Is Your Loyalty Program Memorizing & Acknowledging Your Birthday With A Personal Message?

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As I had my birthday last week, I was positively surprised that quite a few loyalty programs and individual hotels sent an (automated) email acknowledging their customers on their special day of the year.

While very easy for loyalty programs to handle as long as you entered the correct data into your profile it requires more attention from hotels to upkeep a current database of their customers credentials.

As long as the customer provides correct data to the company, be it an airline, hotel chain or an individual property it’s very easy for them to formulate automated emails to go out to the guest.

I received quite a few of these emails actually. Most surprisingly, however, none of them came from my primary loyalty programs or most frequently visited hotels. Only secondary ones and even a property where I haven’t stayed for almost two years, the Sheraton Dongcheng in Beijing.

I was surprised that Marriott offers their members a complimentary elite qualifying night as a birthday present which will be deposited after you click the link in the email you received.

The qualifying night has already been deposited into my account. It’s one night out of sixty required, and you might say ‘big deal’ but it’s definitely better than nothing and a nice gesture from Marriott, where I just got Platinum Status through the SPG match.


I think it’s a nice touch if a property or loyalty program sends out emails with birthday wishes. Even though this is obviously not personalized, unless you have a personal Ambassador/Account Manager, but it’s still a nice gesture.

My primary programs Hyatt Gold Passport, SPG, British Airways Executive Club and Lufthansa Miles & More did not send any acknowledgement. Though I have gotten a card from Miles & More in the past (usually always 3-4 weeks late).

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  • Jamo

    I’ve not had anything through from the loyalty schemes directly, although I’ve only just joined Marriott after a long time, so this year maybe there will be. I have however had nice treats from hotels on my birthday. One of the best being at the lovely Waldorf Cavalieri in Rome, where our breakfast came to the room with strawberries and prosecco. It really made my day. I’ve had a bottle of wine spent up from a couple of the Intercontinental hotels as well which was appreciated.

  • RgrsGloria

    I recently had a stay at the Intercontinental-Buckhead where I, a rewards member, was there for my birthday. It was never acknowledged.

  • Len Gattsche

    Happy birthday Sebastian.
    I have stayed at the Intercontinental in gold coast on my birthday the last three years. Nothing. This year I am staying at Interconental in Kuala Lumpur. Maybe.

  • Four Seasons is great about guests’ birthdays – unforgettable! I went to FS Sultanahmet in Istanbul for three comp nights for my birthday and those folks were really inventive.