UPDATE: IHG Rewards Club “Share Forever” Double Points July 15 – August 15, 2015


When I wrote about a double points add-on for the IHG Rewards Club Share Forever Americas summer promotion, it was somewhat unclear if the offer was open for all.

IHG Rewards Club Share Forever Double Points Update

This has now been resolved. IHG Rewards Club advertises the double points component dominantly on the promo page itself.

You can make your IHG bookings here and access IHG Rewards Club Share Forever page here.

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Note that you should sign up for this promotion even if you are not planning to participate to the Share Forever promotion due to too high goals. You would earn double points for your stays fir the July 15 – August 15, 2015, period.


It is good that IHG Rewards Club has now made it clear that this double points promo is open for all that have their account address in the Americas. I still need to do roughly 10 nights to reach the goal of 33 paid nights during the promo period.

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  • Try

    Can you temporarily change your address to an American one, even if you don’t reside there? Just to get the promo?

    • Scuba

      Bear in mind fiddling bonuses is now a lost guaranteed to lose you your points balances and status so not exactly wort any such attempt unless you have zero points balance and no status 🙁

      • This is a public offer and has no other targeting besides the member’s address.

    • Well. I moved my address for this Share Forever promotion from Asia to US. Going to leave it there for a while before moving it back.

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  • Dizzy

    Sucky, already completed the promo in June. Oh well.

    • This double points should apply for you too. Don’t see why it wouldn’t.

      • Dizzy

        Yeah, but since I’m done the promo, I don’t plan to stay at any more IHG hotels until fall. Cheaper hotels elsewhere.

  • Kevin James

    just stayed during the timeframe of the 2x points and they didn’t post. hopefully they’ll post later with the other promotional points.

    • Just realized that I didn’t receive them for my recent stay either. Let’s hope that they post without intervention in due course.

      • Paul

        Did your double points ever post? I just had two stays last week that posted with the base points, but no double points. I’m wondering if I need to call them or just wait it out.