Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles Up To Quadruple Status Miles Promotion March 8 – June 15 2017 (Targeted)


Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles has targeted some members (including yours truly) with an insane Double (Economy) / Quadruple (Business Class) status miles promotion that will last until June 15th 2017.

Miles&Smiles sent out emails to their members targeted under this promotion which offers a crazy kickback. 4x Status Miles make it possible to earn Gold Status for 2 years with just one round trip to a long haul destination in business class.

Not sure how Turkish Airlines selected the members targeted but in my case I had a Gold Status Match last year which I was supposed to renew (which I almost did) until news broke that Turkish is running a ‘bait and switch’ operation with their status matches, now claiming that all miles have to be flown on their own metal which was not outlined in the terms and conditions of the match (see related article here).

Since I stopped accumulating points and under the current rate wouldn’t qualify maybe TK detected that and chose me based on these parameters?

You can access the universal landing page for this promotion on the Turkish Airlines website here.

Earn double Status Miles in Economy and four times Status Miles in Business Class flights.

From now on , until June15,2017 your flights will earn you up to four times Status miles.

The landing page doesn’t say much more other than outlining the T&C of the promo:

You have a special place in our hearts, now your flights give you more advantages.

Earn double Status Miles in Economy and four times Status Miles in Business Class flights.

From now on , until June15,2017 your flights will earn you up to four times Status miles.

Campaign Rules and Conditions

  • Only members notified by Turkish Airlines directly can take advantage of this promotion.
  • This  promotion is valid from  8nd March 2017 to 15th June 2017
  • The related promotion will be applied only for Turkish Airlines scheduled flights. Promotion is not permitted on Turkish Airlines codeshare flights and Star Alliance member airline flights
  • Only  international flights are valid for this promotion.
  • Only flights issued to the Miles&Smiles account during reservation, at the time of ticketing and before flight will be considered valid. Flights issued after flight is not valid. Miles credited after flight is not subject to this promotion.
  • All reservation classes (Economy/Business) excluding award ticket classes are valid for this promotion.
  • 2 times status miles will be accrued on economy flights, 4 times status miles will be accrued on business flights.
  • Turkish Airlines has the right to change terms and conditions of the promotion.
  • Usage rights of this promotion can not be transferred to third parties. In case of violation of this rule Turkish Airlines reserves the right to take legal actions against those concerned.

This seems to be easy and very straight forward without any specific exclusions for saver fares. That is if Turkish sticks to their own T&C this time around.

Miles & Smiles has 3 Elite Membership Levels:

  • Classic Plus (Star Alliance Silver) at 25,000 Miles
  • Elite (Star Alliance Gold) at 40,000 Miles
  • Elite Plus (Star Alliance Gold) at 80,000 Miles

Here is how you earn on Turkish Airlines flights that are directly credited to Miles&Smiles:

What the promotion doesn’t say is if the base miles are counted times four or the accrual miles per class of service. In any case, Business Class earns a minimum of 150% for non-status level and 175% for Silver and above which is quite generous.

But what’s up with this: “Turkish Airlines has the right to change terms and conditions of the promotion”? To be honest I don’t like this type of wording, especially from a company that engaged in bait and switch before.


This must be one of the craziest promotions as far as status miles go that I can remember is recent years. Two round trips in Business Class could pretty much earn you Elite Plus status under this earning ratio which will then be good for two years. One round trip is sufficient for Gold.

If you’re a Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles member maybe look through your registered emails including the spam filter if you have received this email as well because as mentioned, only targeted members are eligible for this promotion.

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  • Nikola

    I did a status match recently and i need 15.000 miles on TK, do you is 4×4000 be enough with this promotion since i have received this e-mail as well?

    • That really is a good question and it really depends how these bonus EQMs post. Don’t believe that you can get an answer from TK.

  • Boobaholic

    Is this discrimination legal ?

    • Airlines and hotels often have targeted offers for bonus points and miles. This is one of the more generous ones, however. They must have soft bookings and try to drive business by offering something like this (giving EQMs doesn’t really cost them anything).

  • Edy Susilo

    one round trip ticket from asia to us in biz will qualify to elite plus 🙂

  • lukah

    did status match almost a year ago and flew enough to obtain elite plus. got this email as well. seems like good promotion, will fly one C long haul for it.


    I was invited as well by TK, however I bought the ticket on the 6th of march since my flight was yesterday 8th of march (which is within the promotion period). Just been granted standard 1x miles for the first leg.
    TK flight, booking office was indicating my TK-smiles number.

    • Nikola

      thats’ weird, keep us updated for the return flight

  • Serge Suv

    JUst called TK and they said that promo Business / Economy class is excluded from this offer. Very intertesting because the disclaimer states that only award tickets are excluded. Would be great to know if anyone did get the status miles 4x/2x for the promotional fares

    • I’d be surprised to get any fort of correct answer from a Turkish Airlines phone agent. They are known to be extremely unreliable. I wouldn’t even call since the T&C are explicit as far as the booking classes are concerned.

  • Peter

    Conditions just changed. This promotion is now valid just until 25.March… I have no words for this… no more TK flights for me..

  • Sviatoslav R

    Be careful if you want to use this campaign – this is deception. I got similar promotion email stating both my name and my Smiles&Miles number. After following all the rules I got only standard amount of miles credited (i.e. not multiplies). I had contacted help desk twice and got the same reply: “The related campaign mentioned in your message is a customized campaign. Therefore, we are sorry for that we are unable to meet your demand positively.”


    • These bonus miles may not post with the actual flight. As long as you got the email from TK, I would be almost certain that you get them at the end.