Etihad Guest Gold & Silver Status Challenge Promotion For All Readers Of ‘The Times’

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Eithad Guest has published a status promotion for readers of the British newspaper The Times which appears to be open for all with no specific requirements other than reading the paper in whatever way.

etihad-matchThe promotion requires a minimum of one flight in Economy to receive Silver or Business/First Class to receive Gold status after fulfilling the (relatively easy) requirement.

The interesting part is that this is not actually a status match but rather a general promotion that targets all Times readers.

You can obviously read the times by buying it at the newsstand or even online, the T&C also don’t require participants to be a subscriber. The offers was emailed to us by a reader tonight who didn’t mention either if he was a subscriber but the rules are pretty clear, you just have to complete your qualifying Etihad flight by May 10th 2017.

You can access the promotion landing page here.

Experience the Etihad difference with an exclusive Times promotion. Book a flight in Economy Class and get Etihad Guest silver tier status. Or book a Business or First Class ticket to get Etihad Guest gold tier status.

Existing accounts can not be enrolled, you will have to sign up a new account through the landing page to take advantage of this offer.

etihad-timesEtihad used to have actual Status Match promotions without a flight requirement in the past; however, they were cherry picking their applications which would be approved. I participated three times and handed in my LH Senator and BA Gold credentials but was never considered. Almost all friends of mine had their match dealt with pretty quickly though.


If Etihad honors this promotion properly and given the liberal (almost non existing) T&C for this offer I’d think this is a safer bet to actually get Etihad Gold for some time. There are very decent deals out there on various routes Etihad serves, including those in First and Business Class.


The simple Terms & Conditions for this promotion at the time this article is publishes are:

Offer available from 10 November until 24 November 2016. Travel must be completed by 10 May 2017. Only applications made using the above reader offer link are valid. Offer only available for new enrolments.

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  • I cant enter Country name using Android phone. Any one else having issues enrolling?

  • Michael

    I wonder if award flights count. It doesn’t say it’s excluded but logic would say no.

    • Dan

      The flight will almost certainly have to credit to the account to activate the status upgrade…so unlikely


    Their alliance is tiny so I view this as more useful for status matching than anything.

    Anyone know what are the cheapest Etihad flights in the world?

  • Hello

    T and C include
    Travel must originate from the United Kingdom, and must be a return ticket.

  • ElToro

    Seems they changed the T&C. Now travel must originate from the UK, which makes it much less attractive (to me).

  • beatbox

    I’m keen to know if anyone’s gained from this offer yet?
    I’m booked on EY business flights from the UK and have signed up to Etihad Guest using the promotion to get a further year of Gold – I already have an account via their credit card and Gold Status but used a secondary address for the new sign up.
    First time flying EY…so I either miss extending Gold or I miss on bonus miles due to my existing tier.
    Only worth it if this offer does work as described.