Hilton HHonors Gold & Diamond Status Match (September 2016 Update)

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Hilton HHonors launched a straight status match offer from competing programs earlier his year that have become unprecedented over the past few years (they used to be prevalent).

Hilton HHonors Gold & Diamond Status Match (September 2016 Update)

The programs usually give you a status up front for certain period of time and you then need to complete number of stays or nights to extend the status. Hilton HHonors has now changed their match program to follow this format as well.

You can access Hilton’s status related benefits here and the mach page here.

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Hilton HHonors matches your competing status to Gold or Diamond and you have then do either 4 or 8 stays to extend the status through March 2018.

Hilton HHonors does matches from Choice Privileges, Hyatt Gold Passport, IHG Rewards Club, Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest. They do mention that other programs would be eligible as well.

You must send a copy of your membership card (can be a screenshot) and your most recent account activity (screenshot too). You should black out any other information than your name and the account number.

I would expect them to march IHG Rewards Club Platinum & Spire, Marriott Rewards Gold & Platinum, Starwood Preferred Guest Platinum, Choice Privileges Diamond to Hilton HHonors Diamond considering that the number of nights/stays would be comparable.


There are Gold fast track offers requiring just three stays over 90 day that I have written about here. These don’t give you the Gold or Diamond status up front, however.

It is good that Hilton continues to offer this matches and it should not be too difficult for those that plan moving stays to HHonors to fulfill the stay requirements.

Here are the terms and conditions:

Offer is valid for recipient only. Invitation and offer is non-transferable and status matches cannot be bought or sold. Offer only redeemable once for the lifetime of the promotion. To match your status with Hilton HHonors Gold or Diamond status, you must provide your Hilton HHonors account number and proof of current equivalent tier status with Starwood Preferred Guest, Marriott Rewards, IHG Rewards Club, Hyatt Gold Passport, Choice Privileges, or other hotel loyalty program. Blue, Silver, and equivalent statuses are not eligible. Acceptable forms of status validation include a screenshot of your current account status or your membership card. Acceptable forms of stay validation include a screenshot of your previous reservations or hotel receipt, redacting any personal information other than your name and membership number. We accept .jpg files only. Do not send any personal information (including your phone number, address, social security number, date of birth, user name, passwords, or credit card information). Hilton Worldwide reserves the right to downgrade or remove individuals from the program at any time upon submitting any fraudulent documentation for validation. Must be a Hilton HHonors member to participate in the promotion. After registering and tier status is validated, Hilton HHonors elite tier status will be valid for the following 90 days. HHonors members must complete four stays at Hilton Portfolio hotels during the Promotional Period for HHonors members to maintain Gold Elite status through March 31, 2018. Hilton HHonors members who have been granted diamond status match must complete eight stays at Hilton Portfolio hotels during the Promotional Period to maintain Diamond Elite status through March 31, 2018. Thereafter, standard tier requirements must be met to maintain elite status. Please allow up to 5 business days for your upgraded elite status to be reflected in your HHonors account profile. HHonors Gold and Diamond status members may choose from a variety of on-property benefits, which vary by hotel and are subject to availability. For additional information on tier benefits and qualifications, please visit www.HHonors.com

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  • abby

    matters…. the entire world is HH Diamond already just for the asking- and it has watered down diamond treatment so much- EVEN IN ASIA, that the status is no longer treated as top tier. as they say… when everyone is diamond, nobody is.

    • PlayerX

      Can you show me how to get Diamond status just by asking ?

      • Chad

        I got it earlier this year just by asking . . . . I hadn’t stayed in any Hilton property for over three years, but they matched my IHG Spire status and gave me Hilton Diamond status. I’ve used the Hilton Diamond status to get some nice perks, like free food & drink at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Waikiki Beach.

      • abby

        it was there for anyone for many months. all you needed was the IHG credit card (auto Platinum), a challenge with any program or, if you were too lame to do any of those. 30 seconds of photoshop. everyone who is even remotely P&M literate has HH Diamond now. and now asian hotels where Diamonds used to be treated like kings are no longer, as ‘all they see are diamonds now’ (something told to me at the DT KUL).

  • William D

    they do match for Accor too, well, at least they did for me last year.

  • Flarepants

    Its not worth it, the only thing I have received from Diamond is free wifi. They still charge me if I want a better room. Cost my $130 more in DC last week to get a high room.

    • I have received quite good treatment but most of my stays have been outside of North America.

  • Paul

    They gave me a Diamond status match earlier this year base on my Fairmont status.

  • Keith Deininger

    I REFUSE to stay at Hilton properties anymore, I had over 750K HH points to which they took away from me without notification. When I went to use them, they told me since there had not been any activity on my account for more than 12 months that all of my rewards were forfieted. What BS. I have been a Starwood SPG Platinum Member and Hyatt Platinum Member since 1998 and have never had any points taken away.

    • They can give you an offer to have them reinstated by doing a stay or two. Contact them.

      • Keith Deininger

        Did that, they would only give me back 100K points but only after I stayed 10 nights. I told Hilton that I would no longer be an HHonors member and I would instead stay with SPG, Hyatt, Marriott, and IHG instead.

  • penguin

    Status match is a good move because I went to a hilton property even I didn’t plan to. But 8 stays to extend is a little too crazy. 8 nights is more reasonable. 8 stays means i have to keep check in and check out. most people don’t stay 8 times in a year, isn’t it?

  • Penguin

    Biz travelers stay more nights, not more stays. Make it 8 nights and both biz and leisure travelers will go – especially diamonds will be smart enough to choose Hilton rather than Accor’s 5 stays. Between ibis and Hilton upgrade and executive lounge, the choice is obvious. But using 8 stays to beat 5 stays, that’s …..

  • TouringTony.Com

    I did this match even though I’m already diamond expiring next year in order to keep it through 2018 and they matched me . My question is do award nights or points and cash count ? I read the terms and it just says stays nothing about paid … anyone know ?

    • All stays have traditionally counted towards these challenges/matches include Points + Cash and award.

  • Paul

    Hello everyone,
    I did the Diamond Elite status match program last year and called Hilton to do the status match again and I was denied. I was only offered a Gold status challenge because I was told that the status match program is only good once in a lifetime. I was also told that the amount of stays a member completes in that challenge year as well as total amount of years as a Hilton member determines what status challenge one is offered. I had 8 stays last year and have been a member for 10 yrs with a 100 total stays within those 10 years.
    The way this article is written it makes it sound like my Diamond Elite status would be extended if I asked to do 8 stays in 3 months and the challenge was agreed upon.
    I’m I not understanding something? If Hilton is at fault, does anyone have a good contact that perhaps can help me with this situation?
    Thanks all!

    • Do you have status with any other chain? You could the do a Diamond match this year if they allow you to do that.

      How many stays did you have within 90 days or three months after you signed up for the status match?