with correct rate. During check out I was presented a bill for about $220 ($105 for a room + F&B) and it took 20 min again. I basically had to teach their supervisor, since he had never heard about BRG at all (!!!). In the end he manually deducted room rate and taxes and I paid a correct bill.

    I was surprised how incompetent staffs were, they haven’t had any idea about BRG. The stay however was superb and I liked the property and how they treat status customers (despite all the reviews), so I decided not to submit a claim.

    Previous time I used BRG in December 2014. It took 6 days for them to respond. I got a response only after I contacted Hilton Guest Assistance with a claim on BRG Team. By the time they responded the rates were obviously different both at hilton.com and a comparison site and they declined my claim based on screenshot. Then another round of emails exchange and finally 8 days after initial claim submitted they approved it.

    Miserable expérience, but… still a way better than Hyatt or Marriott.

  • Haso

    The only hotel chain that somewhat decently handles BRG claims is SPG

  • LA Denger

    I have reduced my searches and stays at Hilton properties dramatically over the past couple of years due to Hilton’s resistance to putting their “money where their mouth is” regarding their stated BRG. Marriott and Starwood are perfect in their follow through and promise to deliver what they have stated as company policy.

  • James

    Question: What would have happened if the BRG claim had not gone through?
    I mean it is a non-refundable rate and I guess you have to make the reservation first. Would you have had to pay the 303e/night rate?