IHG Rewards Club Award Category Changes Effective January 15, 2017

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IHG Rewards Club yesterday released the award category changes that will take effect on January 15, 2017.

IHG Rewards Club Award Category Changes January 15 2017

IHG Rewards Club has 488 properties moving a minimum of one award category (5,000 points) up while some move up to three (15,000 points). There are 161 hotels moving down in the number of points required for a free night.

You can access the IHG Rewards Club website here.

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Here’s the PDF released by IHG:

Download (PDF, 2.17MB)

Number of Properties Moving Up:

IHG Rewards Club Award Category Changes January 15 2017 UP

Number of Properties Moving Down:

IHG Rewards Club Award Category Changes January 15 2017 DOWN U


Previously, IHG Rewards Club was promoting the fact that they had the same number of properties moving both up and down in the number of points required for awards. This time, however, the change (negative) is more lopsided. I would say in general that the properties that moved down are those that people rarely redeem for while those moving up tend to be one of the better deals using points.

Remember that while IHG Rewards Club makes significant changes to award categories only once a year, they do tend to move a few properties (those popular ones!) unannounced a few times a year as well.

There are now quite a few InterContinental hotels requiring 60,000 points per night (maximum currently). I wouldn’t be surprised if IHG Rewards Club announced new higher categories in 2018.

Let’s hope that PointBreaks stick around in 2017 and that they will have a bit stronger lineup than this year.

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  • Kflik

    only 2 hotels moving from 15 down to 10?
    I’ve found in the pdf:
    Rio Branco
    Porto Alegre
    Slave Lake
    Drayton Valley
    Puerto Montt – Patagonia
    Zhengzhou Airport
    Chennai Mahindra World City
    Cd. del Carmen
    Warsaw – Jozefow
    Moscow – Vinogradovo
    Madrid – Leganes
    Madrid – Tres Cantos
    Ankara – Cukurambar
    Birmingham – Castle Bromwich

    and from 20k to 10k:
    Shanghai Zhenping
    Chongqing University Town
    Shenyang North Station
    Jinan High-Tech Zone
    Shanghai Jiading Industry Park
    Leshan City Square
    Chengdu Huanhuaxi
    Taizhou CMC

    • It is actually 28 on my records. Typing mistake when I did that sheet. Will update the sheet.

      The number from 20K to 10K is 8 on my sheet and on the illustration above.

      Thanks for pointing out my typo

  • Pedro

    The program is getting very bad.
    It is often cheaper to pay cash than to use the points purchased (even points bought with 100% bonus).
    The few 270,000 points I have will use in 2017 and I never buy points in this program because they do not respect their consumer.
    The program always wants to take advantage.
    It will end up “exploding” just like AAdvantage – American Airlines.

    • Presley Hi

      I agree. And if they add 1-2 more categories they’re pints will be less valuable than Hilton

      • You always have to take into account the earning side as well that is quite comparable with these two programs.

    • Depends where and when you redeem. I usually redeem most of my IHG points in NYC and London, where most hotels (outside of IC and CP) will still be 40K points or less even after this devaluation. If bought during the 100% bonus promo, 40K points would be about $230 USD. Regular rates in these cities can be well over that especially in the summer months.

      • Pedro

        Yes .. I agree that a few hotels, such as Intercontinental in NYC or London, can occur from being cheaper to use IHG points … but overall, the program is worsening and constantly increasing the amount of points needed to rescue hosting .. And I wonder: Will IHG not increase, once again, the amount of points to redeem in NYC or London ??

  • calwatch

    The benefits of points are that they are the same price all the time, while cash rates can and do fluctuate. While for truly high demand events, points bookings are blocked, for special events like football games, spring training, March Madness, concert festivals, etc. where paid rates are double or more during the off peak, using points is still a good value.