Product Review: ChatSIM Unlimited Worldwide Instant Messaging for USD 20.00 Per Year

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Today we have a LoyaltyLobby product review about ChatSIM, a service that allows you to use the instant messenger texting service of your choice worldwide for only $20.00 per year.


I decided 2 months ago to order this SIM card after having seen it floating around on Facebook ads for some time and finally bit the bullet when there was a code available to waive the base charge for the SIM.

Notice: As of June 2017 (we wrote an updated review here) myself and other readers had many issues with the use of ChatSim, including the blocking of cards and we encourage other readers to take these into account before making a purchase of a ChatSim product.

My main purpose of ordering this card was that I’d like to have a basic messenger function available on my cellphone wherever I go without having to use my roaming data or purchase a local SIM which can be tricky or expensive in certain countries (China for example).

You can access the ChatSim website and have an overview of the product.

Since I have a VPN that I can use for all other data services such as Facebook or to properly access and work on LoyaltyLobby through my computer I really need the phone just for basic messaging while visiting foreign cities, especially if I have friends living there.

Which Messenger services are supported with this SIM card?

Wherever you are, ChatSim lets you keep in touch with your friends always. Insert the card in your smartphone and start chatting with the world’s most popular messaging apps: Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, QQ International, WeChat, LINE, Telegram, BBM, Hike and Kakao.

If you live or visit Asia a lot you might know that it’s almost impossible to stay away from WeChat, LINE and Kakao but Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are two services that are worldwide mainstream.

Before I ordered this product I was skeptical especially because it wasn’t exactly cheap. There used to be a basic fee of 15$ plus the annual fee of 15$ plus shipping (another 5$). Then back in early September I came about a promo code to waive the base fee and said ‘why not’ let’s try it!

chat-sim-orderUsing the promo code ‘freechat’ will take off the 15$ base fee so you just pay the annual charge plus shipping, setting you back 20$ total which I thought was acceptable. I found this code back in September and it still works as of today (not sure if it has an expiration on it).

I have been using the card in China, Malaysia, Germany and the UK since and was happy with it. However there is a catch: If you want to send pictures or use voice messages then you have to buy Multimedia packages and this data volume can be expensive.

1MB Data in China for example require 100 credits. 2000 Credits are sold for 15$, 5000 for 37,50$ and 10,000 for 75$. You will burn through data credits quickly if you send voice messages, videos or photos so I didn’t use the Multimedia package for now and where possible log into Wifi for that.


Coverage was good, the price for this SIM decent and if you stick to messaging services then this is a great deal. If you fall into the trap of using multimedia services however you might want to consider going with a local SIM or your personal roaming provider as this isn’t cheap at all and presumingly the way ChatSIM makes their money.

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  • John Lennon

    Have you looked into Google Project Fi? When abroad text and mms are always free, and data is the same price as at home, $10/GB, using what you already have. Calling to the US over wifi is free (put in airplane mode and enable WiFi to make sure).

    • Gaijinsan

      You have to have a compatible Nexus or Pixel to activate it. If one can accomplish that (and doesn’t want to continue using the Nexus/Pixel), I can see a lot of value in it for overseas use, but more or less worthless in the US unless you have a phone with T-Mobile’s (very) non-standard bands.

      I find it interesting that they managed to get so many global roaming partners on board with their data rates as low as they are. There are a number of countries where you’ll pay over $10 per GB on a local SIM card.

  • Frank Morgan

    If you don’t have the media pack, what happens when people send you picture or voice messages? Will you be able to read them?

    • Sergey Fedorov

      Perhaps yes, but wonder if you get charged for that extra.

  • Wavshrdr

    I’ve just used T-mobile. I have pretty good data coverage with unlimited data when roaming. I also get unlimited texts on my plan and I keep the same # that everyone is used to. I’ve used this in quite a few countries around the world with no issues. I also have WiFi calling using my same # which is nice as well.

  • Yaely

    I was reading that they will slow you down after 5MB of usage and even close your account if they feel like it.