Reader Question: Le Club AccorHotels Welcome Drink For Two?

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A LoyaltyLobby reader emailed me a question about the welcome drink amenity for Le Club AccorHotels elite members.


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You can access Le Club AccorHotels web page for elite benefits here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I have been a member of the Accor loyalty programme for a number of years.  I know most people who read your posts/website are business traveller and so stay on their own in hotels.  I always travel with my wife and I am a silver member (just going up to Gold).  I checked with Accor and asked if we could have a joint card and was told no.  Silver/Gold members should be given a free welcome drink to members when they arrive but they tend to just give one voucher between my wife and I as they say I am the member.  I contacted Accor through their Facebook page and was basically told tough.

Both my wife and I are becoming Gold members but one member of the couple is treated as Gold and one as never having stayed at Accor.  Very unfair in my opinion.  I was wondering about your take on this and whether other schemes operate in this unfair way towards couples.

Here’s what the Accor’s web page states:


Whenever I stay at an Accor property, they tend to have the welcome pack ready and usually with two drink chits like the one pictured above at the Novotel Queenstown.

It really doesn’t make a difference if both of you are Silver/Gold/Platinum members. Only one account can be used at any given time to where to credit the stay. By having two accounts, however, you can better take advantage of promotions by splitting the stay(s) between two accounts.

I would say that if you request two drink vouchers most of the properties would comply with this request, although by the program T&Cs they are not required.


Cannot remember the last time I would have used these drink chits that I get for my stays at IHG and Accor properties. Usually when I clean my folio bag there is bunch of unused chits.

I would assume that majority of these go unused especially at properties that offer club lounges with complimentary happy hours. Shouldn’t be too difficult for hotels to give two for those that travel with their partner.

It would be good if Le Club AccorHotels would clarify this benefit to be available for the number of adult guests registered to the room/suite.

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  • Chris

    What the hell is a ‘chit’?

    Apart from that, as with anything else in LCA it all seems to depend on each property.

    The last free drink voucher I got at a Novotel actually stated in the small print that it is valid for one drink per person per stay, whereas the one pictured above states that it is valid for one drink for one person per stay. It seems like hotels are at liberty to set the conditions for this as they like. So in the end it all depends 😉

    • thatsthatmattressman

      A chit is a short form word for voucher/coupon/ticket or ‘piece of paper’ that gets you something like a ‘voucher’ …used as a ‘ticket’ sometimes too ..very common in north america

  • thatsthatmattressman

    It is mixed bag like all Accor benefits where some properties excel and others are mind numbingly ignorant of a typical benefit or cut corners to save on a drink. Usually picking up the certificate at the front and making a face like this: ‘dude seriously ..there are 2 of us’ will elicit some action to add a 2nd person to the voucher.

  • Mrs C

    Husband and I both Platinum Level in Fairmont Presidents Club and we usually travel together and use his membership number to reserve rooms so we can get all our stays credited to just the one account. Platinum amenity has always been for one whereever we stay unless the Manager happens to know us and then the fruit/cheese plate comes enough for two. I never thought of asking to split the points between the two memberships but I doubt they would go for it and then neither one of us would have enough stays to keep the Platinum Level. My beef with only acknowledging one membership is that turn down service thinks there is only one person in the room but (reservation reads Mr and Mrs) and therefore only turns down one side of the bed and only leaves one bottle of water and one set of slippers.

  • john

    We normally don’t have a problem at arrival. We ask for two drinks vouchers – as I travel with my wife on holiday – and are Platinum members.

    The odd occasion where it is a problem, we produce a blue card ….. and that seems to work

    However the welcome drink is not the best on offer – we have been given anything from tap water ( Ibis ) to a bottle of rather nice wine each ( Mecure – London )

    Have never found a lounge at a Accor property in the UK – is there a list ?

  • A Man With a Plan

    In my exprience around Asia and Australia, I have been given vouchers (from a pre-prepared pack) that match the number of people that were in the booking. If I said 1 adult, I get 1 voucher, if I said 2 Adults, I get 2 vouchers)

    I have a habit of booking for two 🙂

  • HanoiIG

    I have been staying in Accor properties a lot since 2005 and am Platinum if that matters. They nearly always give me two drinks vouchers but if they only give one, I have always been given a second on asking.

  • Simon

    I had the same issue this weekend, staying in novotel aachen (with my wife and baby-kid) as a gold member (platinum now after my stay, hooray), and they said that in Germany since one year now they only give a voucher to the booker. I think i got the wrong receptionist, because he was not a friendly one, while the others were sooo friendly! Anyway, me too, just after checking out, quickly drinking a soda before leaving the hotel, or it would have been just another voucher not spend.

  • Phong Huynh

    I’ve always received two vouchers, provided the reservation was made for two. I barely use them though….

  • McCaron

    It really depends on which property you are staying with and if the staff is well trained.

    I always book for my wife and I, sometimes, no question asked, we received 2 vouchers or only one but the bartender offers 2 drinks because he knows that it’s 1 voucher for 2

    I already happened that the receptionnist told me that only the cardholder has the benefit of 1 drink even if i booked for 2.

    I would say 85%-90% of times benefits are applied correctly.

  • Rohan Relaxo

    In most case I have only received 1 drinks voucher whether I was Gold or Platinum. In fact Novotel Genoa even refused to give me 1 voucher as Gold. Manager insisting that only Silver & Platinum get free drink. So its really a mixed bag – It depends on the property and more importantly I think it depends on whoever is behind the desk at the time! I think Accor has a valuable loyalty program in terms of points being converted to cash value for redemption but in terms of amenities/services it is the worst.
    Also I think John’s view that “majority of these go unused ” is totaly nonsense. Leaving aside the fact that your personal consumption patterns are totally irrelevant to question asked, the majoirty of non-business travellers definitely do use those chits.

    • Holiday_Hero

      silver and platinum. that is hilarious. Did you complain? They go unused when you can go in to the exec lounge and drink for free anyway.

  • Alexander Cozzolino

    Earlier this year I emailed Accor to clarify the Welcome Drink policy and was told that only the person whose name appears on the booking is entitled to the voucher.

    I’ve had about 50-60 stays at Accor hotels in the past 18 months and often stay with my partner (I am Platinum and he is Gold).

    Whether we are given one or two vouchers depends entirely on the discretion of the hotel. We have stayed at a number of Brazilian hotels and they normally give one voucher. The Brazilians are very strict on the policy which could be because some hotels are franchises (so they only offer the bare minimum). On the other hand in Asia, Europe, and Australia we are normally given two vouchers.

    What I find ridiculous is that they describe this as a ‘Welcome Drink’ but it is anything but ‘welcoming’ when one guest is offered something but the other guest is offered nothing at all. Especially if they are a Silver/Gold/Platinum member and when many Accor hotels charge extra for a second guest.

    I also agree with other comments that the policy is not clearly outlined. Even the terms on the actual voucher is confusing. For example, typically the voucher in Brazil says ‘one voucher per stay and per member’.

    This brings me to a big flaw with the Accor Le Club program – that it does not cater for couples. So for example a couple could stay enough nights to achieve Platinum, but you need to book in one person’s name. If the other person then has an individual stay they would effectively have no loyalty status even though they could have stayed a significant number of nights at Accor hotels. There is no options to split points, joint memberships, etc. This is where Accor needs to be a bit more creative. Hotels are very different to an Airline loyalty program where members book individually. The very nature of hotels is that one person will book a room for multiple people.

    Overall, the Accor loyalty program is very mixed. There are some great bonus point promotions and members rates, and one of my favourite things is the early and late check out. But the benefits vary hugely from hotel to hotel. Some hotels offer almost nothing (and almost all the benefits are subject to availability – in other words not guaranteed). I often feel like the program over promises and under delivers.

    I’ve also had numerous admin related problems with Accor. I’ve had to chase up missing points on 6 occasions this year alone (and this normally involves contacting Accor on several occasions), not to mention the numerous problems with the Places App, IT problems with the website and bookings, absolutely no priority support for Platinum members, frequent slow check-in (10 minutes plus), constant problems with the invoice not matching back to the price on the booking confirmation, confusing marketing, poorly targeted marketing, and confusing offers. I continue to stay at Accor because they have a great network of hotels, some of the hotels I’ve stayed at have been fantastic, and I find the staff are excellent. But I often think about forgetting about being loyal and just booking which ever hotel looks like the best option.