Your Longest Uber Ride?

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The other day I needed to get from Ho Chi Minh City to Vung Tau that is roughly 100 kilometer ride. Thought of few other options including hydrofoil but ended up ordering Uber that indicated rather reasonable price.

Your Longest Uber Trip

I did get push back from Uber driver once in Bangkok when I ordered the car to take me to Pattaya. No issues here in Vietnam, however. The driver that took me back to Ho Chi Minh City day later was probably happy because he had just taken a client to Vung Tau.

Here’s the time and distance:

Your Longest Uber Trip Price

Seems that my ride to Pattaya was longer:

Your Longest Uber Trip Price Pattaya


Got lucky both times when it came to the cars too. Both were full sized ones. Some of the Uber cars in Vietnam are rather tiny.

There is a nice Pullman hotel in Vung Tau and apparently they are building brand new Mercure and DoubleTree hotels in the city as well. Could be an option for those that want to escape the Ho Chi Minh City for couple of days.

So, what has been your longest Uber ride so far? It appears that mine was the one from Bangkok to Pattaya two years ago.

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  • Alun Hill

    Vienna Airport Austria to Bratislava Hilton, Slovakia – 50 mph across the “border”, 66kms, approx 50 miles in 45 minutes. €70.
    However, the return journey is charged at Slovakian (lower!) prices and was only €33!

    • Seems that I paid 75 euros last year from IC Vienna to Sheraton Bratislava.

  • Holiday_Hero

    Just back from the pullman phuket, great exec lounge. big taxi from bangkok was 1500 inc tolls, 2k to bkk, i should hav used uber. Practically impossible to avoid the taxi mafia there so could have been the destination rather than the distance putting him off @john My longest uber was 310km waterford to belfast. Took 3 and a half hours and the friendly driver chatted to me the whole way. Im in the pullman putrajaya right now, nice place. Enjoying it more than kl.

    • Jens

      Bangkok to Phuket? 😮

      • Holiday_Hero

        Pattaya. Phucket for 2k! Bargin

    • BTW I have stayed at that Pullman Putrajaya once when I hadn long’ish overnight in KL between flights. Thought that it was fine (very quiet when I was there though).

      • Holiday_Hero

        Was the lounge open? We were the only ones in there and the hotel was rather full.

        • Didn’t use any hotel services (cannot even remember if I went to breakfast) due to such a short stay.

          • Holiday_Hero

            Haha was it one of those stays

  • sam

    Haven’t tried using Uber to go between cities. I’ve had drivers in the US telling me that they’ve refused such request, because they’ve had things like kids to pick up at school that afternoon and the ride would have taken them all night to get back.

    In such a situation, how would you rate the driver? Who should pay for the cancellation? Does Uber have a policy for this?

    I throw this out not as criticism of John or other reason, but because I’m curious about this.

    Uber doesn’t tell drivers where your going until the trip starts it also doesn’t seem to have any geographic restrictions in the app, at least if pick up and drop off points are coveted by the service. To me this creeates a grey area in the expectations of the service for both riders and drivers.

    • Miz

      I frequently use Uber/Lyft between several cities in Central Valley (Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, Merced) and San Francisco. It is a 90 to 140 miles drive. Getting out of SF, 80% of drivers continue the ride once they learn about the destination. Getting out of Central Valley, 50% of drivers continue the ride once they learn about the destination (except out of Sacramento which is about 70% success rate).
      When they cancel, I ask them to contact Uber/Lyft and ask a refund for me. If they don’t I send a message to Uber/Lyft and they refund. The first few times I had drivers refusing to drive, I was not happy. Then I thought there are several perfectly acceptable and legitimate reason to refuse such a long drive. These routes can take anything between 1.5 to 4 hours depending on traffic.

      • sam

        Sounds like you arrived at a very reasonable position. From talking to drivers in the bay area, it seems like many live in Sacramento, so start or end of “shift” city transfer is a great deal for them in that case.

      • How much are those rides usually?

  • DCS

    I got no push back from a regular metered taxi driver, who took me from BKK to Pattaya just before New Year, and seemed genuinely happy for the business! In fact, I do not think that cabbies at BKK (the airport) have much of a choice about where they take passengers, once they willingly enter the airport taxi queue and a passenger automatically draws their number…

  • Jens

    I did Bangkok to Jomtien recently (THB1310 incl tolls). My friends booked BKK (Suvarnabhumi airport) to Hua Hin. First driver dropped them off after 200 meters , when he found out where they were heading. They then walked back to the terminal, got another Uber. No issues. THB1350.

  • I really wish I would’ve had cell service while in Thailand so I could’ve utilized Uber.

    My long Uber ride is probably not much more than 30-45 minutes.

  • Eric

    Longest ride for me was in florida 3hrs to Orlando