Etihad Airways & Nicole Kidman Honeymoon Over


Jennifer Aniston has been selling the Emirates A380 on couple of commercials, and Etihad launched their advertisements featuring Nicole Kidman back in 2015.

Etihad Nicole Kidman

The contract between Etihad and Nicole Kidman has now ended and you can expect all the onboard commercials featuring her disappear shortly (if they haven’t already).

You can access Etihad’s website here.

Here’s the Etihad commercial featuring Nicole Kidman:


I thought that Nicole Kidman was a good choice for Etihad compared to the folksy albeit funny Jennifer Aniston for Emirates. Both featured unique selling points of these airlines trying to bring some glamour back to flying.

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  • AlmostJesus

    Sad to see the relationship end, I don’t know how many times Ive watched that commercial, it still manages to send tingles down my spine

  • Mike

    As fellow Aussie James Hogan was fired, so starts the culling of the rest of the Australians that he hired based on nationality.

    This is only good news so that hopefully someone with real ability can run the airline and not line the pockets of incompetents.

    To each their own regarding the commmercials – the Etihad ones are scary with the dramatic music and dark somber colours. Emirates is vibrant.

    • Barbarella

      You forgot to add “in my opinion” in the last sentence… De gustibus…

      • Ciao

        Haha nice! Very much agreee.

  • Barbarella

    I think Nicole was a great choice for EY and those commercials appealed to me.

  • jessie

    As an Asian female passenger based on Middle East, I fly often with EY, QR, GF (often in J/F) and only sometimes EK. “At least to me”, as for the commercials, EY one is def. more appealing than EK one (I do appreciate the component of “elegance” in EY commercial). As for color scheme (in general), QR is the most appealing.

  • jason_111

    “trying to bring some glamour back to flying.” Yeah… right…. It they want to bring some glamour back they need to improve how they treat their customers. It’s amazing how most airlines are trying to do the least amount possible for their customers.

  • Flyboy

    Lets get Hugh Jackman next…