• BenniHK

    My partner’s account got the similar issue before too (maybe due to we registered our both accts with same email address for easier management, which have never been prohibited anywhere in the t&c). The manila office just hopeless (they couldn’t even able to answer simple question, and just copy and paste irrelevant paragraph as reply) so better get rid of them.
    You may need to force someone from either the uk or us office to reply u by tweets or fb posts and see what’s really happening.
    If u got something related to mainland China, try to baidu (mainland version of google) the phone number of a local authority with some keywords like “commerce”, “scam” and similar and see whether they willing to open a case for u. sorry I forgot the number but it’s very popular as many innocent mainlanders accts were closed without proper reasons during the first edition accelerate. I m living in hk, but well… They able to handle eventually though refused at the beginning.
    It is definitely a scam in my pt of view as the ihg side not even willing to explain what’s really happening but chose to ignore all our email and placed their manila office as barrier by playing dumb.
    For my case, one of their us representive firstly replied with very annoyed tone that the ihg and sch group had the full and sole discretion to close any accounts without reasons and the decision is final and concluded. (can u believe this is how they do their business?!)
    And after I called the mainland China’s local authority to open a case against them, my partners account was reactivated three days later magically without any notice.
    However, both of us lost all confidence in ihg and since then, after transfered all our points to miles, we stopped staying there anymore, which we used to stay at least twice a month as staycations.
    And ironically, during the suspending period of my partners account (over three mths), ihg keep spamming the accounts email by various promos which I have never received in my own email acct! Fuzzy enough right?

  • PayItForward

    1. My fiance stayed at an IHG property and used my rewards account to earn points for the stay
    — Were you also staying with your fiance? If you were not, this would be considered a violation

    2. I also used my account number to earn points on another IHG stay in which I was staying at the property but was not on the reservation.
    — Same reservation?
    — John, are you saying if two reservations were made separately, one can arbitrary add one’s account and claim for both otherwise unconnected stays?

    • Here’s what the T&Cs say about multiple rooms:

      At U.S. and Canadian hotels (except InterContinental® Alliance Resorts), you can collect points or miles on all Eligible Charges for multiple hotel rooms (less than 10) provided those rooms are used in conjunction with the member’s stay at the same hotel, and that their IHG® Rewards Club member number is recorded on each reservation, or the charges from those multiple room reservations are referred to on the hotel room bill associated with the member’s reservation.

      You can collect points for up to 10 rooms at a time in the US & Canada. Seems that you don’t even have to have the rooms under your name but rather to use the same IHG Rewards Club number for all rooms.