Hilton Honors Award Success: Hilton Reykjavik Nordica (During Marathon In August)

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Iceland has been on the press a lot lately partially due to WOW a low cost airline that offers cheap flights between North America and Europe plus offering a complimentary stopover in Reykjavik (you obviously pay for the hotel).

Hilton Honors Award Success Hilton Reykjavik Nordica

The hotel prices have crept up a lot in the Iceland in the past few years and due to the high prices (sometimes insane) it is usually good place to burn (SPG, Hilton & Club Carlson) points.

You can access Hilton Reykjavik Nordica’s website here.

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Bunch of friends decided to go to Iceland during the marathon there in August (some running) and the prices for the weekend are rather high.

There are Hilton (Hilton & Canopy), Club Carlson (two Radisson Blu) and SPG (two Design hotels) options available. I have stayed at the Hilton and both Radisson properties previously (Hilton three times) that all are unremarkable.

Decided to check the point prices for Friday to Wednesday:

Hilton Honors Award Success Hilton Reykjavik Nordica Hotels

Both Hilton properties had availability.

Hilton Reykjavik Nordica point price:

Hilton Honors Award Success Hilton Reykjavik Nordica Diamond Award

The price of the Hilton is 32,000 points per night while the price of Curio priced at 56,000.

The paid rate for the five nights at the Hilton:

Hilton Honors Award Success Hilton Reykjavik Nordica Price


Someone would now argue that the value of the Hilton Honors points used for this award redemption is ($2,272/160,000) 1.42 cents each. That obviously not the case (at least not in my case) because I would never ever pay these rates.

The Radisson Blu has availability at 230 GBP per night for the weekend that would have been an acceptable choice. The prices for the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights are probably even lower.

This is just a reminder that points are usually best used when you turn out to be a location where the paid rates are throughout the roof due to an event and award availability still exists.

The availability is now gone at the Hilton (just booked this over the weekend) but it always pays to check daily in case of some cancel their reservations. Also, there is often availability at the very last minute when the hotel processes upgrades to elite members (as long as it is not sold out).

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  • Victor

    Isn’t the 5th award night free when booking 5 award nights in a row?

  • Gaijinsan

    Hilton points indeed are best in this manner. We’ll see how the new scheme works out but in the past at least, point cost for many good locations have been fairly high. But sometimes rooms are unacceptably high $$ and as you pointed out, points availability does indeed exist. I’ve even gotten this close in several times at Hilton properties over holiday periods. I think a lot of inventory managers tend to hold off allowing points bookings during busy times until the last minute, then open up the flood gates.

    I’ve actually learned to anticipate this now phenomena and just make a cancellable booking somewhere acceptable elsewhere as a placeholder with the intention that most likely Hilton will open their inventory a week or so before departure.

    • As long as the occupancy is really high (95%), the revenue managers really shouldn’t care. Then they get reimbursed very close to the ADR.

    • MWDB

      I don’t think Hilton is able to close its points redemption as long as rooms are available. They can only close points & money.

      • I am sure that they end up the seasonality and thus this would have been 60K redemption instead of 40K.

      • Gaijinsan

        I suspect what I’ve seen are resort locations where they probably held all the base rooms for package tours then released those rooms when bookings from the package tours were lower than expected.

        I believe you’re right, as long as base rooms are available then the points booking should also be available. The issue comes up when all base rooms are “sold out”. I’d love them go to a system like Marriott where upgraded rooms are available at a slight premium over the base rate, not at triple or quadruple like Hhonors does.

      • There’s no need for them to close the non-standard Premium Room rewards that are available using Points & Money. Those are dynamically prices based on the room rate.

  • Felicia Ang

    i don’t have that many points but the i think i paid 16000 plus $ 65 a night for points and cash stay. booked 2 nights