Need A Transit Hotel Option At Dubai DXB Airport? – SnoozeCube Available At Terminal 1&3

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In our series of showcasing innovative Airport Hotel concepts, today LoyaltyLobby will introduce the SnoozeCube at Dubai International Airport Terminal 1 & 3.

snoozecubeTransit Hotels are useful because you don’t have to leave the airport and they are often available in blocks of a few hours to to a full overnight just steps away from your next departure gate.

In airports that are notorious for long layovers, or in case you encounter a missed connection, it helps to have an option to just rest for a few hours, especially if you don’t have lounge access. You can access the website for SnoozeCube Dubai here.

The website describes the product as follows:

Passengers facing flight delays, cancellations or long transits at Dubai International Airport (the 4th largest in the world) now have the option to rent out a micro-hotel room right inside the terminal.

Our SnoozeCubes provide the perfect space for passengers looking for extra privacy, a step up in comfort from terminal seating and somewhere to lay their head.

We currently have 10 sound-proofed units installed adjacent to C 22 at Dubai International’s Terminal 1 and they are already proving to be a major service provider.

We take a minimalist approach to design with an emphasis on function. There is enough room to for a bed, touchscreen TV offering music and movies and room to hang your coat and store your carry-on luggage.

The images in the gallery (see here) show the individual units that are designed in a very colorful way and appear larger due to the use of mirrors and nature/landscape images.

All Cubes are actually manufactured overseas and installed locally:

Built in Hamilton, the ‘Snooze Cube’ was invented 5 years ago by New Zealander, Larry Swann ,who is the director, working on the idea ever since.

Designed and built in New Zealand, the launch of the SnoozeCube is a further endorsement of the country’s reputation for creating high quality, innovative products, according to Dubai-based Steve Jones, New Zealand Trade Commissioner for Middle East, Africa and Pakistan.

The prices are pretty steep though, and I almost choked when I looked at the list.

snoozecube-pricingThis is pretty insane. 21$ per hour with a 2 hour minimum. So 42$US for a 2 hour nap? Back in March I paid 36$ for 6 hours at the Aerotel Singapore Changi.


I would need to be pretty exhausted or sick to pay that money for a brief stay in one of these cubes or any other airport hotel that has a comparable price to what we see here.

It’s a great concept though, and considering the small amount of space (10 units), I doubt they will have much difficulty selling out quickly on a daily basis at a huge airport like DXB.

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  • Norodnik

    I stayed in a Snooze cube a few weeks back in DXB for 4 hours and it was ok (as arrived at 1am and my next flight was at 10am). The concept is fine although in DXB you actually had to leave the area of the snooze cubes to use the regular toilets on the Concourse (not great if you wake up and want to use the restrooms).

    I used them because the alternative is to use the regular Airside Airport hotel and the cost for this is almost always $200 USD minimum. Therefore, for 4-5 hours in the snooze cube you get a rest for half the price although granted the airport hotel offers a full service and much more comfortable room