Sheraton Brussels Closes Its Doors At Noon December 14, 2016 (For Good)

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As I wrote earlier today (access here), Sheraton Brussels filed for bankruptcy at a Belgian court on Tuesday (December 13). It was unclear at the time when the hotel would close down or if the owner would try to come up with an alternate plan to keep it open.


It is confirmed now, however, that the hotel will cease operations and close its doors at noon on December 14, 2016. Guests will be reaccommodated at other Starwood or Marriott hotels in the city.

You can access Sheraton Brussels website here.

Marriott/Starwood will honor all the existing awards, prepaid and other reservations at group’s other hotels in Brussels.


Here’s the press release from Starwood:

DECEMBER 13 2016 – Following the bankruptcy of SBH SPRL, the operator of the Sheraton Brussels Hotel, the property has been forced to close. The hotel will close as of 12 noon on 14th December 2016.

The forced closure of the hotel is due to the financial situation of the operating company and is not related to the Sheraton brand.    

Sheraton has successfully managed the hotel from the day of opening in 1973. In 2009 Sheraton signed a long-term management contract with SBH SPRL. Hotel management are now working with all current and future clients to secure alternative accommodation in the city.

Sheraton understands the impact of the bankruptcy of SBH SPRL on the 200 employees of SBH SPRL. While they are not employed by Sheraton, or any affiliated companies, the group appreciates and values the work that they have done to make the hotel a success.

Here are other Starwood options in the city:


And the Marriott ones:



Affected guests should consider moving to the Marriott or Renaissance hotels in the city. The other Sheraton is by the airport, although usually more expensive. Guests can also keep in mind that there are Aloft and Four Points properties in Brussels.

Bankruptcy in Europe tends to mean that the affected business will close abruptly unlike in the United States where they can keep trading under chapter 11 (almost forever) while reorganizing.

I would probably give Starwood customer service a call and have my existing reservation moved to one of the other hotels before they fill up.

The hotel was blaming drop in number of guests (25%) after the terrorist attack last year for the financial issues as well as needed refurbishments due to asbestos. The hotel was in terrible shape based on my stay there last year. It sad to see this hotel go that has been Sheraton branded since 1973!

Belgian press is implying that it is likely that someone will buy the property merely for the land and build something else for the space.

There used to be Le Meridien in the city as well that closed due to bankruptcy and later reopened as a Hilton.

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  • Chris

    “Le Meridien …closed due to bankruptcy and later reopened as Hilton” !!! Now it’s Sheraton’s turn to go bankrupt “due to terrorism and asbest issues”… Sure !!! MISMANAGEMENT FOR PAST 6 YEARS IS THE CAUSE OF BANKRUPTCY !!!

    I stayed at Sheraton several times in past years – when I had no other option (when all other Hilton or SPG hotels were full…), and I couldn’t believe the shitty service they offered…

    I will not miss Sheraton Brussels – worst Sheraton I stayed in (even worse then Essen and Frankfurt Congress) !

    • Gcs2006

      Its a DUMP…pizza hut across the street is nicer

  • Richard Shaw

    What a crap hotel. I’ve stayed there and, like so many Starwood hotels, I think bankruptcy is the best solution.

  • Will

    Hi John
    I was affected by this. Got an email saying they have arranged for me to stay at the rennaissance Brussels. Been back and forth with platinum executive assistance and finally they confirmed they will NOT count the stay towards my 25 stay qualification. I’m traveling Europe and staying at 9 spg hotels in the next two weeks to reach my 25 stays. I have no wiggle room left to book another hotel night this year. So I booked the Aloft for that night. Now they are saying since I prepaid the Sheraton they won’t refund it!! What? I booked and prepaid for a hotel. It closes. I don’t get a refund? And no choice of other hotel by the way
    What can I do ?

    • I was in touch with someone higher up in the Marriott/SPG program and they are trying to be in touch with you regarding this and was told that it would be something to your liking. Let me know what they offer.

      • Will

        Great thanks John
        Really appreciate your reply
        I did get an email to call someone but wanted to wait until after my trip in case it was more bad news
        Will let you know!

  • Stefan_In_Vienna

    Shut down due to bankruptcy within 24 hours is short even für Europe. A Supermarket chain that went bust in Austria end of 2015 was kept open by court appointed liquidator for another 2 months to sell off inventory and help staff find new jobs. Normally a liquidator would not lock the doors immediately. Asbestos has been an issue for at least 20 years, so that problem should have been solved long time ago when Starwood was still managing the property themselves..