How’s The New Hilton Honors Points & Money Working For You? (My Reykjavik Award Price Up By 50%!)


Hilton Honors has now enabled the booking of the new Points & Money awards (read more here) and I am in the process of doing deeper analysis of these changes that will be ready tomorrow (or late on Wednesday).

Hilton Honors Award Success Hilton Reykjavik Nordica

Yesterday, I wrote (access here) about the award redemption that I had made for the Hilton Reykjavik Nordica for this coming August when the city is rather full due to marathon (and this the award was very good value).

You can access Hilton Honors here.

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Here’s price last weekend (when I made the reservation:

Hilton Honors Before U

And here’s the prices for today:

Hilton Honors Today U


As I expected yesterday, Hilton Honors has removed the seasonal pricing that has been in place and charges the highest point price within the each former category in case of high paid rates.

This means that the pricing in some properties have gone up significant while decreasing in others. I only tend to use my points when the rates are high, so this likely means that my points are worth less today.

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  • CT

    Conrad Tokyo on June 29-30 went down from 80000 to 67000. Worked out on this end.

    • Rascal Vaganza

      Hello, I hoped for a better redemption at CT as well. Unfortunately the rate for my period in July didn’t go down as a matter of fact after checking several reservations and rates for those dates my understanding is that 1 HH pt is exactly valued as 0.7 cent (always calculated from the _gross_ rates).

      • CT

        That’s unfortunate. Yes, I also had a reservation at the Queenstown Hilton and that went up +4000 per night, so I can understand that. I checked the Conrad over 4th of July weekend, which is why it’s probably down (assuming their customers are primarily American, but not really sure).

        Also, on my conrad reservation – it says that it also charged me money on a rate that is pure points. I talked to a rep at Hilton and they said it should be points charged only even though it says money was charged. Just a heads up, there’s some glitches in their system most likely. Probably expected.

    • Greg

      Hilton Stockholm for early May, down from 60k points per night to 29-34k per night. Positive change once in a while!

  • DCS

    Before we spread panic without having done an in-dept analysis, I have two questions.

    a) What was the maximum number of points (i.e., top rate) for this property in its prior category?
    b) Wat is it like using the new continuous cash+points feature?

    • This example is probably extreme but something that I did book for this coming August. The maximum number was 60,000. Cash + Points wasn’t available at the time I made the booking.

      • DCS

        So, it is not at all out of the realm of possibilities that the rate for this property could have gone up between the time you first booked it and now even under the “old” system, especially since the current rate is not even the top rate it could conceivable cost if demand increases…

        Then there is a case just below in which the rate actually went down at Conrad Tokyo.

        • The point price was 40,000 for several months when I used the flexible date search. Now the property sells for 60K.

          Remember that Hilton Honors promised that the maximum price within the former categories wouldn’t be exceeded that is still true for this specific hotel (60K).

  • Nihao

    i don’t know how to calculate the points they need
    I guess the best flexible rate devide by the points value (may be 0.5 US cents per points or less) if exceed, they will show the upper points. So in China many hotels which is low rate and high category fall down obviously.

    • There is the former category cap still in place. So, you either get roughly 0.5 cents point value or higher when the category cap is reached.

  • Mateusz Ogrodnik

    My case is more extreme. 520% up. Ex cat 1 hotel. Price went from standard 5k to 31k, due to the fact that the hotel is almost full. But I assume under old terms there simply would be no availability. On the following night the prace is still at 5k

  • Candace Ford

    Yes the points and cash needed yesterday was substantially lower than it is with this change. Not liking it at all.

  • Richard Kempton

    A right rip-off. I booked the HGI Astana a couple of months ago for a 6 night stay in June at 32K/night (factoring in the 5th night free) when rates were about US$400, now they want 59K/niight with rates at US$580. So overpriced to begin with as are all Astana hotels.

  • Kevin James

    I looked at booking a Anaheim Homewood Suites for an August family trip to Disneyland yesterday on points. It was only 26K per night with the 5th night thrown in. Today it’s at 36K with the fifth night thrown in. It does appear they propped up the points for this new scheme. However, one of the nearby Embassy Suites was lower today.

  • edgar

    They absolutely destroyed the value for Conrad Koh Samui. Booked 5 nights at 32,000 pts per night + ~US$120 per night just prior to devaluation. Quite a few nights still at 80,000 points for points-only.

    Just checked just then for Sep 2017 – Jan 2018 – no points + money available. For points-only, most nights averaging 180k – 210k per night. Saw a handful of 130k per night.

    I’m about ready to cancel the stays I have at the Conrad and Waldorf next month if my points are going to be worthless going forward.

    • The former Cash + Points are gone replaced by this sliding scale that allows you to pay part of the paid rate using Honors points at roughly 0.5 cents/each value.

  • Did some analysis across different dates/locations that I’m familiar with and it IS a devaluation for miles enthusiasts, but easier and more consistent value for casual members:
    – point rates that were terrible value before, are now lower and less terrible: ie 0.39 ct vs 0.32ct at Conrad Manila – but still wouldn’t use points there!
    – great value points&cash rates are now drastically worse – Curio Hamburg 100% more!
    – low-season rates on high-occupancy dates have gone up
    – low category hotels with fixed rates (ie Cat 1,2) are still same price, if you can find them; I suspect some hotels are blocking standard rooms
    – hotels in areas with high tax/service charge like SE Asia seem to have slightly better c&p rates when few points are used
    – While I haven’t found any rates that are higher than previous maximum, prices have definitely gone up, so I’d give the Hilton promise that rates are not increasing a 2-3 Pinocchios for being true, but misleading
    If you have a lot of points, I’d use them, before the old max rates disappear and while Hilton is fine-tuning the new algorithm – I think there is still value during the transition that is likely to disappear as Hilton gets closer and closer to “revenue based redemption”.
    Here are some of the examples I looked at

  • Zeljko

    I don’t like it. For Example, Doubletree by Hilton Bratislava was category 2 and we were able to stay for 4000 points + 31 EUR, now it costs 5,000

    + €

    51.80. Or I need to spend 7000 points in order to get the price of 31 EUR.

    • You can still get roughly the same Cash + Points price by buying the Hilton Honors points during a 100% bonus sale when they cost 0.5 cents each.

  • Zeljko

    Also, for previous Category 1 now it is less flexible, since you need to spend 5000 points, it’s the only option. Earlier it was possible to spend 2000 points + 21 EUR per day in Category 1.

    • You can buy points from Hilton Honors during their semi frequent 100% sales at 0.5 cents each ($15 for 3K).

  • Dr.Florida

    Hate it ! Just wanted to get into Doubletree Bangkok (always 20000), now 29 – 38000, not gonna happen. Back to Novotel Fenix at 61 US
    The Conrad money and points option totally gone.
    WTF ….

  • Lee Van Doren

    Patience… It is going to take some time for properties to learn how to price on this model. I bet a lot of pricing got set back to defaults.

    • Pepe99

      You mean until properties find out how to screw us even more?

  • Pepe99

    Under old system 4 nights at Hilton Garden Inn Kauai Wailua Bay cost 64K points + $295
    Under new system, same reservation costs 64K points + $435, or 95K points + $295

    So, it does look like a points devaluation either way.