Happy New Year 2017! (From Ho Chi Minh City)

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Cannot believe that in just few hours another year has gone and the 2017 begins!

Happy 2017

We wish all our readers happy 2017 and let’s see what challenges the new year will bring beyond zeroing out all the night/stay credits and elite qualifying miles in most programs.


Going to Le Meridien soon to have some predinner bubbles (plus some Finnish Salmiakki Koskenkorva) with friends and will toast the 2017 at one of the bars here in Ho Chi Minh City. Will probably end the night at the Last Call (opposite from the Sheraton) that is my favorite late night spot in the city.

Let’s hope that 2017 will bring more peace, equality and happiness (and hotels points and airline miles)!

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  • Owen Olsen

    Happy New Year to all from Oz.

    • SydneySwan

      I’ll second that

  • Vincent Verbist

    Hi John & co-writers, thanks for the great content this past year, and on to the next one!

  • jjflysalot

    It will always be Saigon.

  • Richard

    I will be in Ho Chi Hihn City next week! Yes happy new year.