Bloomberg News: “Emirates Says Flight Was Delayed After Delta Withheld $300 Spare Part”


Bloomberg News run an interesting piece yesterday about how petty Delta can be sometimes when trying to compete with ME3.


Emirates 777 in Seattle needed a spare part that Delta provided. HQ in Atlanta, however, reversed the decision and requested the part to be removed. Alaska (Emirates partner) came to the rescue and the flight took off six hours late.

You can access the Bloomberg here of which below is an excerpt:

A Boeing Co. 777 due to depart the American city at 9 a.m. on Feb. 2 was held up by a mechanical issue requiring the replacement of a minor hydraulic component, Emirates says. While the part was sourced from Delta’s local engineering office and installed on the plane, a senior manager at the U.S. carrier’s Atlanta base later ordered that it be removed, it claims.

“It is sad, in our view, that any airline would deny such standard technical assistance to another carrier based on orders from headquarters that had nothing to do with maintenance or cost, but seem clearly to have been intended to inflict harm on the airline and its customers,” Emirates said in an e-mail.

In the incident this month, Emirates said Delta had refused a credit-card payment for the spare and ordered a local engineering provider to remove it from the 777. Code-share partner Alaska Airlines Inc. eventually came to the rescue by providing the part, leaving the flight to depart 6 hours and 24 minutes late.


Even when airlines compete, they usually have agreements in place for complimentary staff travel and they provide variety of services to each other from ground handling to catering.

When Qatar flew its flagship A380 to Atlanta, Delta made sure that the airline couldn’t use any of the A380 gates at the airport and passengers had to use stairs. I am sure that sooner or later Delta will get to taste its own medicine.

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  • Joseph Merrick

    It is unfortunate that we seem to live in a time, when things that used to be handled on the basis of fair play are overruled by greed and arrogance.

  • Barbarella

    Both petty and sad

  • Allen

    Sad. Very sad. I usually fly Delta. But I now have a much lower opinion of Delta. I understand businesses are in competition. But at the same time, there needs to be mutual respect for each other.

  • Jim Foley

    I agree that Delta should supply the part as long as it was not their last one, but if you look into the history of this you will find that Emirates forced Delta out of the Middle East with some unfair regulations.

    • Holiday_Hero

      Which regulations???

  • NYCBK123

    Crazy story. And I think you mean petty, not pity!

  • Joe S

    I bet it is a personal grudge by some manager. Could even be someone without the real authority to make the decision. I work at a Fortune 100 and see some of the “revenge” they inflict on former employers/competitors when it is not a business decision.

  • Holiday_Hero

    Trump-onomics at work