Hilton HHonors Gold & Diamond Status Match Without Fast Track Requirement Until January 11, 2016

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Hilton HHonors has now launched a straight status match to its Gold and Diamond statuses (Hyatt started this craze last week) and will entertain requests until January 11, 2016.

Hilton HHonors Diamond Status Match U

Hilton used to do straight matches in the past, but has mainly offered fast track offers as of late (they have done straight matches too but not “officially”). The status earned from this match is valid until March 2017.

You can read more about Hilton Gold and Diamond status matches here.

Hilton HHonors made the following announcement yesterday on FT (access here):

We’re winding down for the Thanksgiving holiday and, as a heads up, I will be out of the office until Monday, but I wanted to let you know about our status match program…

We’ve been receiving a number of requests and yes, we do match status from other programs and we’d love to be your travel home.

  1. We are matching status for 2016. To make sure you’re all set for the year, please submit your request by January 11, 2016. You’ll enjoy that status through March 2017.
  2. All you need is something that shows your elite tier in another program and an HHonors number.
  3. Email us at HHonorMyStatus@hilton.com and we’ll help get you started.

Please note it may take a couple of days to process given the Thanksgiving holiday. We promise to process requests as quickly as possible and any request submitted prior to January 11, 2016, will be processed in time to enjoy your new status for the entire year.

Hilton is silent here what exactly they match. I would expect Starwood Platinum, Hyatt Diamond, Marriott Platinum and IHG Spire/Royal Ambassador to get Diamond status. Not sure if they match Le Club AccorHotels Platinum to Diamond as well.

All the midtier statuses will likely get Hilton HHonors Gold.


If you have top tier status with Hyatt, IHG, Marriott or Starwood, I would definitely sign up for this offer. Hilton HHonors has had quite a few lucrative promotions this year (some targeted) that do make sense to take advantage of.

Hyatt started this latest round of status match offers (they all used to do these in the past but mainly fast tracks as of late). Let’s see if Marriott, IHG and Starwood will soon follow!

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  • Voucher

    Happy days 😄

    I hope IHG stays calm and keep “Royal Ambassador” away from this battle!

    • IHG has never matched to Royal Ambassador status. There have been promos couple of times where one could get the Ambassador status for three stays.

  • Christopher Mac Holland

    Wasn’t any point busting a gut to get my last stays i to achieve Diamond then (achieved today) if they could have just matched my Marriott Platinum.

  • Lgr58

    I think Hilton finally realizes they have been losing business overall from past loyal members and with the merger between Marriott and Starwood, they may lose more. They have gotten totally ridiculous with their tiers in regards to the amount of points needed for free rooms. Gone are the promotion days when you could get a free night with 4 stays as they used to have in quarters past. I did my 30 nights this year to keep my Diamond status, but did over 100 nights with IHG and very happy with them and their quarterly promo’s. The most points you are going to need for any Intercontinental stay I know of is 50K.

    • LA

      I concur with Lgr58. Hilton free nights are ridiculous expensive. I maintain Gold with Credit card (stay maybe 5 nights per year). Since I received Life Platinum with SPG I have also been using IHG more frequently, they are available in small towns too. With free status with Hilton I may utilize them at places that have more convenient Hilton properties now.

  • Ebrahim

    Hi I need the correct email to use this offer and to contact Hilton hhoners in this regards . I think the email mentioned is not correct . thanks

  • Sherry

    Not sure if anyone can answer this but thought I would ask: HHonors is in my husband’s name (Blue) and other hotel reward accounts under my name. Do you think it would be worth trying this as I have Marriott Silver Elite / IHG Gold Elite?

    • Fredrik Blom

      Create you own account at Hilton Hhonors and ask for a status match,

    • Sebastian @ LoyaltyLobby

      Why don’t you just open a Hilton account under your name then? The names have to match.

  • DC

    I am having a Gold now, do you guys think I can still match to a Diamond with others company’s elit tier?

    • There is nothing indicating here that it wouldn’t be possible. Worth a try!

    • just tried it myself and will let you guys know how it goes. any updates on your side DC? 🙂

  • Voucher

    They got you already, so unless you’ve too many points in your gold account; I suggest that you introduce yourself self as fresh member (new account/another e-mail). That what I noticed “Hyatt” were fishing.

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  • will

    Happy to have received my Hilton HH Diamond status today – after being bummed out for being turned down by Hyatt amid their FIASCO. (The message I received from Hyatt was infuriating — along the lines of they are really “excited” — but too bad for you, they “currently” aren’t going to honor what they gave others. (sour grapes — and I let them know about it) I have really liked Hyatt for US travel past few years, but this HH perk may well encourage me to go lighter on Hyatt and try out more of the HH places across the world in the coming year. (jeers to Hyatt for their IHG “into the chaos” imitation.

  • Manxie

    Thanks to your tip John, I made the Diamond grade Best Western diamond worked

  • Filip

    I jsust had my Accors Platinum matched to Diamond. I want to test it. Does anyone know if there is available hotel map for Hilton? For leasure I often choose the place based on hotel existence. So with no map it is difficult to do the search.