Is Samsung Aware That Note 7 Is Banned By The Airlines? Huge Advertisement At The Kuala Lumpur Airport!

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Passengers exiting the customs area at the Kuala Lumpur International airport in Malaysia are faced with this huge Samsung ad featuring their now banned product that is smoking hot… in a very wrong way.


There is an issue with the batteries on these devices that have lead these phones to catch fire on the ground and unfortunately in the air as well. Airline regulators and airlines have banned passengers to even carry this phone with them on the aircraft.


These announcements that the FAs make about the banned Samsung Note 7 prior to the flights that I have recently taken seems to be never ending negative reminder about the quality and safety of Samsung products.

You would think that Samsung would have the resources to replace this advertisement at the Kuala Lumpur airport? I was certainly not the only passenger that realized the irony.

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  • alwweb

    Too funny. And I thought I was frustrated the other day with a Coke machine with a huge “Try Coke Zero” add on the front, but no Coke Zero in the machine. Imagine the frustration seeing that sign after you had to leave your Note 7 behind because you couldn’t fly with it.

  • JC

    There is a huge Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ad on the highway right outside of BKK as well.

  • Guest

    Same in Abu Dhabi

  • gguniss

    there is advertisment in Scandinavian Airlines inflight journal as well :))