SPG Select Member Exclusive 18 Promotion For Bonus Starpoints To Free Night Awards August 15 – November 15, 2016 (Post Your Offers)


Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) has launched their latest Select Member Exclusive promotion and numbered it 18 that is valid for stays between August 15 – November 15, 2016, and requires registration by October 15.

Starwood Preferred Guest SPG Select Member Exclusive Fall 2016

Targeted members are able to earn variable number of bonus Starpoints, bonus elite qualifying nights and likely free night awards as well (based on my previous observations).

You can access this offer on SPG’s website here.

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Here’s my personal offer:

Starwood Preferred Guest SPG Select Member Exclusive Fall 2016 Offer U

Here are the offers from previous iteration of this same promo:

Bonus Points

  • 2,000 bonus Starpoints after second stay, 2,000 bonus points after fourth stay and 2,000 bonus points after sixth stay for up to 6,000 bonus Starpoints after six stays
  • 3,000 bonus Starpoints after third stay, 3,000 bonus points after sixth stay and 3,000 bonus points after ninth stay for up to 9,000 bonus Starpoints after nine stays
  • 4,000 bonus Starpoints after fourth stays, 4,000 bonus points after eight stays and 4,000 bonus points after twelfth stay for up to 12,000 bonus Starpoints after twelve stays
  • 5,000 bonus Starpoints after fifth stay, 5,000 bonus points after tenth stay and 5,000 bonus points after fifteenth stay for up to 15,000 bonus Starpoints after fifteen stays
  • 6,000 bonus Starpoints after sixth stay, 6,000 bonus points after twelfth stay and 6,000 bonus points after eighteenth stay for up to 18,000 bonus Starpoints after eighteen stays
  • 7,000 bonus Starpoints after seventh stays, 7,000 bonus points after fourteenth stay and 7,000 bonus points after twenty first stay for up 21,000 bonus Starpoints after twenty one stays

Free Night Awards

  • Free night award after second stay and another free night award after fourth stay for up to two category 1 -5 free night awards after four stays

Bonus Elite Nights/Stays

  • Double elite qualifying nights and stays


Seems that most of the SPG members should be eligible for the Select Member Exclusive once in every 12 months. I was targeted once last year and now again.

Remember to post your targeted offer below and include the URL for the T&Cs of your version. I can then probably figure out all the possible variations to see if there are more/less than previously.

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  • blade

    Book and complete a stay through SPG® and earn one (1) Free Night Award; book and complete two stays and earn two (2) Free Night Awards.

    I got good deals for this promo. Thanks!

    Anyway I can’t find when I would get the Free night award.

    • BenniHK

      Need to consume before when? End of Dec?

      • blade

        Found it. Consume by end jan

        • Bennihk

          That’s cool!!

  • blade
  • Neal Z

    I got the 6k/6th + 6k/12th + 6k/18th you already have listed. I’m a platinum with lifetime gold and I’m 1 stay away from requalifying for platinum for next year

  • Phong Huynh

    Got the double stay and nights!!! It’s perfect.

  • I got the double elite qualifying nights and stays

  • tegnfgh

    not eligible….. (Platinum from Spain)

  • Christian Rudi

    John is it once a year and once a year only?

    I have been passing on these offers, even when they are slightly to my advantage, under the theory that if I pursue an offer, the next offer will be particularly lame.

    My stay pattern is award stays only, adding up to either platinum 25S or platinum 50N. I am very happy to stay a few paid times to get bonuses of some free nights, but not particularly interested in points.

    I am aggressively using up my points this year and next year, and plan on transferring out to an airline partner prior if that option is still available shortly before the merger.

    Former Marriott platinum and gold, I do not like some of their business practices including devaluation degree and communication style. I do not dislike them, but I do not think they merit my concentrating business with them. Presume platinum through end of February 2019, that’s quite a long time, willing to see what you come up with, what the theft leader in travel comes up with, even what DCS comes up with by then.