Marriott Rewards Elite Benefits Guarantee (Silver, Gold & Platinum) + Examples


Marriott Rewards is the only rewards program that I frequent that provides very specific Elite Benefits Guarantees from failed Platinum amenity delivery (or when front desk doesn’t ask) to guaranteed bed type preferences.

Marriott Rewards Elite Guarantees

Many SPG Platinum members have now linked their accounts to Marriott Rewards and status linking between both programs are active (read more here). Marriott Rewards Silver, Gold and Platinum members should be aware of what GUARANTEED benefits they have and what compensation is mandated by corporate in case of failed delivery by the property.

You can access the Marriott Rewards page for Elite Benefits Guarantee here.

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Note that the guest eligible for any of the guarantees below must invoke it while still at the property before checking out.

Ultimate Reservation Guarantee (Silver, Gold & Platinum)

Marriott Rewards Elite Benefits Guarantee Ultimate Reservation Guarantee

Ultimate Reservation Guarantee means that it is very expensive to walk (meaning hotel is sold out and the guest is accommodated at other hotel) elite members.

Remember that your reservation must include Marriott Rewards number in order to qualify.

  • JW Marriott, Autograph Collection, EDITION, Renaissance, Marriott Gaylord and Delta hotels all elite members are eligible for $200 cash compensation + 90,000 Marriott Rewards points.
  • AC Hotels, Courtyard, SpringHill Suites, Residence Inn, Fairfield Inn, Towne Place Suites, Moxy and Proteal hotels the compensation is $100 and Platinum members are eligible for an additional 90,000 Marriott Rewards points.
  • The guarantee at Ritz-Carlton hotels is only available for Platinum members that are eligible for $200 and 140,000 Marriott Rewards points.

Note that the offending hotel is also required to accommodate the guest at nearby property (usually higher quality) and settle the bill with the hotel that the guest was moved to.

Here’s case where Platinum member was walked twice within a week:

Compensation Clinic: Marriott Platinum Member Walked Twice Within A Week

Guaranteed Room & Bed Type (Gold & Platinum)

Marriott Rewards Elite Benefits Guarantee Guaranteed Room Type

Here it comes more complicated. The reservation must have been done the day before scheduled arrival for the room guarantee to apply and the bed type preference must be on the member’s profile.

Room type guarantee for Gold members is only applicable for stays in the United States or Canada. Platinum members are eligible for this for stays worldwide.

Platinum members are eligible for both room and bed type guarantee.

  • JW Marriott, Autograph Collection, Renaissance, Marriott, Gaylord and Delta hotels the compensation is $100
  • Courtyard, SpringHill Suites, Residence Inn and Protea hotels the compensation is $50
  • Fairfield Inn, TownePlace and Moxy hotels the compensation is $25

Here’s an example of my bed type guarantee case at the Canadian Marriott:

Compensation Clinic: Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville Hotel

Guaranteed Lounge Access/Breakfast (Gold & Platinum)

Marriott Rewards Elite Benefits Guarantee Guaranteed Lounge Access Breakfast

You have to remember that Courtyard, EDITION, Ritz-Carlton, AC Hotels and all resort locations are excluded from the lounge access/complimentary breakfast benefit.

Gold and Platinum members are eligible for lounge access at JW Marriott, Autograph, Renaissance, Marriott and Delta hotels. The access includes one guest as well.

Those hotels in Europe that don’t have lounge offer continental breakfast for two or 750 Marriott Reward points. In the US & Canada, when the lounge is closed members can choose between continental breakfast for two or 750 Marriott Rewards points per day.

Then there are some hotels that don’t offer breakfast in the restaurants in the case lounge is closed. Gold and Platinum members are eligible for 1,000 points in these instances.

Gold and Platinum members are eligible for $100 compensation if lounge access and/or breakfast is not provided, as long as the long list of exclusions are met.

48-Hour Guaranteed Availability (Platinum)

Marriott Rewards Elite Benefits Guarantee 48-Hour Guaranteed Availability

This should automatically apply as long as you are signed in to your Platinum account and try to make a reservation. There are dates when this benefit does not apply. The rate can be extremely high, however.

Guaranteed Platinum Arrival Gift (Platinum)

Marriott Rewards Elite Benefits Guarantee Guaranteed Platinum Arrival Gift

This is the guarantee that you can utilize most often and collect some $$$ in the process.

Hotel must offer you the choice of the F&B amenity or points (there are brand exclusions as listed below) at the time of checking in. The hotel cannot assume that you choose the points or the F&B. They need to ask for your preference.

If the hotel fails to ask or fails to deliver the chosen F&B choice, member is then eligible for cash compensation.

  • JW Marriott, Autograph Collection, Renaissance, Marriott & Gaylord the compensation is $100
  • Courtyard, SpringHill Suites, Residence Inn, AC Hotels & Protea the compensation is $50
  • Fairfield Inn, TownPlace Suites and Moxy the compensation is $25

EDITION and Ritz-Carlton hotels only offer bonus points for Platinum members and are thus excluded.

Here are few cases with missed Platinum arrival gift:

Compensation Clinic: Marriott Platinum Arrival Gift Woe$

Compensation Clinic: Cincinnati North Marriott

Compensation Clinic: JW Marriott Cusco ($100 + 10,000 Marriott Rewards Points)

Compensation Clinic: Fontecruz Lisbon – Marriott Autograph Collection

Compensation Clinic: Courtyard Bali Seminyak


It is surprising how often hotels miss the Platinum arrival gift and then the guest can exercise the guarantee.

Remember that hotels must offer this at the time of checking in. Offering the amenity choice at the time of checking out or in the morning is not adequate. Also, it is the choice of the Platinum member what his/her choice is.

I usually give the hotel a couple of hours to ask this after checking in before invoking the guarantee. Also, if the hotel has gone above and beyond with the upgrade and service, I just remind them that I could have asked for cash and settle for the points.

Many hotels are more eager to offer bonus points instead of giving out cash. You can keep in mind that Marriott affiliated hotels pay $60 per 10,000 compensation points issued.

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  • Gaijinsan

    I really dislike that resort properties are able to weasel out of the guaranteed lounge and breakfast (if they have a lounge on site). I was actually upgraded to a Tradewinds Club room at the Aruba Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino property which says right in the room details on the mobile app that Tradewinds Lounge access is included with the room.

    I tried to enter with my key at cocktail time and it didn’t work. Someone was coming out at the time, so I just went in to talk to an attendant, but no one was at the desk or to be found, so we just sat down and had a drink. The next morning I went for breakfast and the attendant said that my room wasn’t eligible since it was an upgrade…. that’s the first time I’ve seen that where you were not offered the full benefits of the room category upgraded to. She ended up letting me having breakfast anyway when I showed her the mobile app but it’s a situation that should have been addressed on check in either by informing me that I couldn’t use the lounge or by just coding my key for the lounge as it should have been.

    • They really should make the breakfast and lounge access complimentary at resort locations. Period. There is no excuse for not offering this.

      I guess that the rationale behind probably is that many redeem for these promotions and breakfast is one of the most profitable items for hotels. Also, it is difficult to go have breakfast somewher eelse.

  • jessie

    typo: “it is very expense to walk” -> expensive

    anyway thanks for a helpful post !

  • Nick Hevelian

    It’s not clear for me reading this. Is bed type guarantee available for Gold outside US/Canada?

    • The Marriott reservation system should tell you what is guaranteed and what is not at that particular hotel. For hotels outside the US and Canada, sometimes bed type and smoking/non smoking room type are both guaranteed, sometimes one is guaranteed and the other is based on availability (they likely have it set up this way because all Marriott properties in the US and Canada are smoke free). The Marriott Rewards T&C page ( has slightly more information on this guarantee but still isn’t exactly clear, but you should know what’s guaranteed when you make a reservation at a property outside the US and Canada.

  • Mahomed Jogiat

    Thanks for the advice . Great article.

  • Angelito

    I have a question. for the platinum arrival gift, can i claim its guarantee AFTER checkout??? Or can i call marriott about it? (Like adding gift points?). Or in order to work, i need to do it before checkout???

    Also, how long should i wait if the front desk Forgot To ask me for my platinum gift?

    • You need to exercise the guarantee before checking out. I usually give the front desk couple of hours before making the call to the MOD.

  • Robert Kennedy

    I was denied breakfast in a Marriott as a Gold member because I booked through Expedia. I called Marriott Corporate when I got to my room and they confirmed I was eligible for breakfast. I went back down to reception and they gave me the vouchers and said the other receptionist had been mistaken. Should I have asked for $100? Given the Marriott I was at (a pretty medicore Us airport one), I feel that they would have laughed at me if I had asked for $100.

    • Most of these guarantees only apply if you have your Marriott Rewards number on the reservation itself. Not possible if booked through Expedia.

      • Robert Kennedy

        Well I had called the day before to add my number. They had told me then I would get Gold benefits which confused me even more when I was denied them at check in.

        • Some programs are very clear that zero benefits if booked on third party (SPG) while some others extend them (Hyatt). Many are in-between.

  • J. Grant

    I booked a night using my free night cert at the Bangkok Marriott. I’m a Gold Elite with Marriott. Would you happen to know if I get access to the exec lounge and/or breakfast?