Compensation Clinic: FlyBe Flight Cancellation Due to Fog & Alternate Expenses Incurred

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This week the Compensation Clinic-case comes from a reader question that we published back in January (read more here), where reader had made alternate arrangements when FlyBe had cancelled a flight due to fog.

Compensation Clinic FlyBe Flight Cancellation Due to Fog & Alternate Expenses Incurred

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Here’s the original email from the reader:

Just hoping you could help me with some advice.

Was due to fly to CDG on 30th December from LCY but flight was delayed at first for over three hours then finally cancelled. This was with Flybe.

The whole situation was a mess. No announcement or staff members around, just a txt via my phone. There was one information desk serving several airlines which was a mess also.

The cancellation was due to fog. They have refunded me but I want to know if I am entitled to anything else.

I had to uber to kings X and purchase Eurostar tickets so I could get to Paris (purchased fully flexible a few days before the flight as insurance). Plus the car that picked me up in Paris cost extra as I was heading out to Disneyland.

Do you think I would be able to claim anything extra from Flybe? I’m also considering my options with my travel insurance which is American Express. Thanks for any advice you can provide.

And here’s what was the outcome:

Flybe are paying for ALL my alternative travel arrangement including business class via Eurostar. They are transferring £429.37 even though the plane ticket was £159.00 which they already refunded.


This is a fantastic solution for the issue that the reader had due to the flight cancellation. You have to bear in mind that the European Union legislation EC 261/2004 is very consumer friendly even when force majeure event hits such as the fog in this case.

I wish that there would be similar legislation in other countries as well based on the emails that I receive from the readers. Airlines are often very reluctant to do what is rights unless it is mandated by legislation.

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  • Robert Kennedy

    I also had a flight cancelled out of London on Dec 30th, with British Airways, and with similar bad handling of the situation, flight kept getting delayed further until it was cancelled just as we were about to board.

    I booked alternative transport to Zurich. BA refused to offer any kind of compensation other than a refund of their flight. Thankfully my travel insurance covered the other travel but I think the reader here was lucky here with FlyBE as EU law provides no requirement to pay out if weather is to blame. Maybe he is a valued customer with FlyBE as I am very surprised they offered compensation here when they were not at fault for the cancellation.

    • Did you ask BA to book the alternate transportation for you? You could always open a Money Claim Online in the UK to see what the outcome is with BA.

  • Ian MacKenzie

    I was booked to fly with FlyBe LCY to ABZ on 26 January. Flight kept getting delayed by 30 minutes 2 or 3 times. I the heard that for the FlyBe LCY to Belfast flight the passengers were going to be shuttled to Southend Airport as the Belfast – LCY flight had been diverted. I very quickly checked the LCY arrivals board on my smartphone – the ABZ-LCY flight showed status “diverted” as well as EDI-LCY. Took more than an hour to load the coaches (with Belfast, Aberdeen and Edinburgh passengers), one hour travel time to Southend Airport. I queried ‘refreshment vouchers’ with FlyBe at Southend – “still waiting for approval decision whether you are entitled to vouchers”. NOTHING.
    FYI Southend Airport has no power sockets available in the whole terminal to charge any mobile devices.
    Finally arrived in Aberdeen 4-5 hours after scheduled arrival time.
    Although it had been very bad fog in London that week, the Thursday morning was relatively ok.
    All other airline flights were landing on time – only FlyBe seemed to be affected.
    Question in my mind as to whether BA, KLM, Air France, Lufthansa have preferential priority treatment (or higher fees) ??
    I am still not sure why our planes were diverted – nobody would answer the question except a cabin crew member who mentioned something about icing issues and the runway.
    Given the member’s success above I think it would be timely that I make an enquiry / claim with Flybe.
    As an aside, the reason for booking FlyBe round trip ABZ-LCY-ABZ was to try out there service in the light of recent BA performance and behaviour as FlyBe are introducing ABZ-LHR-ABZ route very soon. The ABZ-LCY leg was cancelled due to fog at LCY and I was re-routed on ABZ-Birmingham, declined FlyBe offer of a coach to LCY and jumped a fast train to Euston – almost as quick as the Tube from T5 !!
    But not an auspicious introduction to FlyBe !!

  • Malcolm

    This seems very strange to me that the airline pays out about 3x the cost for a cancellation caused by fog, which is beyond their control. No airline can afford this amount of penalty and remain in business. Someone got lucky here!

    • Consumer protection within the EU is very strong. Obviously, at the end of the day, these costs are “paid” by air travelers as a whole.

  • Holiday_Hero

    @john any posts on the uk leaving the eu? Possibility of no more comp to and from uk. Tax implications. Monarch finally going bust? Less traffic at london airports? Regional airport closures

    • Iceland, Norway and Switzerland are not part of EU but EC 261/2004 applies for them too. Depends what kind of access UK (perhaps excluding Scotland that may go for independence) airlines want to have for EU at the end.

      • Holiday_Hero

        Those 3 countries all pay for access. Something​ Brexit has ruled out.

        • I would say that it depends if UK wants to have access to the EU internal market or not. Reality may sink in at some point.