American Airlines & US Airways Integration Update

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American Airlines indicated back in May (read more here) how they would deal with integrating US Airways to their system.

American Airlines US Airways Integration Update

American Airlines has now finalized the timetable. There will only be American Airlines flights starting on October 17, 2015.

You can access American Airlines’ website for this information here.

Here’s the updated info:

One reservation system – our final customer milestone

On October 17, we’ll shift to one reservation system and transition all US Airways flights to American flights. At that time, we’ll be one airline with one website, app and one set of travel policies and elite benefits.

All flights will soon be American Airlines flights

As of July 18, all flights departing on or after October 17 will be American flights. During that week, we’ll start to transfer existing US Airways reservations (for travel on or after October 17) to American reservations.

Until then, we’ll continue to operate as two airlines. Continue to book travel on or as usual and check in with the airline operating your flight.


So, all the flights departing on or after October 17, 2015, will be under the American Airlines code. You can no longer buy US coded flights past October 16 starting on July 18.

Those that have purchased US coded flights for travel on or after October 17 will be transferred to AA coded flights starting on July 18.

I truly hope that this switch goes smoothly, although they have practically three months to move everything over and remaining US coded flights/tickets are slowly become rarer.

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  • flyingqueen

    Dear John, the current AA upgrade certificate can’t apply to US airways codeshare flight. So does it mean after Oct 17, 2015, All AA flights are eligible to apply the AA upgrade cert.?

    • There won’t be ANY US Airways coded flights past October 16. If you now have US coded flights past October 16, they will be moved under AA code sometime after July 18. Once they are under AA code, you can apply your upgrades etc.

  • Christo

    What happens then to the U.S. Airways $99 Companion Certificate for which a ticket is supposed to be purchased by 9/30/15 for travel complete by 12/331/15?
    Will it be good on AA flights?

    • Well. Your guess is as good as mine. Contact AA/US to find out?