Hilton Copenhagen Airport Leaves Chain On April 1, 2017


Hilton is about to lose one of its few Nordic properties to Clarion (Nordic Choice) come April 1, 2017, when Hilton Copenhagen airport is exciting the chain.

Hilton Copenhagen Airport No Longer Hilton Come April 1 2017

Starwood lost the Kamp in Helsinki and the Le Meridien hotel in Copenhagen few years back. There is only one Hilton in Sweden and now none in Denmark or Norway but two in Iceland. Finland still has three Hilton hotels that were rebrands from the Scandic ownership times (one used to be InterContinental).

You can access Hilton Copenhagen’s website here.

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Here’s the info that Hilton has up on its website:

Please note that as of 31st March 2017, Hilton Copenhagen Airport will cease to operate as a Hilton hotel. As a result, stays booked past this date will not accrue Hilton Honors points. Please contact the hotel direct in case of any questions.

EDIT: Hilton spokesperson has confirmed that both paid and award reservations are honored past the April 1, 2017, reflagging to Clarion. 


Seems that the Nordic markets are very difficult for the international chains. I guess that consumers are not willing to pay the price premium that comes with staying at hotels such as Hilton and Starwood.

I have stayed at the Hilton Copenhagen airport couple of times during overnight transits. It is an OK hotel and rather pricey to what its offers beyond good airport access. Going to be interesting to see what the price is going to be under the Clarion brand.

It is unclear if award reservations are going to be honored past April 1. I have requested information from Hilton regarding this.

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  • Matt

    Renovations have been long overdue so hopefully Nordic Choice will do a good job of that. As a Hilton Diamond member based in the Nordics it does however further limit the brand appeal in the Nordic region.

    Yet another failure for the international chains in the Nordics, Accor also lost the majority of their hotels in the Nordics recently so now it is mainly the limited presence of IHG (in Finland) and some Rezidor hotels left.

    • David

      Rezidor is a Scandinavian company…or at least was until recently formed in part from the spin-off of SAS’s hotel group.

      • Matt

        At one point it was Scandinavian but SAS sold it a long time ago (last part in 2006) and since they have HQ in Brussels and Minneapolis (if I recall correct it is Rezidor who has HQ in Brussels and Carlson in Minneapolis) I would consider them an international chain. Soon they should also be Chinese as HNA have completed their acquisition of Carlson.

        • And Carlson owns/owned just bit more than 50% of Carlson Rezidor. Somewhat confusing corporate structure.

  • Chris

    Copenhagen is ridiculously expensive as it is, you pay upwards of €100 a night for a basic bunk bed hostel (which they call hotel) in the city. I’m surprised that there aren’t more international chains there, as all hotels are local Danish. There must be some sort of corrupt system in place to prevent international chains running hotels in this city.

    • David

      They’re expensive and sparse compared to North American and Asian hotels because the Scandinavian countries pay their workers living wages and have high tax levels that support an array of social, education, health and other public services that locals are willing to be taxed for. Being countries of small population the cost of living is high, but for some reason these countries always rank well ahead of the USA when it comes to quality of life measures and now even social mobility.

      • Well. Having born and mostly educated in Finland (MBA in the States), I wouldn’t be here without upward social mobility….

  • Chris P. Bacon

    In my opinion, this is good news… good that the hotel is no longer under the Hilton banner. The hotel is greatly overpriced and was never up to the Hilton standard nor even DoubleTree. A glorified Hampton might better describe this hotel. The lounge delivered the VERY minimum, half the staff seemed not to care about anything, least of all customer satisfaction and, more to the point, the rooms were/are very basic, with thin single duvets on double beds and toilets that don’t work properly. I had MANY issues at this hotel and, even as a Diamond member, the management couldn’t be bothered to even meet up with me… they had 2 stays and 4 days to choose from but they preferred fobbing me off with an unexperienced Front Desk staff who’s “making things right” solution was just to say “sorry” ! Good riddance, I say. Hilton have, by getting shut of this dismal place, risen several points in my book.

    • Well. Even though I stayed there twice, never used any hotel services beyond room service once. No idea how the lounge is.

      • Matt

        I have stayed several times and used the lounge a few times. The space itself is not too bad but the food served is poor. Especially the evening selection is so limited it borders embarrassing. The breakfast is acceptable but I almost always opt for breakfast in the restaurant as that is actually pretty good.