UPDATE: Hilton HHonors Diamond Status Match Through March 2017 (Matches Coming Through)


Unlike the recent fiasco with the Hyatt’s Diamond status match offer (read more here, here and here), it seems that the one that Hilton launch last week (read more here) is working as intended, however

Hilton HHonors Diamond Status Match DONE

When I wrote an update yesterday, I received several emails from readers that had had their match already processed by Hilton HHonors and the status upgrades to Diamond through March 2017.

You can access Hilton’s web page for Diamond status here.

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Here are the status match requirements:

We’re winding down for the Thanksgiving holiday and, as a heads up, I will be out of the office until Monday, but I wanted to let you know about our status match program…

We’ve been receiving a number of requests and yes, we do match status from other programs and we’d love to be your travel home.

  1. We are matching status for 2016. To make sure you’re all set for the year, please submit your request by January 11, 2016. You’ll enjoy that status through March 2017.
  2. All you need is something that shows your elite tier in another program and an HHonors number.
  3. Email us at HHonorMyStatus@hilton.com and we’ll help get you started.

Please note it may take a couple of days to process given the Thanksgiving holiday. We promise to process requests as quickly as possible and any request submitted prior to January 11, 2016, will be processed in time to enjoy your new status for the entire year.

And here what they email you automatically (you don’t have to reply if you included all the info on the original email):

We’re on it! But we may need some more information from you… 

We’re excited to honor your status and offer our elite benefits to even more members like you. If you have not already done so, please reply to this email with the following information:

  1. Your Hilton HHonors account number. If you’re not yet a member, you’ll need to sign up first.
  2. Proof of status with another hotel loyalty program. This can be a screenshot of your current account status or your membership card. We accept jpg files, word documents & PDFs.

Please do NOT send us any personal information (including your phone number, address, social security number, date of birth, user name, passwords, or credit card information).

Once your Hilton HHonors elite status has been honored, you’ll have it through March 31, 2017. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., please allow up to 5 business days for your information to be processed.

We’ll be in touch soon!

The Hilton HHonors Team

Here what you can expect to receive from Hilton:

Dear Mr. LoyaltyLobby Reader,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding tier match to Diamond. We appreciate you taking the time to contact us.

We have received your information and your account has been upgraded to Diamond through March 31, 2017.  Please allow 3-4 weeks to receive you new membership card.

If there is anything else we can assist you with, please do not hesitate to contact us. For immediate assistance, please click on the link below for the contact number of the Hilton Worldwide Service Center location nearest you.


Best regards,

Sandra O.

Email Coordinator

Customer Care Email Department

Hilton Reservations and Customer Care


This is the way status match should work. You give instructions what the potential people should email and you then process the matches promptly (rather than playing games – looking at Hyatt now).

I would really encourage all that are eligible for this match to have their Diamond status processed. There are often good Hilton promotions that you can often stack. It is a no brainer to have it as a back up if you are not planning to move majority of your stays to the chain.

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  • Christopher Mac Holland

    waste of time qualifying for diamond then!

  • Richard

    Excellent information. Request sent. Similar status match worked wonders for Club Carlson and resulted in an upgraded room on a 7 day business trip from a single to a king.


    Do they match Accor Platinum ?

    • Richard

      No harm in sending in the request.

    • P W Dewick

      I’ve just applied – will let you know the outcome!

      • KATERGO

        Thanks 🙂

        • P W Dewick

          Yes! I got Platinum – hope you applied and did too!

      • KATERGO

        Will do at the week-end !

    • Fernando

      I’ve sent my Accor Platinum and they said to me I am only eligible for gold status. I don’t know why. I’d like hear about you guys.

      • Fernando

        …and gold is not good for me, since I’m already gold at Hilton.

        • LoyaltyReader

          I’m Accor Plat & Hilton Gold. They replied my match request with: “Regretfully, the documentation you provided did not contain the necessary information required for a Diamond tier match offer. On the other hand, we’re happy to help you reach a higher tier with HHonors! Please reply with a copy of your detailed competitor stay and night activity for the last 12 months as a .doc, .jpg, or .PDF attachment along with your HHonors number and we will review your HHonors account for a potential fast track offer.”

          • Fernando

            I’ve got the same message, even when I sent them a full statement for the last 5 years on LeClub.

          • Robin Wade

            Strange I got matched to HH Diamond based on my Accor Plat on which I had 22stays/40nights this year. Previously Silver with HH.

          • Fernando

            Lucky you man! I have stayed more at Hilton this year and as a result my LeClub statement is not so full of stays, but still Platinum. I’ve been more loyal to Hilton and I’ve got bad luck for this I guess.

          • Bosse

            Apparently lots of people are getting Diamond based on Accor Plat……………… which is basically easily achievable. Everybody gonna be HH Diamond now. :-/

          • David

            Given both Accor Platinum and Honours Gold are comp’d through the Amex Platinum card in the US, this may be their reasoning for asking for proof of earning Accor status through stays. If your HH Gold was from a credit card or other promotional status offer, that too might have triggered this response.

          • Barbarella

            David, where did you get this information that Accor Platinum is “comp’d” with Platinum Amex in the US? HH Gold yes, SPG Gold yes. Both through Amex Platinum but Accor??

          • David

            Definitely with the Canadian Platinum Amex card, thought I had read this on the Amex forum about US and UK card benefits.

          • Barbarella

            I called Amex last night and there is no such benefit for the US Amex Platinum cardholders:( I truly wish there was

  • TrailerTrash

    Thanks for the info LL !

  • Great to see those coming in!

  • Swedgold

    How long did you guys wait for a reply? I sent a request on Thursday Nov26 4 p.m. CET and still waiting…………………………………

    • Akf

      Still on the same situation! Mine is Marriott´s Gold, I wonder if they will match Gold to Gold also…

      • Akf

        Positive match!

    • David

      My first “application” email sent last week didn’t receive a reply, so I re-applied over the weekend and received the standard response email (as above). Have not received my confirmation though, using SPG Platinum to upgrade my already Silver HH status.

  • MV

    So we still don’t know what statuses are being matched to Hilton Diamond?

  • Ameer Zachery

    They just updated mine and received their Diamond status from my IHG Platinum Elite.

  • Rad

    I am a Diamond member at Best Western. My request for Diamond status was declined…even though I provided all the info they requested.

    • David

      I am also Diamond with BW, which was received by status match about four years ago, and though I stay a couple of times a year at BWs (in small towns where major brands have no properties) — my Platinum status program is SPG — I continue to hold Diamond status. One never seems to lose it, though I see the program is undergoing major changes next year. However, I would not expect Hilton to recognize this readily obtainable, low end program to be matchable to anything more than Silver.

  • Diors

    I got an email this morning!! And i am Diamond now!!! So happy with it

  • ihg newbie

    hyatt diamond by stay and spire elite by CC.
    i emailed my request on the morning of 26th.
    i just received hilton diamond.

  • Rich

    Hilton Diamond is not all its cracked up to be. Hilton Gold is just as good.

  • Swedgold

    IHG Spire was good enough for them. 🙂 I’ve been HHonors Gold since 2014 through fast tracks (4 nights in 2014 and 4 in 2015). Had only 4 other stays at Hilton this year (2 of them fully paid, 1 points+cash, 1 on points).
    Happy days! 🙂

  • MidwestSteveH

    I’m a former Diamond member, now just a lowly Gold person. I’m not elite at other chains. Any ideas on how to upgrade my membership?

  • sunnyrainingareallgood

    Dear admin, please accept my hugest THANK YOU!!!

  • Mike

    They matched my IHG Platinum Elite with Diamond status, I used a screenshot of my digital IHG membership card.

  • Sameh Emam

    Thank you for your status match request. We appreciate you taking the time to contact us.

    Congratulations! Your HHonors account has been upgraded to Diamond status. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of your new card. Your status will be active through 2016 until March 31, 2017. Ihg aspire

  • David

    Got mine approved but two days later my account still doesn’t show the new status. Have a stay at a Hilton next weekend, hope it’s down by then. But nice to have as a fallback program as we see how the Marriott takeover of Starwood changes things with SPG, my Platinum program that was matched.

  • Shyao Tseng

    Submitted my status match with completed kits of Accor Platinum on Dec-02 and received an upgrade just now.

    Congratulations! Your HHonors account has been upgraded to Diamond status. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of your new card. Your status will be active until March 31, 2017.

  • Roger

    Success in just three days … acknowledgement arrived early on a Sunday morning. Thanks for this GREAT tip!

    Dear Roger,

    Thank you for contacting Hilton Worldwide and sending the information requesting Hilton Honors tier match.

    We are very thrilled to know that you are considering to travel with our Portfolio of Brands allowing us the opportunity to earn your loyalty. After carefully reviewing your account and given your loyalty with our competitor brands, we are happy to upgrade your account to our elite Diamond Tier expiring in Mar 2017. Please allow 24 hours for the upgrade to reflect on your account online.

    Once upgraded, the Diamond tier status requires a minimum of 30 stays or 60 nights each calendar year to extend for additional years moving forward. Thank you for taking the time to reach out and we look forward to welcoming you & your family to Hilton in the near future. Happy Holidays!

  • Terry Davies

    Delighted – thank you LoyaltyLobby! Diamond status from IHG Platinum.