SPG Buy & Gift Starpoints At Up To 35% Off Until June 3, 2016


Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) has launched a new offer to purchase Starpoints at 35% off until June 3, 2016.

Starwood Preferred Guest Buy Starpoints Up To 35 Percent Off Until June 3 2016

You can purchase for your account or receive as a gift maximum of 30,000 Starpoints in a calendar year (this used to be 20,000). The account that receives Starpoints must have been open for a minimum of 14 days.

You can access the Starwood SPG Website for this offer here. If the bonus won’t show up, you can access it here as well.

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And the price:

Starwood Preferred Guest Buy Starpoints Up To 35 Percent Off Until June 3 2016 Price

The price of a Starpoint is 2.28 cents when purchased the maximum number.

Doe it make sense to purchase Starpoints at this price?

Starwood has greatly devalued the Starpoints by the yearly category creep. There can be some values left during special events and high season.

This is, however, a good way to purchase partner airline miles at reasonable price. You can convert 20,000 Starpoints to 25,000 airline miles in most partner programs (not on United’s and some others – see the table below).

SPG Buy Gift Starpoints Get Up To 25 Percent Partner Airlines 1SPG Buy Gift Starpoints Get Up To 25 Percent Partner Airlines 2

You can do even better if you wait for a conversion bonus offer that airline programs often have.

I would consider to transfer points into accounts where purchasing miles is either not possible or quite expensive such as Singapore Airlines or Lufthansa Miles & More (Lufthansa only worth it because of the enhanced availability).

Purchased points post instantaneously:

Starwood Preferred Guest Buy Starpoints Up To 35 Percent Off Until June 3 2016 Post

I just purchased 30,000 points and the Starpoints were posted to my SPG account immediately.


This promotion is “targeted” for those that have SPG affiliated Amex card. I used Visa to pay so doesn’t seem that they really care.

I have never seen Starwood selling Starpoints at 35% off so decided to purchase the maximum amount, although I have quite a few sitting in my account. If nothing else, they will turn to Marriott Rewards points at some later point.

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  • The headline says 45% off.

    • Typo on my part that I have already fixed. Cache may deliver the old version for a while though.

      • Curt Foster

        Thank him for correcting you, boy

    • Bobby H

      Hi Scott. I’m new to the board and was hoping you could help me out. Trying to secure an Emirates first class flight home from my honeymoon for my fiancée and I. In my vast research, it’s looking like JAL Miles Bank is the way to go (from DAR or NBO to JFK). I think SPG points is the best route to go in order to obtain 180k miles total. I did the credit card thing to get 25k, but obviously I have some wood to chop to get to 180k. What do you suggest? We have to book in the not too distant future so we can ensure getting the seats, so I cant wait like 3 months for points to populate. Thank you! Have a good weekend.

      • John may be the better one to answer on his blog.

        But if you need to book soon then you don’t have many options. The easiest ways to book Emirates are with Alaska miles or SPG points transferred to JAL. You can buy unlimited Alaska miles if you also purchase tickets with them (don’t cancel the tickets; they’ll claw back the miles). You can also buy unlimited SPG points if you spread them across multiple accounts. Assuming you have friends and family who all live at your address for a minimum of 30 days, you can consolidate them for free.

        Both options are likely to be expensive. My suggestion is you reconsider your travel plans and put off Emirates F until another trip.

      • 180k is a hefty sum of miles to purchase even with a good sale. How much would a paid ticket cost for that route?

  • No name available

    The previous promo – + 25% – was in April. I was on the fence, buy or don’t buy but when I finally realized that with theses points – after having them transferred to SQ first – I can fly in First with SQ, I have bought the 30000 points. Now I wish I hadn’t. Well, it is as it is. There’s no way to circumvent the limit of 30000 points by opening another account, is there? I’ve read the F.A.Q. and I’m afraid that nothing else can be done, right.

    • The max discount has previously always been max 25%. This is the first time they offer 35% off.