IHG Rewards Club 1,000 Free Points For Doing A Survey! (Good Way To Extend Points Validity)

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IHG Rewards Club has launched a new partnership with a survey company called Opinion Check-In (Survey Sampling International).

IHG Rewards Club Surveys 1000 Bonus Points

Members that do their first survey using the platform will receive 1,000 bonus points that will extend the validity of ones points by another 12 months.

You can access the IHG Opinion Check-In offer here.

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Here’s copy of the email that IHG sent out:

IHG Rewards Club Surveys 1000 Bonus Points Email Body

Here’s the Opinion Check-In landing page:

IHG Rewards Club Surveys 1000 Bonus Points Email Body Website


This should be an easy 1,000 points for most members (not sure if there are geographical limitations) that is a perfect way to extend the points validity for dormant family member accounts.

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  • Sididdly

    Signed up easily(ish) enough and then my heart sank when I was given a 30 minute survey to earn the points. Fortunately, I didn’t meet the criteria for the survey and received 5 points as an apology, next survey was accepted and it was only 7 minutes. 1005 points posted in less than one hour.

    • Frances

      Good for you.
      Wanted to sign and I was asked to unsubscribe from another survey company before they register me with his Opinion check in..Awaiting now a confirmation email.

  • Jamo

    Have you read the privacy policy?!

  • Kurt

    I signed up and did 5 surveys and got 1020 points that posted to my IHG account within about 24 hours. Keep in mind you can only do 5 surveys a day, so stop at 5. Wyndham has a similar program with the same survey company that I have been doing for a few months. I was concerned that I couldn’t belong to both, so I wrote their helpdesk. Here is the their answer:
    Hello Kurt,
    Thank you for contacting Opinion Check-In Customer Support.
    Opinion Check-In (IHG Rewards Club) is also operated by Survey Sampling International, but is different from Opinion Rewards Panel (Wyndham Rewards Program). You will still be invited to partake in surveys for both survey panels.
    Kind regards,
    Opinion Check-In Helpdesk

  • Kflik

    US only.

    FAQ:Can I join Opinion Check-In if I live outside the United States?
    No, unfortunately membership of this online panel is open only to residents of the United States.

    • A Man With a Plan

      It’s a bit more broad than that – there are individual country sites. Using the site in Australia, the FAQ says:

      Can I join if I live outside Australia?
      No, unfortunately membership of this online panel is open only to Australian residents.

  • BatSheva

    Survey Sampling International is an interesting outfit that runs surveys for various companies that award points for completing surveys. My experience with them is that after wasting 10-15 minutes completing a survey, a message pops up telling me that I do not qualify for the survey or they already have enough people for this particular survey. I therefore don’t bother with them. However I decide it was worth signing up for 1000 points. I was not too surprised when I tried taking my first survey and, lo and behold, a message pops up telling me that I do not qualify for the survey. However I was awarded 5 pints. If all you are looking for is to extend your IHG threshold, then it is worth bothering with this as the 5 points will do just that!

  • Daniel Macdonald

    Just another e-rewards style stitch up…

    Avoid like the plague…

  • Isabelle

    Only works for US residents…

  • Gary

    Won’t work on iPad or smart phones btw!

  • Ade Royle

    I signed up, I didn’t meet the criteria for the first survey but got the 5 points “consolation”. Obviously no real use on their own but the 5 points posted within a couple of hours and extended my points validity for another 12 months. No need to complete a full survey if all you want (like me) was to extend the validity.

  • skyloaf

    Requires an extreme amount of personal info to get the 1k. I didn’t finish. Now getting messages for 50-70 points per survey. If this is like e-rewards, when you get an email you’ll often spend 10 minutes answering questions only to find you don’t qualify. That’s a complete waste of time. If your excepted you’ll spend the next 30 minutes to get 50 points. There’s got to be better use of your time.