Choice Privileges Targeted Summer Offers July 23 – September 23, 2015

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Choice Privileges has been sending out targeted Summer offers for bonus points (check your emails!) that you can combine with current on-going global promotion.

Choice Privileges Targeted Summer Offers July 23 - September 23 2015

The version of this targeted offer that a reader forwarded to me is 8,000 bonus points for each stay of minimum of 3 nights between July 23 – September 23, 2015.

There is no landing page for this offer on Choice’s website, but you can make your reservations here.

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This is nice bonus for those that have not yet completed the global summer promotion that partially overlaps with this one. Nothing is better than double dipping on promotions!

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  • Jeff Russell

    Interesting. First time in 15 years I’ve seen Choice make “targeted” offers. My wife got a slightly different offer – stay a TOTAL of 3 nights (they don’t have to be in a single stay) and get 8K. I got nothing (we’re both Gold).

  • Kurt

    I got the same offer as Jeff’s wife. I’m Gold.