Hilton HHonors Happy You Year-Email (Hints About “Enhancements”)


Hilton HHonors has sent out Happy You Year-emails to some members (reader forwarded me one – I as a Diamond didn’t receive one).

Hilton HHonors Happy You Year-Email

Seems that Hilton HHonors will introduce some “enhancements” to its program during 2017 based on the wording used (see the email above).

You can access Hilton HHonors website here.

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It is always scary when programs are informing or in this case hinting members about changes coming to the programs as these are rarely beneficial for the members.

I have requested more information about Hilton HHonors and will have an updated post once I hear something. Not sure what targeting Hilton HHonors has used here when emailing the message above to some members while not to others?

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  • Eric

    I as Diamond did get the mail

    • alwweb

      Me too.

  • Bret J

    I’m “Lifetime Diamond” and I didn’t get one.

  • Paul H

    I have been a diamond member for at least six years and I also did not get one.

  • Alan

    Pretty much all the information in the email is on the HH homepage. “Happy you year” and a blurb about changing things to make it more about you so they are hardly hiding anything.

  • Nick Hevelian

    Has there ever in history been a change to loyalty schemes that was beneficial to the consumer rather than just the corporation running it?

    • There have been some occasions yes. Mostly negative though, however they might have been marketed.

  • TrippleJay16

    Diamond member here and I got the email

  • Tyler Coupon Cox

    Remember when Hilton gifted Diamonds 100k points for the New Year a few years back? I am hoping for something like that! <3

    • Well. Only some Diamond members got that gift. Yours truly was not included along with probably most other Diamonds.