Hilton HHonors Points & Money Update (February 28/March 1)

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Hilton Honors made an announcement about changes to the program taking effect during 2017 late last month (read more here) and one of the changes was due to happen at the end of February (date was not announced at the time).

Hilton Honors Points & Money Update

A Hilton Honors spokesperson just dropped an email indicating that the changes to the awards will take place starting on February 28 and should be finished on March 1. All award categories will be gone and members are able to mix and match Points & Money in all reservations.

You can access Hilton Honors here.

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Hilton Honors has launched Points & Money tool (access here) that should show the current low and high price and estimated new low and high.

Here are some samples form the tool:

Conrad Bangkok

Conrad Bangkok

Conrad Maldives

Conrad Maldives

Hilton Seychelles Labriz

Hilton Seychelles Labriz

Hilton Rio de Janeiro Barra

Hilton Rio


It will certainly be interesting to see how this will play out in the short, medium and long term. Hilton Honors made a promise that none of the hotels would cost more under this new scheme than the old one. It is unclear, however, how long this promise will last.

The Hilton Rio de Janeiro hotel in Barra has been often on sale for $99 and ($79 using one of the discount codes). Considering that the new lowest price for this hotel is expected to be 19,000 Hilton Honors points, it appears that the value of a point is set around half of a cent.

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  • Michael Spronkler

    Has it been confirmed that the money portion paid will earn points?

    • Chris

      The HH rep on flyertalk confirmed that ant C&P bookings under the new system would attract points on the cash portion whilst any existing bookings under the current system would not.

      • I had a conference call with head of loyalty when this was launched and explicitly asked if the cash portion is eligible for both bonus points and airline miles. It is.

  • David

    I just booked the Hilton Beijing for this coming Sunday night for CNY363 and 12K HH points. The lowest flex rate was CNY950, advance purchase CNY780. I carefully read the T&Cs for points accumulation generally and for the 2K per night promo and neither indicated this rate did not qualify or that the cash portion would not earn HH points. That could change as this is officially integrated into the program. However, last night when I booked this, there was no “slider” just a single fixed rate.

    BTW I just got an alert screen on the mobile app advising the new system would be in operation March 1st.

    • Yukon

      I can confirm that points & cash and points only reservations will get you 2 k bonus of the recent promo. I am staying at the moment exklusively at Hiltons and recieved all the points. To be on the save side I always add a small charge to my account like laundry item or a snack from minibar.

      • David

        Thanks for the update from both of you. The points earned with my normal option of x2 points, plus the Diamond 50% and 1K bonuses and the 2K bonus will bring the points portion by 5.5K. Not a bad deal considering I’ll also have executive lounge access! Also good to know Hilton has kept up its first property in the mainland unlike Sheraton which seems to have left the Great Wall down the road fall into shambles based on some of the worst reviews I’ve ever read on the hotel’s own web site!

    • Scott


      I have just stayed at the Hilton Beijing three times in last two weeks and all on C+P. Each stay I got 3,500 points back. Had not stayed there in a while but it was pretty decent. Little dated but suite upgrade two out of three times and the lounge is pretty solid.

  • Stephanie

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/46429bba678105b9ea6b5c604369680d013efa24872716e9bdff1f2739dfc593.png I’m not sure that I like this upcoming change. Oftentimes, points and money has been the best rate in terms of value. For example, I stayed quite a lot of nights at the Hilton Marco Island on a rate of 20’000 points + $85, while the best available rate plus resort fee was $334! I think these great rates will vanish under the new scheme.
    Also, their promise that none of the hotels would cost more under this new scheme than the old one can already be falsified. The new tool shows the new lowest point price for the Hilton Marco Island to be higher than the old one!