Fabulous Fridays: Great Gifts From Hotels (What Have You Received?)


Full service hotels often have welcome gifts for their top tier members and I tend to decline them most of the time. Just don’t have space for them.

Fabulous Fridays Gifts

Have to give St. Regis Lhasa a credit for the gifts that I received there over my two stays last week. What worthwhile gifts have you received.

The welcome amenity was nice too:

Fabulous Fridays Gifts Welcome Amenity

The praying wheel on the right is actually made of chocolate. Gave that to the tour guide for his kids to enjoy.


It is nice to receive something worthwhile that were actually worth taking (usually leave gifts behind). The tea cup is probably due to the fact that I ordered probably 20 pots of tea over my seven nights at the property.

This was actually my second stay at this hotel. I was at the St. Regis Lhasa first time five years ago and had some communications issues at the time. Only the Dutch hotel manager at the time was able to communicate in English. Luckily, the English was more widely spoken and understood this time around.

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  • Stacey

    I have to say, SPG treats me well. I got a custom bottle of Vodka from St Regis NYC with a custom martini shaker and glass. I got W hotel towels w/my name embroidered on them. I got a box of Spanish olive oils and vinegar from Luxury Collection Stay. I got a $200 gift card to Starbucks on my birthday from Le Meridien Bangkok ( I had stayed there over 150 nights in one year.) It really is all based on how much I spend with them, in my experience. The years when I make 100+ nights but not with much spend, I get very little. The years I plan conferences and have paid nights at expensive hotel is when I get the good stuff!

  • David Crane


    Not exactly a gift but this was a nice touch for a special occasion; Renaissance Aix-en-Provence

  • SydneySwan

    Intercontinental in Wellington NZ gave me a very nice leather wallet when I stayed there for the 21st time a few years ago.

    • Stayed there for the first time last year. Overall, solid property but one that didn’t go above and beyond on their RA benefits.