IHG Rewards Club “Your 2016 travel snapshot”-Email

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IHG Rewards Club has been sending out emails to some members (not everyone!) about their activity with the chain in 2016.

IHG Rewards Club IHG Rewards Club “Your 2016 travel snapshot”-Email

The email contains some basic info such as the number of stays and elite qualifying points earned plus additional info such as home nay times one has been dining out.

You can access IHG Rewards Club here.

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Here’s what reader had received:

IHG Rewards Club IHG Rewards Club “Your 2016 travel snapshot”-Email Body


IHG Rewards Club still hasn’t sent out emails to those Ambassador and Royal Ambassador members that qualified for the first time, requalified or failed to for the Royal Ambassador membership for the 2017 year.

I do like these year end emails, but never received one from IHG. Would prefer one that would list the number of hotels stayed at by the brand and preferably with the number of nights too. Map showing where IHG has taken you in 2016 would be great (there is one on the app though).

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  • Len Gattsche

    Hi. Received mine yesterday. Went from ambassador to sapphire elite. Also finally received complimentary night certificate after 8 months. Got 15000 points for being late.

    • Nick Hevelian

      There is a sapphire elite? Since when?

      • Len Gattsche

        Sorry, my bad. (Wrong card). Platinum.

  • Gary

    Zero communication from IHG so far for me (Spire RA). I’m starting to wonder about their IT and operations management.

  • Phong Huynh

    Received mine as well but I find it completely useless…. Not even fun or interesting.

  • Nancy Hall

    Try this – https://m.ihg.com/hotels/ihg/us/en/myihgtravels?

    Once I log in, It takes me to the map of where I stayed, color coded by brand and the # of times I stayed at that location.

    • Thanks! Will write about this at some point. Not sure why they don’t have this on their “regular” site but have hidden it to the mobile one.

  • nick

    I have even paid the 200usd for the ambassador program , in November but never received the 5000 points promise neither info for the free night. I have sent a message via Facebook but no one answer. Really poor service for interconti?

    • Len Gattsche

      Nick, best to phone your nearest interconental hotel, they will transfer you to rewards line. I waited 8 months. Before receiving.

    • You need to speak with the Ambassador service center and request them to send you one. Sometimes these take months to arrive…..


  • Sven Polter
  • Nik

    Got this e-mail (with most of the data being wrong) and qualified for RA the first time.

  • Jack TS

    Got this email as a first year Ambassador.

  • Ramitran

    34 nights with most from Pointbreaks! Finally after farming points for 2 years.

  • TimOBrien8

    i received mine today, as renewal RA, and it included the cities i’d stayed at, number of hotels i stayed at, the number of nights, and the map showing where i’d stayed, and also total EQP’s.

    • Mine that arrived after arriving this piece didn’t include map.

      • TimOBrien8

        FYI, by chance, i also found the map on the mobile site also.

        on the email, in the bottom left hand corner, underneath David Carty’s signature, it has a hotlink in a brown box “Map your year”

        that hotlink takes you to the mobile site.