Expedia Best Price Guarantee (Airline Flights)

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Expedia offers a Best Price Guarantee program that promises to match lower price found on a competing website + $50 coupon that can be used towards a prepaid hotel booking (minimum $100 spend).

Expedia Best Price Guarantee

I have covered the guarantee several times in the past and continue using it along those from other Expedia companies such as Orbitz, Travelocity and Cheaptickets.

You can access Expedia Best Price Guarantee here.

Here’s an example of typical guarantee that I have done with Expedia:

I needed to get from Lhasa to Chengdu and Air China flight appeared to be most convenient:

Expedia Best Price Guarantee Expedia

It didn’t hurt that Orbitz (Expedia company) was selling the very same flight for 3 cents less:

Expedia Best Price Guarantee Orbitz

Bought the ticket on Expedia and filed the BPG Form:

Expedia Best Price Guarantee Expedia Form

You get confirmation that the claim was filed:

Expedia Best Price Guarantee Submission Confirmation

And within 24 hours confirmation that the claim was accepted:

Expedia Best Price Guarantee Email Confirmation

Here are things to keep in mind:

1. It is easiest to get matched with other Expedia companies such as Orbitz, Travelocity and CheapTickets. There are often price discrepancies of few cents that can be used for price match.

2. Provide a screenshot of the competing site that shows the flights and the total price. It is important that the flight numbers and the price both are shown on the same page. You can only submit one screenshot.

3. You can get maximum of three Best Price Guarantee coupons per month. The coupons are issued some time after the flights are completed. If they process more than three claims after the activity is completed during the same month, they won’t issue more that month. The customer really doesn’t have any control over this.

4. You can use the Best Price Guarantee $50 coupon towards a prepaid hotel booking with $100 minimum spend.

5. As long as you make the flight booking after 12:01AM PST on Friday morning, you have until midnight on Monday PST to cancel it. This applies to most flights including those that are nonrefundable. You have time to get the Best Price Guarantee response and cancel the ticket in case it was denied.


These Best Price Guarantee programs offered by Expedia and Expedia affiliated companies (Orbitz, Travelocity & CheapTickets) are great way to squeeze $50 hotel coupon per (almost every) airline ticket booked. I will cover the other guarantees over the next few weeks.

Cannot imagine many using this Expedia guarantee because otherwise they would have yanked this already long time ago

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  • Butluck Butluck

    I have claimed BRG with Cheaptickets for Taiwan hotel last month (9-Jan) and have completed stay over 40 days but still did not post the Cheap cash in my account, I sent some mail to them just have the copy message said “We would like to inform you that the refund and $50 CheapCash will be applied to your account within 30 days after your qualifying travel itinerary has been completed.”, I think they don’t know the maths 40>30!

    • They will post it eventually. I would give it few more days.

      • Butluck Butluck

        I checked with Cheaptickets yesterday again, they replied me that I am not the Cheaptickets member and ask me to register first…. I can find my booking under my Cheaptickets account, I have sent the account screen shot to them again….

  • Xavier

    It seems that they just updated the minimum amount to apply the 50$ refund. For now it’s 200$ instead of 100$

    • Yeah. They literally did it just now. Will have an update tomorrow. Orbitz and CheapTickets still make sense because they just add the amount to your loyalty points balance and thus there are no minimums to use them.

      BTW the minimum still is $100 with Travelocity.