Hilton HHonors “Standard Room Rewards Point Pricing” Tool Gone


Hilton HHonors had great award devaluation back in 2013 when the price of many awards more than doubled, new award categories were introduced and new seasonal pricing within categories came into effect (read more here).

Hilton HHonors Standard Room Rewards Point Pricing Tool Gone

The seasonal award pricing within a category meant that category 7 award night could cost anywhere between 30,000 to 60,000 Hilton HHonors points per night. The award pricing fluctuation could happen month to month depending of the occupancy and daily rates (likely reasons).

You can access Hilton HHonors here.

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One could use the

Standard Room Rewards pricing:


The pricing within Hilton HHonors award categories can change a lot depending on the month. This also makes devaluations more difficult to track because they can just move more properties to the max points possible within each category.

Here’s the response I received from Hilton HHonors:

This tool was removed last year when we identified issues with its functionality and data. We are evaluating new ways to provide our members with this type of resource. In the interim, members can continue to see reward prices by searching at hilton.com or in the Hilton HHonors app.


This tool was an easy to way to see the pricing using Hilton HHonors points at any Hilton affiliated hotel in the city over period of time and see the seasonal pricing in effect.

Let’s hope that they bring this tool back updated. It got its data from Hilton so not sure why there would have discrepancies?

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  • McCaron

    Hilton won’t stop losing members, period
    got the diamond status through a status match, but prices and rewards were never interesting enough
    a friend was declined an upgrade during his first stay, he throw away his card right after it

    • Gaijinsan

      It’s only anecdotal but for myself, I can almost always find a Hilton in my planned area for less than Marriott or Sheraton (I don’t check Hyatt as I have no status). I think in general Hilton does pretty good with elite recognition and benefits, though it’s certainly not a 100% hit rate. Marriott seems to be a lower hit rate for me but when they do it, they do it really well. Sheraton (& SPG friends like Le Meridian, ALoft, etc.) on the other hand is nearly zero for upgrades, the only reason I ever bothered before the Marriott merger was for Starpoints which are quite valuable as a currency in general.

      • And you can usually combine at least two separate promotions one for bonus points and another one for miles.

  • Mahomed Jogiat

    Hi John I need your help . I am in Saudi Arabia and upon arrival found out that my reservations were cancelled and my account closed on so call suspicious activity by Hilton Head office but I had no warning of it . In fact a few days before arrival I received a welcome email. They only entertain queries via email HHWLOSSPREVENTION@HILTON.COM . Contacting head office or thru twitter elicits a sorry but it’s out of our hands response .This doesn’t help as my stay was for ten days and I had to book into other hotels at additional cost . IS there anywhere you can give me any numbers that I can call or someone in Hilton with authority that can help. I had to use my credit card which is unbudgeted and also cash for taxi and porters at 2 hotels so far. I would appreciate your help . I am a Hilton Diamond by status match but it doesn’t help . I can see why some of my friends have moved away from Hilton stays.

    • Send me the info by email john@loyaltylobby.com and I can then forward it to someone at the Hilton.

      • Mahomed Jogiat

        Hi John . i sent you a second mail on the 16 January . please look out for it in case it went into your spam mail.

  • robdubluu

    Hilton are such bloody liars, just tell the damn truth and cut out all your corporate bullshit. Any wonder we are disillusioned with these multi-national corporations. If I tell lies, I get fined or worst case, could go to jail. Hilton do it and simply get away with it.

    • I believe that full disclosure is best for all parties. I hope that Hilton brings this tool back soon.