Marriott Elite Buy Back Promotion 2016 (Buy Back Your 2015 Silver, Gold Or Platinum Status)

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Marriott has now enabled the Status Buy Back program website for 2016 membership year that happened a month earlier than in 2015,

Marriott Rewards Silver Gold Platinum 2016 Status Buy Back

Marriott is the only hotel loyalty program that allows you to buy back the status that you had the previous year for a set number of points.

You can access this offer here.

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You can buy back the status you had in 2015 through April 1, 2016. The number of points requires is dependent of the status level that you wish to maintain.

Number of Marriott Rewards points required to buy back the status:

Platinum- 40,000 points

Gold – 25,000 points

Silver – 7,500 points

Does it make sense to use points to buy back the status?

It really depends what your travel requirements for 2016 are. Dropping from Gold to Silver is a big change as you no longer have access to club lounges or complimentary breakfast. There is no such a big difference between the Gold and Platinum, however.

How to buy back the status?

You need to call Marriott Rewards or send them a message via the online customer support web form and include one of the following messages:

  • Buy Back my Elite status from Gold to Platinum status: 40,000 points
  • Buy Back my Elite status from Silver to Gold status: 25,000 points
  • Buy Back my Elite status from Basic to Silver status: 7,500 points


This is a great way to indefinitely extend your Marriott Rewards status. I would certainly pay to extend the Gold status (and Platinum one too), if you are planning any stays at full service Marriott properties (especially outside of the North America).

Marriott Rewards often extends your status even when you have not met the official requalification criteria. Just make sure that your status for 2016 membership year really drops before paying to have it renewed.

Remember that Marriott Rewards Platinum status comes with United Airlines Silver Elite status due to the RewardsPlus partnership.

Here are the terms and conditions of this program:

This offer is valid through April 1, 2016 and allows only one level of buyback, which must match the Elite level you enjoyed in 2015. All Marriott Rewards program terms and conditions apply. Once your status has been reinstated for 2016, you can see your updated mobile Elite membership card in the Marriott app. If you don’t have enough points in your account, you can always buy up to 50,000 points every year.

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  • If I were a Ritz man

    Is this applicable with the Ritz-Carlton status as well?

    • Marriott and Ritz accounts are basically the same. If they are not willing to do it for your Ritz account, you can switch it to Marriott one by contacting CS and then applying the status buy back. You can then switch back to RC rewards.

  • Richard

    You do not get Marriott Plat with UA silver elite.

    • That’s not what I wrote above. You get United Silver if you are Marriott Platinum.

      • Rachel

        Is that automatic or do I have to register somewhere?

        • jessie

          in my memory, it was not automatic. there is a weblink where you can link both accounts under your name.

  • Glaire

    Would make more sense to me to base buyback on how far you were from achieving the level. Don’t like if you were Plat and would only be Silver, you can’t buyback to just Gold.

  • Bjarne Burhaug

    I used the buyback last year, from Gold to Platinium. Worked well even though there is not much difference between the different levels.

    In December I noticed that I had stayed only 49 nights, and it would be too bad to be downgraded to Silver. So I emailed them asking if the qualifying period was calendar year or at a specific month. I would then just stay 1 night to remain at least Gold status.

    Some days ago I received a reply from Marriott though, where they wrote ..
    “I am pleased to inform you that you are now a
    Platinum member through to 31st of January 2017 based on your activity on your
    rewards account.”

    Haven’t been to much a fan of Marriott latelly, but that’s another story … But at least this was somehting I consider good service 🙂

  • Golden Boy

    When should I see the drop in status. Still shows gold for me but now I got a message appearing on the account info screen that is advertising the status buy-back option.
    Wouldn´t want to buy it back if not necessary…

  • les

    How long does it take to reinstate once you’ve sent the required info via email as noted on the buyback site?9

  • david Nellen

    I got a letter/brochure from Marriott renewing my silver elite status (I have a Marriott credit card) which offered a “buy back” to gold status for 25K points. I transferred 15K from my Sapphire acct to reach the 25K, and called to get the buyback. I was told that I was not eligible because I had gold status last year due to having a Ritz card, which I had cancelled, and that the offer was just automatically generated and invalid. I spoke to a supervisor and pointed out the offer was not contingent upon having a Ritz card, and had been sent to me well after I cancelled the Ritz card. I also noted the “buy back” offer was on the Marriott web site, again with no mention of the Ritz card. Anyone else have any experience with this? Oh, and they also said they could not transfer the points back to my Sapphire acct.