Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Award Changes March 23, 2017: Online Discount & Fuel Surcharges Gone + Adjustments (Roughly 25% Devaluation)


Singapore Airlines has quietly put up a page on its website about changes coming to the KrisFlyer awards effective March 23 2017.

Singapore Airlines Award Devaluation

The online award discount of 15% is gone, many mileage requirements are adjusted modestly upwards and the airline discontinues charging insurance and fuel surcharges (positive development) on awards.

You can access Singapore Airlines web page for these changes here.

Here’s the current award chart:

Download (PDF, 156KB)

Here’s the award chart effective March 23, 2017:

Download (PDF, 146KB)

Here are my most recent KrisFlyer redemptions:

Christchurch – Singapore – Bangkok

OLD: 46,750 miles + 32.86NZD airport taxes + 259.10NZD carrier surcharge

NEW: 58,000 miles + actual airport taxes

Difference: 24% more miles (11,250) & no surcharge (259.10 NZD)

Singapore – Bali

OLD: 14,875 miles + 34SGD airport taxes + 68.10SGD carrier surcharge

NEW: 17,500 miles + actual airport taxes

Difference: 18% more miles (2,625) & no surcharge (68.10SGD)

Adelaide – Singapore – Phuket

OLD: 46,750 miles + taxes & surcharges (cannot find the receipt)

NEW 58,000 miles

Difference: 24% more miles (11,250)


I had couple of more awards but they were from/to Brazil and Singapore Airlines no longer flies there (very unfortunate!).

Seems that this is basically 20% to 25% devaluation in the number of miles required for awards partially offset the removal of carrier/fuel surcharges. Could have been far worse.

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  • Carol

    Any change in awards with partner airlines?

  • MV

    I was reading yesterday a blog post that said “Krisflyer is the program to devalue next”.

  • Leo

    Would you consider this as good, neutral or bad since the carrier surcharges are waived despite the higher number of miles required now?

    • Gaijinsan

      When I last checked NRT-LAX in F, the carrier surcharge was pretty reasonable (want to say $100-200 range). I don’t know what longer routes were running recently, so for me it looks like a negative, but maybe for SIN-LON or SIN-SFO it’s a positive?

    • I would say overall slightly negative.

  • Yogi

    While the 15% discount is gone (negative) the surcharges are also gone (positive). This is actually good in a way because for some destinations the surcharges and airport taxes totalled to ridiculous amounts most of the times! However overall I see this as a devaluation.
    Just to add, the biggest challenge with Krisflyer redemption is that they never seem to release the ‘Saver’ award tickets for the popular destinations. The ‘Standard’ category of award tickets require double the Krisflyer points which makes SQ one of the most costly airline for award travel

    • I have had luck with getting awards at SAVER levels. Usually you have to waitlist, however.

  • Gaijinsan

    Pretty disappointing, with the 15% discount gone especially. SQ rates using KrisFlyer miles for their own First Class were quite competitive, now they are more inline with other Star Alliance carriers.

    KrisFlyer and Avios used to be some of the best uses of Amex Membership Reward points, both now devalued a fair bit (Avios nearly gutted on long haul flights). Will certainly push my Amex card down in priority when making large purchases.

  • superduper

    No devaluation of 25% or even close.
    No fuel surcharges and insurance now.
    Take it into account before you try to “dramatise” everything.

    Redemption 1:
    Surcharges of 259 NZD = 185 USD.
    If you value KF miles at 1mile = $0.02. 185USD = 9250miles.
    Thus devaluation of 3000 miles, ie 6.4% devaluation only.

    If you value KF miles at 1mile = $0.04. 185USD = 6625miles.
    Thus devaluation of 4625 miles, ie 9.89% devaluation only.

    Redemption 2:
    Surcharges of 68 SGD = 48 USD.
    You value KF miles at 1mile = $0.02. 48USD = 2400miles.
    Thus revaluation of 225 miles, ie 1.51% gain!

    If you value KF miles at 1mile = $0.04. 48USD = 1200miles.
    Thus devaluation of 1425 miles, ie 9.58% devaluation only.

    Redemption 3:
    No fuel surcharges or insurance given, so no point mentioning at all.

    I dont see how this translate to 24% or 25% devaluation.

    All I can say is… CLICKBAIT!

    • Depends how much you value the miles. If you redeem for business and first class awards, the number of miles required probably went up by 25% partially offset by the discontinuance of surcharges.