Reader Question: Sheraton Full Moon Maldives Main & Kid Pools + Bar Closed


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email about Sheraton Full Moon Maldives that seems to have closed several facilities (for repairs I guess).

Reader Question Sheraton Full Moon Maldives Main & Kid Pools Bar Closed

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You can access Sheraton Full Moon Maldives website here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I need some advice on my coming holiday. I booked one of 5 star resorts for my family with kids in Maldives half a year ago. My holiday is coming soon, and recently I have got an email from the resort says the main pool including the kids pool is closed for maintenance.

Also the bar which was actually the highlight of the resort shows on marketing brochure every time will be closed during my entire stay. They provide club lounge pool and bar instead but I am not happy with the size (too small) and no kids pool. I am quite disappointed. We will spend a whole week on the island, I think the facilities are important for us. In this case, will the resort provide some compensation? Thanks.

The reader clarified on later email that the property was Sheraton Full Moon Resort where I have also stayed at.

My advice was:

1. Ask for a better upgrade

– Doesn’t cost the property anything as long as they are not full.

2. Ask for other complimentary amenities such as breakfast, lunch and/or dinner

– Again. You are captive guest in the resort and these are priced accordingly (read high).

3. Happy hour

– Property could offer complimentary happy hour to ease the pain.

4. Starpoints as a compensation

– This is also always a good option, although the F&B benefits at this property could be most beneficial.

It is a significant change. If the pool and bar are closed for the maintenance, there is not much they can do in case you want proper pool etc.

And reply from the reader:

Thanks John. The resort has upgraded the room with a private dipping pool.


These are always difficult cases. The hotels really don’t want to inform guests about these closures because they would affect bookings (but would be the right thing to do).

Affected guests should always ask for additional benefits such as upgrades and F&B benefits. These are not expensive for the properties to provide.

Hope that the reader is having a good stay at the property.

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  • Keith

    I’m here right now, Platinum SPG so when I complained they instantly put us in a Ocean Pool Villa (sounds like author has same now – good) and offered breakfast in room everyday if I wanted. Was real cheekily that they announced this to booked guest after the work has already started.

    Unfortunately it is damn noisy during the day on that side of the island But not an issue anywhere else, and the Plat Club lounge, while now open to all, doesn’t seem busy – no idea what it was like before – but not ‘that’ busy, kids here now but it’s OK. Plat customers still get food & drinks that others don’t.

    Hotel was very apologetic and hell… its the Maldives! Time to relax…

    PS: surprised the are doing the work now when this time of year is supposed to be the peak season?! Why not wait 2-3 months.

    • steve

      How is the snorkeling there?

      • Keith

        About 4 mins after getting in the water a 3 foot shark swam past me so there is that! Lot of fun.
        But first day TBC – lot of dead coral in the immediate area around the hotel no colour.