IHG Rewards Club “New Stay Bonus” Of 1,500 Points For A Stay Within 90 Days

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IHG Rewards Club emailed out yesterday a New Stay Bonus offer of 1,500 points for a stay within 90 days of registration.

IHG Rewards Club New Stay Bonus 1,500 Points

Seems that these one time bonus offers are still alive and well, although not as prevalent as few years back.

You can try your luck registering for this offer here.

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Registration Confirmation:

IHG Rewards Club New Stay Bonus 1,500 Points Confirmation

The online system happily accepted the promo.

My Offer Status:

IHG Rewards Club New Stay Bonus 1,500 Points My Offer Status

And it also track on My Offer Status (access here).


It is good to know that IHG Rewards Club still continuous to offer these one time bonus offers, although they have come quite rare nowadays.

If the registration is unsuccessful for your, it means that you have done one of tge versions of this promo previously or there could be geographical requirement.

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  • Lgr58

    Told me I was not eligible for this promotion. Spire Ambassador

  • Kurt

    I got “We’re sorry, this offer is not available to you.” I’m US Spire level.
    It’s always worth trying. Thanks for letting us know.

  • skippie687

    Tried with multiple accounts UK and US, status and non status……not eligible

  • Gary Gray

    Canadian account, Gold, not eligible