IHG Rewards Club Platinum & Spire Elite Member Rollover Nights 2017


IHG Rewards Club introduced rollover nights back in 2014 and they have now continued this for a third year in a row for eligible members.

IHG Rewards Club Gold Platinum Spire Elite Rollover

Readers often have confusion (myself included) on how these rollover nights actually work and what exactly rolls over.

You can access IHG’s web page for Rollover nights here.

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You must start with the number of qualifying nights you had in 2016 and deduct any possible rollover nights carried over from 2015. Only those nights that were consumed in 2016 and are greater than your reached elite status rollover to 2017.

Let’s say that you achieved Spire Elite status (which can be achieved by staying 75 nights) in 2016 by having 20 rollover nights from 2015 and 60 consumed nights in 2016. Your night count including rollover nights would have been 80. However, you would have ZERO rollover for 2017 because you never consumed more than 60 nights in 2016, and only those nights in excess of 75 would have rolled over to 2017.

Also note that if you achieved elite status through means other than actual hotel stays (i.e. by having a co-branded credit card account open in some countries), you will not receive any rollover nights.

IHG Rewards Club Gold Platinum Spire Elite Rollover Nights

I had 112 qualifying nights in 2016 without any rollovers from 2015. 112 (nights) – 75 (Spire Elite requirement) = 37 (rollover) is the number of nights rolled over to 2017.


These rollover nights really don’t do anything for me at the moment due to high number of nights stayed at IHG properties each year. It mostly helps those that might have a high number of stays in one year and fewer in the next.

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  • Danny

    I am still waiting for my excess nights to rollover. Also heard nothing about my RA renewal or downgrade to just Amb. I got 102 or 103 qualifying nights.

    • Gary

      Have you checked “activity” on the web page or the app? You will see a nonpoints entry there. You can also launch the member card in the app to check expiry date.

      • Danny

        Yes i got IHG app. Card says RA exp 27 Feb 2017. No rollover showing on the App and also on the web page. Sounda like i better call IHG.

        • The qualifying nights over 75 from 2016 (excluding any possible rollover nights from 2015) should have rolled over by now to 2017.

          • Danny

            Yes i know. Will call IHG because my qualifying nights for 2016 alone is 102 this exclude any rollover and nonqualifying.

          • Contact customer service then.

          • Damny

            Apparently it is being updated and done by batches. Not sure if it is bullshit response or truth.

          • Well. I certainly would give them another call or email if they haven’t posted by now.

  • Gary

    Good for info, John. Cheers.

  • Jjj

    Your post is wrong, there are no rollover nights for gold only Platinum and spire

  • Hans

    I am Platinum and had 46 qualifying nights in 2016 but nothing showing in rollover nights

    • Is it possible you may have had 6 or more rollover nights from 2015? Those would have been included in qualifying nights for 2016 but not rolled over to 2017.