Marriott Rewards Award Category Changes March 7, 2017

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Marriott Rewards today announced their award category changes for this year that will take place on March 7, 2017.

Marriott Rewards Award Category Changes March 7, 2017

There are close to 1,000 properties changing in award categories of which 60% are moving up and 40% down.

You can access Marriott’s page for these changes here.

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Here are some observations:

– Courtyard Nusa Dua in Bali moves to category 6. This hotel does not have beach access and is usually rather cheap.

– Doha City Center Marriott Marquis moves to category 4 from 3. Stayed at this hotel once last year and realized then that it was the former Renaissance. Published rates are usually rather high, although issues with the occupancy rates.

– Rayong Marriott Resort in Thailand moves to category 5. Stayed here couple of years back. Decent hotel right when it opened. Should go back to check out how it has developed.

– Renaissance Ho Chi Ming City moves to category 5. Older hotel and no work done on the guest rooms probably since its opening. Lobby was renovated last year. There are now more hotel options in the city.

– Renaissance Sao Paulo drops to category 5. This is a good hotel in Sao Paulo and the paid rates have crashed as has the Brazilian currency.

– Renaissance & Marriott hotels in Santiago de Chile both drop to category 5. These both are good and stayed at them last year. Not huge fan of the area where they are, however.


No new award category this year is probably the most important thing to know. Plenty of changes in hotels moving up and down though.

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  • jessie

    Just my two cents regarding “Doha City Center Marriott Marquis”: I stayed there about a dozen times. It was 15K redemption but there was “point saver promotion” at this property through all year of 2016. That means, 10K redemption, particularly fantastic value when one books 4 nights & 5th night free, which is 8K redemption per night as its revenue rate is somewhat quite high, mainly because it’s directly attached to City Center Mall. Personally I don’t think the hotel is worth 20K redemption considering the hotel’s general room condition/exec lounge offerings & service. My guess is that because recently Doha Marriott (near airport) went up from 10K to 15K, this Doha Marriott Marquis raised their cat from 15K to 20K. This hotel is just OK, but don’t think the hotel deserves the brand “Marquis” and simply incomparable to Dubai’s Marquis branded hotel in all regards.

    • I used points or free night cert when I stayed there last time as well. It seems that many of the hotels in Doha are “overpriced” compared to their occupancy levels.

      Tried to stay at the Marriott close to the airport once. Ended up canceling my stay on the spot and moved to another property in the city.

      • jessie

        You’re very true. Doha hotels are (or feel) quite overpriced in revenues stay (same applies to Bahrain hotels) compared to the similar level of hotels in UAE because most of their guests are biz travelers, not tourists. So I think, in any case, Marriott hotels in DOH offer quite excellent redemption value while Doha’s SPG (W, St Regis, Sheraton) don’t. Fortunately all these three SPG hotels went down from Cat 6 to 5 starting from March (good option to use SPT Cat 1-5 free night cert).

  • Denis D

    I remember I was thinking of staying at Rayong Marriott Resort in 2014, right after it opened. It was Category 2 by then.

    It’s just stunning how greatly Marriott has cheapened value of our points over the course. By chance I came across my own notes from 2011 where I picked some properties to probably redeem points for in Cat 2-3. For the moment almost all of those hotels are in Cat 4-5-6.