Hilton HHonors 5,000 Bonus Points For Paying With Visa November 1 – January 31, 2017

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Hilton HHonors has launched a new onetime bonus of 5,000 points per stay for those that book using their app, pay using a Visa card and stay between November 1, 2016 – January 31, 2017.


The text refers to just stay but the terms and conditions state that this bonus is PER STAY indicating that you could earn this bonus unlimited number of times.

You can access and sign up for this offer on Hilton’s website here.

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Hilton HHonors has pushed their app a lot lately. Personally, I prefer booking on a laptop and perhaps check the upgrades then on the app while on the go. It is far easing to check various rates and compare prices between various channels when using a desktop computer.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

Offer is valid from November 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017 for Visa® cardholders who are also Hilton HHonors Members who 1) register for the promotion at HiltonHHonors.com/VisaBonus; 2) download the HHonors mobile application to the cardholder’s mobile device; 3) book a stay through the HHonors mobile application; and 4) pay for the completed stay between November 1, 2016 and January 31, 2017 (“Promotional Period”) with any Visa card will receive 5,000 Hilton HHonors™ Bonus Points per eligible stay. Bonus Points earned on Base Points do not count toward Elite tier qualification. Please allow six to eight weeks from completion of the eligible stay for Bonus Points to appear in your Hilton HHonors™ account. This offer may not be combined with other select promotions, offer or discounts and is not valid for groups. Blackout dates, early departure fees, and deposit and cancellation restrictions may apply and vary by hotel, please see individual property for details.

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  • Aris Triprasetyo

    Is it also valid for Cash + point stay John?

    • Usually these are only valid for paid stays. You may get lucky and get the bonus for Points + Cash. Depends how Hilton has programmed it.

      • michael

        John, any idea if anyone got bonus for c+p stays so far?

        • Haven’t had C+P stays but someone mentioned that the points had posted.

    • Larry Shapiro

      The Points and Cash doesn’t even give you regular point! So I would call Honors to check on this. This is a great system like Hyatt’s Points and Cash which gives you all the benefits of a paid stay but can drop the rate substantially.

  • Winston

    Can we book MVP rate (assuming it’s the best rate) via the app?

    • Yes you can do it now. You can again using the MVP corporate codes (were disabled for a while).

  • Eran

    What about combining this offer with the triple points offer if booking through the app by December 31st?

    • Should be valid. Hilton allows you to combine promotions without issues.

    • Larry Shapiro

      It does work for both and I’ve already received the credit for both!

  • Gaijinsan

    Have you found a way to force the current MVP code through the app? Some hotels still work with the old codes, but there is one hotel I’m trying to book that doesn’t, but it does work via the MVP page.

    • Joanne

      I have the same question, also can we book with the gold medal rate on a the app?

      • Gaijinsan

        Yes, you can use Gold Medal. There is at least one code for it that you can enter with a Google search.

        • Joanne

          Thanks Gaijinsan, I thought you have to use the specific link for the Gold medal rate. Can you pls tell me the code you use?

  • Donald McRae

    It worked for me, clicked the link and changed my payment to Visa during my stay and got the bonus 5000 points! Also got the triple points and bonus Airline points for booking through the app! Very well timed for my check out on Tuesday in Seattle.

  • Sue

    Does anyone know of a channel whereby notifications of these promos actually occur BEFORE the promo start date? I’ve had 3 Hilton stays since November 1, all paid for with Visa, but only heard about the promo today by surfing. Hilton literally floods my email with advertisements, but never with promotions. Sigh.

    • The best way to learn about Hilton promotions….. is to read LoyaltyLobby.

      On more serious note, Hilton runs many promotions throughout the year and usually only sends out emails about the quarterly ones.

      • Sue

        Thanks for the response. I got the points automatically posted after my most recent stay (which was after I registered for the promo). Just got off the phone with the Diamond desk to see if they would retro the points on my previous stays within the promo period. They declined citing that I had to be registered for the promo at the time of the stay for it to count. I opened a case with Hilton Customer Care so I can understand why they make it so difficult to hear about their promotions before they start.

  • Howard Dimenstein

    Has anyone tried this for a second stay with any success?

    • You can earn this bonus unlimited number of times.

    • Kevin James

      I have – and it was successful!

  • Fernando

    Hello John,
    I have a Brazilian issued Visa card that charges me foreign fees and has terrible currency conversion. What if I pay part of my stay with this card and most of it with another?

    Thanks !

    • I wouldn’t count on it to work. By paying fully with Visa works for sure.