Reader Question: Pullman Khao Lak Leaving Accor – Now What?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a question by email that many loyalty program members face throughout the year. A hotel where they have confirmed booking is changing flags (switching from one chain to another).


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You can access Pullman Khao Lak’s website here.

Here’s the email from the reader:

I have been informed that Pullman Khao LAk is leaving Accor. As I am platinum with Accor and I have some prepaid bookins, you can imagine that I do not want to stay there. I have sent an email to the General Manager Michael Boele asking him to have my booking canceled and all my money back.

I would like to know if in your opinion I have the right of been reimbursed or if I have to stay at the hotel without points, upgrades and all the related perks coming from the Platinum status.

Thank you very much for the beautiful website you have ad the service you give.

Couldn’t find any information that this hotel would be leaving Accor. This hotel was recently Le Meridien then changed to Pullman two years ago in November.

Hotels try to claim that your contract is with the property regardless under what brand it might operate. I disagree.

Loyalty program members book specific hotels due to elite benefits received such as upgrades, early check ins/late check outs, breakfast, points, elite qualifying nights/stays etc. Trying to argue that these are not part of the product purchased is wrong.

I would try to escalate the issue through. They are not very good at replying to emails but you will get a faster response by leaving a message on Le Club AccorHotels Facebook page or sending a Tweet.

If the hotel is exiting Accor (sometimes there can be last minute changes), I would ask Accor to provide a refund. There is also a possibility to do a chargeback through your credit card issuer based on the fact that the hotel will operate under different name and you won’t receive the promised benefits for being elite Le Club AccorHotels member.


I had a reader question back in 2014 when an SPG member received an email that this very same hotel was exiting Starwood system and rebranded under Accor’s Pullman brand. Seems that the hotel is now switching flags yet again.

Usually hotels that are rebranded frequently means that the hotel owner is very impatient, the hotel is not performing financially, or the chain is unable to bring in the promised guests/financial performance.

I hope that the hotel does the right thing and refunds the prepayments made by guests that wanted to stay at the Pullman and not at some XYZ Khao Lak hotel.

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  • Fghh

    Sun will still arise tomorrow.

  • J

    If hotels have the right to cancel award reservations when the property changes flags, guests should have the right to cancel without any penalty as well on paid bookings regardless of it being non-refundable or not.

    • Yeah. They shouldn’t be allowed to have it both ways. It is not in the best interest of the new flag owner either in the age of TripAdvisor etc.

      • Holiday_Hero

        Won’t they have a new TripAdvisor page?

        • The Trip Advisor page stays the same with an updated name. The old reviews don’t disappear.

  • Holiday_Hero

    Ok, so I stayed here at this exact hotel while it was changing from le meridian to Pullman. We were given the most monumental upgrade I have ever received to a huge beach front private villa with pool, and 50% off all F&B. I hate it will no longer be a Pullman as we were going back, but it’s such a beautiful place, resort and hotel I have no problem booking it again, it’s still the same owner, staff ex management. If the reader is upset re points I understand. But there is no way I would swap this hotel due to a change of sign. Beautiful place

  • Андрей Борисыч

    I have just talked to the hotel management and they didn’t confirm that Accor is leaving.

    • Sue Woollard

      Me too. I would be interested to know how the reader was informed?

    • Did they confirm that the property would stay affiliated with Accor and for how long?

      • Андрей Борисыч

        They just said that there is no official information from superior management regarding the transition, and that they continue to operate as Pullman. I also didn’t find any news or even rumours about this issue. For example, when they were changing from LM to Accor, there was news about it – a year before it was official.

      • Андрей Борисыч

        If the reader will get back to you with some additional info (especially if GM will confirm transition) – please do let us know. It’s one of my favourite properties in the area and I have some friends traveling to Khao Lak in early 2017.