All Points & Miles Counters Back To Zero – Let The Madness Begin!


It’s the day of the year frequent travelers fear the most: January 1st when the counters for elite qualifying miles and points are reset to zero and we have to start fresh to requalify for our status levels.

Those few lucky ones with Lifetime status at various programs won’t feel the heat as much as others who have to begin from scrap in order to retain their benefits.

It really looks like a big mountain to climb to fill up all these credits again, especially when the various loyalty programs are pulling the screws tighter and tighter for their customers to reach top tier status and obtain related benefits.

One program where I made my qualifying stay of 2016 very close to the end of the year Is Hyatt Gold Passport which announced that the program will be pretty much massacred on March 1st 2017 when it’s being transformed into World of Hyatt.

I stayed on December 28th at the Andaz Shanghai and got the stay credit yesterday on the 31st with the associated Re-Qualification Email arriving in my inbox last night, New Years Eve.

Not sure if I will go for Hyatt Diamond again unless I want to do senseless check-ins in the next 8 weeks because I’m sure I won’t reach 55 nights with Hyatt. This year ended for me with 25 stays and 35 nights, last year it was 31 stays and 42 nights.


I will personally continue to collect with SPG as my primary hotel loyalty program as long as it still exists. Not sure how it will turn out once transformed into Marriott Rewards (stay tuned for an article related to Marriott Rewards disastrous website and customer service in the next few days).

Have you made up your mind yet where you will collect your stays and points in 2017?

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  • sam

    Have had top tier Marriott, Hyatt, SPG, & Hilton. (I stayed 250 plus nights each of the last two years, I literally have been living in hotels and serviced apartments, will cut back to 100-150 nights this year)

    Dropping Hilton as I find their properties dated and never got an upgrade.

    SPG. It’s so easy to qualify on stays.

    Will get my Marriott via SPG and minimize my actual Marriott property stays util the programs are merged. Should have done this over the past year!

    I’ll shoot for Hyatt again as well, since I only need SPG (and not Marriott independently) it should be easy. If the new program is good, I’ll keep its as my second program as long as my annual, combined nights makes keeping status with two groups reasonable for me.

    A great new year to all!

    • I would say that Hilton does need to spice up the benefits a bit to bring it more inline what other programs at the moment offer. I do like their promotions, however, for bonus points and miles.

  • Christian

    Sebastian , what do you think one needs to do in calendar year 2017 to get a meaningful set of benefits in 208?

    My definition of a meaningful set of benefits is free breakfast, late check out at all non resort hotels, better rooms and just extra consideration for special requests .

    Is it 25 stays, is it 50 nights, is it 75 nights? Do award stays count? Do stays at Marriott also count along with ones Starwood nights?

    Or is it pretty clear that the 2016 Starwood platinum requirements, as little as 25 stays including award stays are sufficient?

    When do you think they will tell us, if it is not clear at the moment?

    For me 25 Starwood stays are easy, 75 nights in both programs combined is doable, but 50 nights in either program is a real challenge — to do that I would need to not add any more Marriott nights, and to concentrate on Starwood. If award stays do not count, 75 nights at the combined programs would also be a challenge.

    Thank you

    • There is nothing official from Marriott yet whether SPG and Marriott stays will count together for the 2018 status, although I would expect this to be the case.

      SPG Platinum qualification criteria (25 stays or 50 nights) hasn’t changed.

  • ihg newbie

    everything on my ihg account has been reset except for elite status. and i am still spire elite despite the fact that i did not qualify for the new year. do you think ihg will let me keep it anyway?

  • Hazem

    I am lucky to have a Delta Sky Club “lifetime” Executive membership!