Le Club Accorhotels 10,000 Bonus Points For Three Stays September 7 – December 31, 2015 (Book By September 20)

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Le Club Accorhotels has now made the promotion of 10,000 bonus points for three stays between September 7 – December 31, 2015, official that I wrote first here two weeks ago.

Le Club Accorhotels 10000 Points Three Stays September 9 December 31 2015

You earn 1,000 bonus points for first stay, 4,000 bonus points for second stay, and 5,000 bonus points for third booked between September 7 – 20, 2015. If you make the booking by September 11, you will earn additional 500 bonus points per stay.

You can access and register for this offer here.

EDIT: Seems that Le Club Accorhotels has not yet activated the signing up for this offer.

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Note that each of the stay must be minimum of two nights, you must register for this offer and they all must be booked between September 7 – 20.

Remember that you must make the bookings on Accor’s website, any of the mobile apps or by calling the reservations. Bookings made directly with hotels are not valid for this promotion.

The value of 10,000 Le Club Accorhotels points is 200 euros in hotel vouchers

Here’s how the bonus points are calculated:

Stay 1. 1,000 Bonus points (1,000 points cumulative)

Stay 2. 4,000 Bonus Points (5,000 points cumulative)

Stay 3. 5,000 Bonus Points (10,000 points cumulative)


This is a great offer for those that can do three stays each minimum of two nights over the promo period and can make the reservation during the booking window. I will certainly take advantage of this offer.

Quite a few readers emailed me after the first piece I wrote about this promotion asking for more information. I did promise to share more once the promo and registration would be open. Thanks for a reader forwarding the URL address for me this morning

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

1. General Conditions of Use of the Le Club AccorHotels programme apply to the “Receive up to €200 in points” offer.
2. To enjoy this offer, the Le Club AccorHotels loyalty programme member must sign up by clicking on the “Sign up for the offer” button above and then follow the instructions.
3. Offer valid once per member for 3 stays of 2 nights minimum each, during the validity period. Stays must be made between 07/09/2015 and 31/12/2015 at hotels participating in the Le Club AccorHotels programme and booked between 07/09/2015 and 20/09/2015. Stays cannot be consecutive.
4. Bonus points are calculated on the basis of Classic status, not counting points accelerators.
5. The offer enables Le Club AccorHotels loyalty programme and Accor Plus members, regardless of their status, to receive up to €200 in points for stays in hotels participating in the Le Club AccorHotels programme throughout the world. Stays at partner hotels of the loyalty programme are not eligible for this offer. Le Club AccorHotels members can receive 500 extra bonus points for each of three stays booked before 11 September 2015 to stay before 31 December 2015.
6. 2,000 points are equivalent to €40. Points are converted into euros; amounts indicated in local currency are not legally binding and are subject to change.
7. The stay must be booked online (via accorhotels.com or the website of one of our brands participating in the Le Club AccorHotels programme), via our mobile application or the Accor booking call centre. Other booking channels are not eligible for this offer.
8. The loyalty card or member card number must be presented when booking and at hotel reception when checking in.
9. Le Club AccorHotels bonus points will be credited onto the member’s account within 28 days following departure from the hotel.
10. For the purpose of this offer, a stay is understood as one (1) booking per Le Club AccorHotels member, regardless of the number of rooms booked. A booking made by a member for more than one room will therefore be considered as one (1) stay.
11. The offer cannot be combined with any other Le Club AccorHotels promotional offers and does not apply to groups.
12. Offer is subject to conditions and availability. Sales conditions of reserved public rates specific to each hotel apply.

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  • LoyaltyReader

    Any more people get the message: “You are not entitled to benefit from this offer. Please contact your customer service.”?

    • m@rcopolo

      +1 sounds like yet another online failure from Accor…

    • Shyao Tseng

      This offer will be accessible on next Monday, Sept-07. Try again at that time.

    • Rick

      I have 3 upcoming stay from Sept 8 onwards. Would this mean I have to cancel them and rebook on Sept 7? Or would get the points for my existing booking. I am a little confuse if it is saying you have to book from Sept 7 onwards.

      • Olli

        No, for your already existing bookings you won’t get any points from this promotion!

      • LoyaltyReader

        What’s confusing about “you have to book from Sept 7 onwards”?

  • m@rcopolo

    I tried to register but I get this error message…. “You are not entitled to benefit from this offer. Please contact your customer service.”

  • Дмитрий Базяк

    the same bad news: “You are not entitled to benefit from this offer. Please contact your customer service.”

  • Friedrich

    Hi John, I wondered wether the points are aelite qualifying or not?

    • All earned points are elite qualifying (have been so far) including promotional ones.

      • leclubaccorconcierge

        Correct all Points are qualifying there is no difference in points.

    • eelix.one

      Last similar action these points were qualifying for status

  • I guess it will work from 7 Sep!

  • Calvin

    Hi john, thank you for the information. According to the t&c, stays cannot be consecutive. I’m going to book 2 nights in grand mercure Phuket from 2/12-4/12 and 2 nights in Pullman Phuket from 4/12 to 6/12, will I be eligible for 5000 point? Thanks John

    • eelix.one

      It’s a different hotel so basically 2 independent reservations.

      • Yep. Consecutive back to back reservations at the SAME hotel is considered one stay. As long as you switch hotels, you will be fine.

        • Calvin

          Thanks for the advice eelix and John.

        • BrunoJ

          John, Are you sure? In previous promotion in May it was clearly stated about consecutive stays in the same hotel, this time that part is missing. Consecutive stays could be then interpreted intependently from the hotels. Which means we cannot ‘split’ our stay between few hotels that easy.
          I’m about staying 6 night starting from 20 (perfectly feeting) and I’m not sure if I will split it for 3x 2 night in 3 hotels it will count, or do I need to have one night break between eligible stays. Any ideas?

          • Consecutive nights at the same hotel is always considered ONE stay regardless how many reservations you may have.

          • BrunoJ

            That’s obvious. I’m thinking to split my stay between two different hotels (2xA, 2xB, 2xA), still not clear from T&C if it will be treated as consecutive stays, or they have in mind stays in one hotel only (not stated as such in the text).

          • leclubaccorconcierge

            Hi this will not work. there needs to be at least 1 night between
            This time consecutive means at all accor .
            Usually its only at 1 hotel.

  • Audrey

    If a 2-night stay includes 1 complimentary night (ie, stay plus benefit), does it still qualify for this offer?

    • The key is that the stay must posts as two nights. It really depends what the offer is and how the hotel decides to post it.

  • Audrey

    How about a stay that is paid for in part using points – does this qualify for the offer as well?

    • As long as the stay posts as qualifying. You should not pay the entire stay using points or you may run into issues.

      • Ramitran

        From earlier accor bonus discussion: “In order for a stay to be eligible to earning basic points/bonus points, it needs to be totally paid by cash or partially paid by at least 35 EUR (Taxes excluded) cash. This applies when booking with points as well as when using vouchers.”

    • eric

      I have this experience. Apart from the point used, you should pay at lease 10 euro which is the minimum spending requirement for earn points. Otherwise, you need to fright for the bouns points like me.

  • Gabriela

    is this a market specific deal? When I try to sign up it says. “You are not entitled to benefit from this offer. Please contact your customer service”

    • m@rcopolo

      Similar promos always combined in the past

  • Rob

    Hi…Do you think this offer will combine with the 4x points promo for staying in a new hotel?

    • Olli

      I had such a combination in one case this year in Vienna, so YES!

    • As long as the points post without human intervention (as they should).

  • Phong Huynh

    Good that my existing bookings are cancellable…. I’ll get at least the 1000+500 points and reach Gold 🙂

  • Stephen Tsang

    stay at ibis budget do not earn points. So it won’t count. Right?

    • m@rcopolo


    • ibis Budget does not participate to Le Club Accorhotels + none of the ibis hotels in China.

  • William

    Stays must be made between 07/09/2015 and 31/12/2015 at hotels participating in the Le Club AccorHotels programme and BOOKED BETWEEN 07/09/2015 and 20/09/2015. Stays cannot be consecutive. Please follow the terms and conditions or you’ll have regret for the rest of your life. lol

  • I will stay 6 nights, I have to book 2 nights in leclub promo, the other two out of the promotion and the last 2 again on leclub promo?

    • If you stay 6 consecutive nights at the same hotel, it only counts as one stay. You could do 2 nights at the hotel 1, two nights at the hotel 2, and then back to hotel 1 for another 2 nights.

  • Rajiv

    I get this message : You are not entitled to benefit from this offer. Please contact your customer service.

    • gdongg

      Same here

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  • George

    Can I book this offer with the easy cancellation rate?

    • Olli

      According to an employee of Accor who frequently posts in a German Frequent Traveller Forum, yes!

    • leclubaccorconcierge

      Yes you can.

  • Alex

    Hi, John,
    How about hotel that are managed by Accor? For example Kuta Heritage Bali and Singapore Resort and Spa? Are they count towards qualifying nights?
    Thank you.

    • leclubaccorconcierge

      Hotel managed by accor are still accor hotels
      there is a difference between managed by accor and accor partner hotels.

      This promotion goes for all hotels that are le club hotels

      • William

        Is ibis hotel at China eligible for this offer?

        • leclubaccorconcierge

          Novotel Coffs Harbour Pacific Bay Resort Coffs Harbour Australia
          Mercure Capricorn Resort Yeppoon Yeppoon Australia
          Adagio Access Clermont-Ferrand Jaude Clermont-Ferrand France
          Adagio Access Paris Tilsitt Champs-Elysées Paris France
          Adagio Access Paris Philippe-Auguste Paris France
          Adagio Access La Défense Léonard de Vinci Paris France
          Hotel Ermitage des Loges (future Mercure) Saint-Germain-en-Laye France
          Astoria Bern City (future ibis Styles) Bern Switzerland
          Hotels ibis — China
          Hotels ibis Styles — China
          Hotels Mama Shelter — Worldwide
          Hotels ibis budget — Worldwide
          Hotels Formule 1 — Worldwide
          hotel F1 — Worldwide
          Hotels Etap Hotel — Worldwide

  • Paul Isaac

    did anyone had accessed the offer

    • Olli

      Not yet!

  • m@rcopolo

    Well – today is September 7th (at least in Australia) and when I try to register for the promo I still get the same error message “You are not entitled to benefit from this offer. Please contact your customer service”

    One thing for sure – Accor consistently win first prize for worst website & internet services!!!!!

    • Not true, usually Accor is great and up to date. LL posting was well in advance (which I appreciate) but Accor could have changed the link etc…

  • Bangkok, Sep 7, 5:30am link still not working “You are not entitled to benefit from this offer. Please contact your customer service.”

  • leclubaccorconcierge

    Hi everyone.
    Lets clear some things up regarding this promotion.

    The biggest issue is that people can’t sign up
    I have just got off the phone with the accor it department and there seems to be a glits an this is being addressed right away.

    Normally these links get active or changed 00.01 at the starting date french time no matter what part of the world you are in eg canada Australia and so on.

    Than there is the question from a lot of people asking about the stay conditions.
    For this particular offer the stay can not be consecutive a lot of people are saying as long if you move hotels you are fine. this is not correct this goes for all accor properties for this offer need to be 3 stays and there needs to be at least 1 night between them where you not stay.

    I know this can be confusing as usually it goes only for the hotel

    2 nights a 2 nights b 2 nights c
    not good

    example 2
    2 nights a 2 nights b 2 nights a
    not good

    2 nights a hotel b 2 nights a hotel b 2 nights c

    If anyone have any further questions let me know and ill try to answer them the best i can.

    • Paul Isaac

      Hello, if I had to stay 1night in (a) hotel and 2nights in (b) hotel continuously will it be qualified for the 1st stay according to the promo. what does booking in groups does not apply means
      Thank you

      • leclubaccorconcierge

        Hi 1 night doesn’t count at all so its not in the picture.
        stays have to be 2 nights min so hotel b counts as your first stay.

        Please clarify part two of your question.

        • Paul Isaac

          That was a very quick reply thank you for that and my 2nd question is, “The offer cannot be combined with any other Le Club AccorHotels promotional offers and does not apply to groups”. what does this mean? if I have booked 3 rooms for 2nights what will happen? please clarify.
          Thank you

          • leclubaccorconcierge

            You welcome!

            That means that it does not qualify for group bookings.
            Your booking isn’t a group booking yet although it counts only as one stay only.

            I would recommend for every room at least one person with a card or sign up for a card and then make 3 separate reservations so you can enjoy the offer times 3.

            This wont cost you anything extra but so you can get three times the offer what would be a big plus .

    • Yeskendir Sergaziyev

      Just to clarify I got it right.
      – Registration for the promo

      – Hotel “a” – at least 2 nights
      – at least 1 night in-between without staying in any Accor property
      – Hotel “b” – at least 2 nights
      – at least 1 night in-between without staying in any Accor property
      – Hotel “c” – 2 nights

      Is this a case when requirements are fully satisfied?


      • leclubaccorconcierge

        Hi swapping hotels will satisfy.
        Meaning that you can do 2 nights 2 nights and two nights As Long there are at least 24 hours eg 1 night in between .

        It would be a bit weird if accor would force you out of there chain for one night at a time.

        • William

          can I stay in hotel A on week 1, hotel B on week 2 and hotel A again on week 3?

          • BrunoJ

            That is my understanding of above. Which means 2 night A 3 nights (1 nighs B and 3 nights C continously should satisfy the rules? (and 3+3+2 accordingly). It is required the 3rd hotel cannot be A and must be C?
            @leclubaccorconcierge:disqus – could you confirm?

          • BrunoJ

            Please remove previous entry, it should be like this:

            That is my understanding of above. Which means 2 night A 3 nights B (1 night as ‘break’ and 2 nights for promo) and 3 nights C (similar to B) – all continously should satisfy the rules? Should it work also for 3+3+2 accordingly). It is really required the 3rd hotel cannot be A and must be C?
            leclubaccorconcierge – could you confirm?

    • leclubaccorconcierge
      • Ethan

        I have two questions.

        If I book hotel A 2 nights(eg. 1-3 Oct) and booked hotel B also 2 nights (2-4 Oct) before 7 Sep, will hotel A count(I know hotel B won’t count)?

        If I book hotel C 2 nights, prepaid but stay only 1 night, check out 1 day earlier..
        Will hotel C count?

        Thank you very much

    • Sharon

      Thank you so much for your correspondence allowing us to know what is going on with this promotion.

      I’m not sure if this question has been addressed but I would like to have an official response from LeClub regarding the use of points to partially pay for a 2 night stay. If I use some of my points will my stay still be eligible to attract the bonus points in this offer?


      • leclubaccorconcierge

        Hi Sharon.
        Yes You would be able as long if you don’t cover your whole sty with Vouchers and there is still Apart that you can earn Points on You are totally fine .

        Could you Tell me YOur example Please.

        • Sharon

          Thanks for the quick reply!
          I haven’t actually used any points yet and as a Platinum Accorplus member I have amassed many thousands so thought I should start to use some. I am looking at 2 nights at a hotel costing around $100 AUD per night and wondered how many points I could use and still be eligible for this promotion.
          Any help from you would be much appreciated.
          Thank you!

          • Peter

            Hi Sharon,
            Let’s share my experience, I used points to book an Accor Hotel and paid the balance by cash. I was told that the money I paid was below the minimum spending requirement of the hotel (10 euro) and my stay is classified as ineligible to the promotion.

          • Sharon

            Thanks Peter,
            I’ll make sure I don’t use too many points or perhaps use them for other bookings not associated with this offer.

        • Hans

          Sorry for breaking in here. Say for example the room rate is 210 euro and I pay with 10,000 points plus 10 Euro. Would that stay be eligible for this promotion? Or is there a higher minimum for the cash part

          • leclubaccorconcierge

            Hi there.
            Dont worry i don’t think anybody minds 🙂

            As Long as there are any points to be posted it will work That means that by 10 euro you are already collecting points, Talking about the classic card.

            However most hotels handle it this way .
            As the amount is so low and there is a minimum amount of points a hotel can post.
            They usually handle a 35 min amount to get points Posted in wich case you are receiving points and there for your stay is eligible just make sure they post a min of 2 nights.

            Please Make sure to retain a copy of the invoice in case you need to File for missing Points.

            AS long you follow the above rules you should be fine.

  • Paasan69

    Hi everyone.

    I would like to advice people about these promotions and how rigid Accor are about all criterias being met and also when the automatic posting of points what kind of nightmare you are in for trying to claim those missing points. It seems to me that the service desk are doing whatever they can to screw their members (at least me – Accor Gold) out of these promotion points.

    I’m still fighting to get 4+5k for two nights in June as a part of the May promotion to make 10k points. They still claim that my reservations has been made elsewhere than on accorhotels.com or their call center which is not correct Same things goes for two stays in July as a part of the “Make Plans” promotion, missing 1+2k points for the two first stays but the third stay has been credited with 5k. And yes, I actually reside in Norway so I’m eligible for this promotion.

    I’ve let them know that I’ve suspended any further bookings until they have concluded and resolved my cases.

    Not sure what kind of experience other people have with the customer service with Le Club Accor but in my experience it is slow, arrogant and full of flaws. I’m also a Concierge with Club Carlson and HHonors Diamond and they usually settle matters within 24 to 72 hours in my experience should I have any complaints. I’m now really considering my membership with Le Club Accor.

    • eric

      Customer service of Accor needs a lot of improvement. They take few days to a week for answering a simple question. Make sure to get a receipt when you check out from an Accor hotel, you need to chase for your missing points by the receipt.

      • Paasan69

        Totally agree with you. And what’s with always having to send the invoice? Never had a question about that contacting CC or HHonors. Soouldn’t they be able to check their systems whether you’ve stayed or not. As you’re saying, customer service at Le Club Accor needs A LOT of improvement.

        • leclubaccorconcierge

          The best way to prevent this for happening is asking the hotel on check out to post the points manually. usually they will than be in your account within 24 hours.

    • leclubaccorconcierge

      Hi sorry to hear that please let me know what issues you are having and maybe i could look into that

      • Paasan69

        Thank you for your willingness to look into my cases. Drop me an email using my nick here on the forum and then add @gmail.com and i’ll send you the case numbers for you to look into. Any help would be highly appreciated.

  • m@rcopolo

    Just received the “official” email from Accor (Australia) announcing the promo, locally it’s marketed as “Get up to $300 in points – Hurry, booking close 20th September 2015!”

    Needless to say – when I try to register for the promo I still get the same error message: “You are not entitled to benefit from this offer. Please contact your customer service.”

    • leclubaccorconcierge

      The it department of accor has been contacted and this is being addressed.
      this is a active promotion and as long you are a le club member everyone is eligible for it there are no restrictions on this promotion for this message to make sense .

      • m@rcopolo

        I’m sorry but your comment “as long you are a le club member everyone is eligible” does not match the T&Cs “2. To enjoy this offer, the Le Club AccorHotels loyalty programme member must sign up by clicking on the “Sign up for the offer” button above and then follow the instructions.”

        I understand this issue is being addressed by your IT department, let’s hope they do fast!!

        • leclubaccorconcierge

          Sorry this is what i meant.

          I was meaning everyone is eligible for signing up there are no country restrictions or like that.

          • m@rcopolo

            Yes understood . What I meant is… one shouldn’t book hoping to receive the bonus points from this promo until the Accor IT department can fix the issue with the failed registration.

          • leclubaccorconcierge

            Correct It’s important to sign up first before booking stays for this promotion

          • Hans

            Well that’s easier said than done. I am in Asia and need to book a room for tomorrow (2 nights). What if I book today but sign up for the promotion later (since it still doesn’t work?) Will the stay be valid for the promotion?

          • leclubaccorconcierge

            Hi the safest answer is no you must sign up and than book after to get it to count .
            however there might be solutions.

            I would say wait im expecting this issue to be solved within the next 4 hours.

          • Hans

            thanks for your quick reply. I will wait then and hope that the room I want to book is still available later today (at the same rate)….

          • Hans

            @leclubaccorconcierge can you please confirm the minimum amount that needs to be paid on a booking when using points for a stay to be valid for this promotion?

          • Hans

            OK 7 hours now and the day here is almost over. So is there a way to guarantee that if I book a room today but haven’t signed up for the promotion because that doesn’t work my 2 nights stay starting tomorrow will be eligible for this promotion?

    • Seems that the emails are now going out as I received one as well. The registration is not yet live, however.

      • leclubaccorconcierge

        Hi john.
        I have Just spoken to the IT department From accor and it should not take more than 2 Hours to get this fixed . they do say that Everyone needs to clear the cookies once its fixed.

        Ill post a screenshot up here once its fixed with a completed sign up.

  • leclubaccorconcierge

    Update on the situation going on.

    This is now fully escalated and beeing worked on with full pressure.

    Once the problem is solved ill put a screenshot up here from the fixed registration.
    Expect this to happen within the next 4 hours.

    • Mike

      I am really sorry but your typos, language skills and limited knowledge is really creating a lot of confusion over here.
      You should better wait for John to respond to these queries or let people share actual communication with Accor Customer Service.

    • lucky

      it’s now 5 hours and still no resolution. time to fire those IT guys

    • Andre

      we´re waiting for it

  • eric

    If I used points conbine with cash to book a two nights stay, how much is the minimum amount that needs to be paid on a booking to be valid for this promotion?

  • Klaus Gaba Olesen

    Should a two nights stay end December 31st or would a stay from December 30th – January 1st qualify for this promotion as your last night then will be December 31st ? Thanks.

  • Olli

    In the German Frequent Traveller Forum it is stated by AccorConcierge that you get 500 extra points only ONCE and not per stay when booking before Sept., 11th

    • leclubaccorconcierge

      This is not correct.

      Early booking is rewarded! Le Club AccorHotels offers an extra 500 bonus points for each stay booked before 11 September (limited to 3 stays of minimum 2 nights each).

  • Keitchai

    this promo is still not able to register.

  • m@rcopolo

    8pm in Sydney – 12 noon in Europe – still unable to register – I hope the IT guys are getting their collective butts kicked…

    • It is now just past noon in France so would expect it to go live at any minute.

  • Aris Triprasetyo

    Jakarta, GMT+7. Still saying “You are not entitled to benefit from this offer. Please contact your customer service.” 🙁

  • Sascha Mauritz

    …still not working…

  • Highflyer

    I have cleared my cookies, but I still get the message ‘You are not entitled for this promotion’. Is this still the case for everyone?

    • Kevin

      Yes, still not working for me

  • Andre

    No news yet? Hey accor, help us…

  • Ricky

    if this have to go through the normal accor customer service you will have to wait atleast 2 – 3 weeks for a response.

    • Paul Isaac

      hey i got a reply from accor that their technical team is still working on it

  • leclubaccorconcierge


    Just came of the phone with the IT department the problem was a bit more complicated than was expected at first.

    Basically the problem was with the pre set time running one day behind and this issue is hard to fix.
    But luckily the problem will be resolved by itself . and the sign up link should work as normal starting from the 8.

    Also For the people that are worrying about the 500 points extra promotion this will be extended with one day,So until the 12th instead the 11th.

    Please make sure you clear your cookies and you should be set by tomorrow.
    I will keep a close eye on the situation and post a printscreen the moment the sign in is successful.

    • Alex Illarionov

      thank you for info but from the 8 which time zone?

      • leclubaccorconcierge

        CEST French time But don’t count on it to be directly available at 00.01 hours.

    • “More complicated”? Come one guys from leclubaccorconcierge, you are not doing such promotions the first time! However, appreciate the open communication!

  • chris

    Nope, today is Sep 7 , and I am still getting the error “you are not entitled to benefit from this offer.”
    Nowhere in the terms & cond. at says there is a special or restricted target group that I would not be part of…

  • ions

    Not working yet.

  • m@rcopolo

    It’s an hours past midnight on the 8th of September Paris time and this is still not working… what’s next? Perhaps we should wait for breakfast time?

    • Andre

      May be after setember 20 it will work! Terrible

  • Sharon

    This is really getting quite ridiculous……surely leclub have someone who can fix this problem!!

    • Paasan69

      I’m sorry to say but this pretty much sums up my experience so far with this loyalty program, unprofessional and extremely slow and arrogant service 🙁

  • Paasan69

    Just managed to get registered 🙂

  • leclubaccorconcierge


    Registering is now possible and fully active !!!!!

  • leclubaccorconcierge

    Hi Everyone .
    It took awhile But they finally did it .
    Signing up is now active and fully working.

    If you still have problems make sure to clear your cookies and try again.
    If you still have problems after that than Post here.

    Have fun collecting!

    • Sharon

      Thank you!!

    • leclubaccorconcierge

      Remember that you can actually earn 11500 points if you max it out.
      Thats 230 euros.

      Hotels That qualify in europe already start around 20 euro so you could actually make a profit just by going on holiday 🙂

      • Alex Illarionov

        I know that someone ask about “Early Booking” .. but anyway .. it is written there – This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other current offers or promotions. ~

        • leclubaccorconcierge


          • Alex Illarionov

            I mean when you click
            “*View the terms and conditions for this rate”

          • leclubaccorconcierge

            I understand but how does this affect to my answer that you replied to ?
            Or is this a new question.
            Please clarify.

          • Alex Illarionov

            I just want to be sure that “Early booking” rates will be qualified for this promotions

          • Alex Illarionov

            So. I just called to Customer Center and they confirmed that Early booking rates will be qualified as well.

          • Why

            is this Early booking rate eligible for this promotion? Why leclubaccorconcierge don’t reply to this question?

          • Alex Illarionov

            I called to Customer service and they confirmed that Early booking is eligible for that promotions … And girl siad something like “All rates where you don’t earn extra points are eligible”

      • Ethan

        I have two questions.

        If I book hotel A 2 nights(eg. 1-3 Oct) and booked hotel B also 2 nights (2-4 Oct) before 7 Sep, will hotel A count?(I know hotel B won’t count)

        If I book hotel C 2 nights, prepaid but stay only 1 night, check out 1 day earlier..
        Will hotel C count?

        Thank you very much

      • Hans

        @LeclubAccorConcierge can you please clarify the situation around points bookings? What’s the minimum you have to spend for a stay to be eligible? There have been many questions around this subject but no consistent answer unfortunately. Thanks!

        • leclubaccorconcierge

          Hi Hans !

          I have answered your question in your other post.

          • peter


            What do you mean “They usually handle a 35 min amount to get points Posted”, do you mean the minimum spend is 35 euro or I have to ask the hotel one by one?

  • m@rcopolo

    Finally !!

    • leclubaccorconcierge

      Sorry !!!

  • Jason

    Will “Early Booking” be credited as stays in this promotion?

  • leclubaccorconcierge

    Hi everyone.
    As a thank you for your patience and as a apology for the delays.
    I’m glad to announce that i’m able to offer 500 courtesy points ,
    To the first 50 Loyalty lobby readers to Reply here.

    I hope you take this as a sign of good gesture.

    Furthermore i’m happy to announce that seeing that there a lot of questions around here.
    That i decided to stick around a bit Longer.

    I would be more to happy to answer your questions you might have.
    So if you have any issues please let me know !
    I will only get into conversations if needed.

    Kind Regards.
    Paul The le Club Accor Concierge

    • P W Dewick

      Thank you leclubaccorconcierge, a kind offer! I hope your IT glitches are solved.

    • Ethan

      Thank you very much, leclubaccorconcierge

    • Alex Illarionov

      @leclubaccorconcierge:disqus thank you

    • Hans

      Hi Paul thank you very much for replying to my messages. I had to postpone my stay by one day because of the issues but now staying in Ibis Bencoolen in Singapore and hopefully will soon get my first bonus points. Appreciate your gesture re 500 courtesy points – happy to receive these as well 🙂 Please let us know how to identify ourselves. Thanks!

    • Eric

      Thank you Paul.

    • b.aware

      Thx for the effort and feed back. Let us know how we can communicate our account n# for those courtesy points.

    • Connie

      Thank you for the points, please let me know how to get the points.

    • Andre

      i´m here

    • Andre

      I´d like to know how is the eligibility when stays are partially paid by vouchers on this promotion. Could you help?

    • Andrew M


    • Ian smith

      Managed to sign up to your offer thank you.
      Accor 3081032035071447

    • Andre

      how to get the points @leclubaccorconcierge:disqus @leclubaccorconcierge:disqus :disqus

    • Jack TheBear


    • Trevor W.

      Thank for the 500 courtesy points and for taking the time to answer our questions: #3081034637809133

    • And here’s reply from Accor in France regarding this “leclubaccorconcierge”:

      I am contacting you further to your email to Mrs (name removed), I am (name removed) and I work in Le Club AccorHotels central teams at Paris Head Offices as Customer Service Coordinator.

      I am sorry to confirm you that there is no official actions nor comments posted by Le Club AccorHotels on Loyalty Lobby nor any dedicated concierge in our teams or in one of the cpmpanies we may use to act in our name.

      I am most afraid that this is a fake message and that this may be (as you suspected) a attempt of phising. There is no such offer to give points to the first 50 persons to answer the post.

      All our email addresses (from our domain) are ending with @accor.com.

      Should you have requests or should you need more information, please do not hesitate to reverse to me.

      Do you have the possibily to advise on the blog about this problem and to advise the members who answered to this message to change the password to their Le Club AccorHotels straight away ?

    • LoyaltyLobbyReader

      Is the Early booking rate eligible for this promotion? on the booking page it says “no discount or promotion can be used in conjunction with this offer” There was someone asked about this before but leclubaccorconcierge did not reply him. And can I still get the 500 courtesy points by replying here? Please help answer the questions for me. Thank you very much

  • leclubaccorconcierge

    Get Instant Gold when you sign up for Ibis business !!!!

  • b.aware

    I have 1 more question. A stay from Dec.30 til Jan.1st – thus on 30 and 31 (2 nights) shall qualify for the promotion. Is that correct? The FR terms state “stays until” (“jusqu’au”) 31st. Thanks for confirming

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