Delta Kicks Muslim Pranksters Off Their Flight For No Other Reason Than Being Complete Idiots

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Delta Airlines made news the last few days after two passengers claimed they discriminated against for being Muslim and kicked off their flight but an unexpected twist revealed them as serial pranksters.


While the entire internet already went haywire throwing Delta under the bus via common social media channels, some people investigated the guys YouTube videos where he recorded similar incidents before.

With all these cases of bad behavior on the part of airline staff in recent years where completely innocent and harmless passengers were booted off flights it’s easy to jump to conclusions as soon as news break that some passenger complains about yet another case.

The way this particular scene was captured on camera from beginning to end with respective commentary looked way too prepared and not like a natural flow. The guy in question was traveling with a companion who also appeared to cheer him on while other passengers .


Short after this scene the guy named Adam Saleh tweeted out his endeavors:


You can see the entire video on his YouTube Channel below:

You can make up your own mind about this situation as you follow along, I don’t think it’s necessary to comment on it even further.

Meanwhile a reporter of The Guardian (see here) had a bit of a background story about Adam Saleh:

If the allegation of being thrown off a plane for speaking Arabic is true, then Saleh is right to be outraged. We must all be outraged at such blatant bigotry. But pardon me for being skeptical.

First of all, this is the same guy who released a video in 2014 titled “Racial Profiling Experiment”, which showed the NYPD as flat-footedly anti-Muslim and was later revealed to be a hoax, doing no favors for those of us in the battle against real racial profiling. …

And Saleh’s story of airline harassment rings true because airlines do have a troubled history of removing passengers merely for speaking Arabic.

It is precisely because Islamophobia exists that it can be exploited for either private reasons or public gain. And while our due diligence is required to assess each instance, we must also remain focused on the real issue here.

If Adam Saleh’s story of discrimination is true, then we must hold the airline accountable as a way to combat Islamophobia. And if Saleh’s story is false, then we must hold him accountable while continuing to battle Islamophobia. Either way, the fight against bigotry remains the same.

The point here is that he is doing a real disservice to those who are in fact being discriminated against in daily life, not only as customers of airlines but anywhere from schools to supermarkets, renting an apartment or applying for a job.

Delta in the meanwhile has issued a statement of their own which you can access here.

Upon landing the crew was debriefed and multiple passenger statements collected. Based on the information collected to date, it appears the customers who were removed sought to disrupt the cabin with provocative behavior, including shouting. This type of conduct is not welcome on any Delta flight. While one, according to media reports, is a known prankster who was video recorded and encouraged by his traveling companion, what is paramount to Delta is the safety and comfort of our passengers and employees. It is clear these individuals sought to violate that priority.

Accounts from multiple passengers and Saleh’s history of pulling such stunts unfortunately don’t paint a very positive picture.


There are really more than enough reasons and actual cases to call airlines out for discriminatory practices and bad behavior of their employees that it’s totally unnecessary to create such fake situations. I hope these guys will be banned from the airline.

It was reported that Saleh and his companion purchased one way Upper Class (Business Class) tickets on Virgin Atlantic back to the U.S. which must have come with a heavy price tag. Probably their YouTube revenue will balance out some of these expenses over time. What do you think about this case?

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  • Danny

    Put them on the “no fly” list

    • Christian

      I could not agree more. There are plenty of idiots who manage just fine to cause the rest of us problems by being thoughtless without intentionally causing problems. If these malicious children can no longer fly, then perhaps they’ll learn to comport themselves as adults in other situations. I wouldn’t bet on it, but at least it would be a little less grief for the rest of us.

      • sigs99

        I would vote for the no fly list as well. Flying is privilege not a right.

    • Sal

      these guys are obviously a-holes with too much time on their hands. Go get a job, work for a living and stop being stupid, Adam.

      • Ridoncularious

        The problem with your second sentence is that you can’t fix stupid.

  • Alex

    I think Delta handled this in an appalling manner. so far the statements they provided do not rule out Adam’s claims or statements. The video he took supports his claim, so I think the onus is on delta to provide a clear explanation.

    They had 7 hours with the people who experienced “discomfort”, they could have easily collected the facts or clear statements. All they have so far is “it appears…” and the fact that they blame it on their previous pranks. Without facts, it’s like shaming a porn star for her job in a sexual assault case.

    If the guy really did skew reality in his statements – he should face the consequences.
    If Delta really went too far too fast because of “passenger discomfort” – the crew and Delta shoudl face the consequences.

    • cscasi

      Well, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. At least you did admit that this “person” should face the consequences if he did skew reality in his statements.
      Nonetheless, passengers should not have to put up with people like him disturbing their peace. Thankfully, there is a regulation about interference with a flight crew member in the performance of his/her duty, that normally works pretty well to handle such as this.
      Glad the flight was not delayed too long and that things were a lot quieter without them!

    • nostresshere

      Delta was in a bad, bad position, caused by these two troublemakers. You need to do a bit of research on them and what they appear to be doing on social media. Apparently some people think an airline should just standby while idiots try to disrupt others and gain media attention. Sorry, you are totally wrong here.

      • Alex

        Until we understand with facts exactly what happened on that flight, we should not assume that they created any issues. Delta only implied in their second statement Adam’s “reputation”.

        Yes, there is a possibility that he “fabricated” the whole thing (and to me the fact he was wearing a cap with Arabic text on it does not help him), but the facts available point at a wrongdoing from Delta.

        • nostresshere

          On one hand, you say we should wait until the facts come out, and then you point at Delta. Interesting.
          On a side note, if I was running ANY type of business, I would have this guy on my “we do not want your business list”.

          • Alex

            I am saying that Delta is now on the chopping block – they need to provide facts to support their actions. Until we have those we can only rely on the facts available, which point to a Delta error.

            We should distinguish between personal and public life. You might not like what he is doing, few million other people do. Who decides what is right or wrong? He made millions form those Youtube videos, just like other people made millions from acting. You don’t ban Dolph Lundgren because he was a bad guy in all movies he had a role in, will you?

    • nostresshere

      I hate to get him even one more view, but check out his youtube channel. Total jerk. Professional prankster trying to take down Delta.

    • BenniHK

      ” it’s like shaming a porn star for her job in a sexual assault case.”
      Really can’t agree more! Look at all those ppl saying we’re just based on Adam’s past history, instead of what happened in plane.

  • They started hollering and complaining after they were informed that a decision has been made to deplane them, not before! The fact that no one knew who they were the idiots until the news went viral seems to be missed by the above article.

    The only reason some passengers felt discomfort is the fact that he called and spoke to his mother in Arabic. Let’s be honest here, if he was a white man speaking to his mom in English, albeit loudly, none of this would have happened. They probably would have said, “what a good boy”!

    Maybe this goes hand in hand with Delta’s anti Gulf carriers policy and in the age of Trump, expect more of this sanctioned racism coming up at an airport near you!

    • cscasi

      SNIFF, SNIFF! Time for a lot of this garbage to come to an end.

    • nostresshere

      Delta was in a bad, bad position, caused by these two troublemakers. You need to do a bit of research on them and what they appear to be doing on social media. Apparently some people think an airline should just standby while idiots try to disrupt others and gain media attention. Sorry, you are totally wrong here. Oh yea, the troublemakers edited the video and/or failed to show what really happened. They are very experienced in what they are doing.

    • alwweb

      Were you on the flight or going by the video that could have been edited and changed?

  • free craig

    Without all the facts, the guy encourages and facilitates people to manifest their own fears, which makes him a jerk. You could whitewash it and call it Freedom of Speech or Satire, but satire is used against powerful entities, not regular passengers especially with kids.

    Then Delta appears to offer him another flight, which is actually generous because if two drunk people were behaving the same way, would an airline re-board them on another flight? You tell me.

    He needs to grow up.

  • r0m8470

    Put them in Air Koryo and tell them to do a prank. These guys are morons.

    • Huh

      What is Air Koryo? A new airline out of Korea?

  • Afridi

    Here you go, this is completely fine.

  • GiveItUp

    Doesn’t it say in your article that nothing more can be said and now you are encouraging dialogue among your readers which is sure to be a very mixed bag of extreme opinion?


    Such idiots should be banned from every airline , even of the muslim countries.