Reader Question: IHG Rewards Club Dining Points No Longer Elite Qualifying?

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A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a question by email about the IHG Rewards Club Dining program. Points earned used to be elite qualifying but most recent ones were not?

Reader Question Rewards Club Dining No Longer Elite Points Qualifying

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You can access IHG’s web page for dining program here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I have been an IHG member for some time.  My last two RC Dining points have NOT extended to Elite Qualifying Points.  As you see the last time they were extended was Feb 14th.  I am unable to find details either on the Dining Network and or IHG website for updated terms and conditions.  Are you able to shed any further light?

The reader here refers to the IHG Rewards Club Dining program that is handled by Rewards Network that has similar arrangement with number of other hotel and airline loyalty programs. Members can earn points for their dining expenses at number of restaurants around the United States.

I have not taken advantage of this program, so I decided to drop an email to the IHG spokesperson.

Here’s the response from the IHG Americas spokesperson:

Per IHG® Rewards Club Terms & Conditions, dining transactions do not qualify toward elite status. It was recently discovered that dining purchases made by some IHGRewards Club members were incorrectly flagged in the system, thus resulting in the accrual of elite qualifying points.  This was system error and has been corrected. Elite qualifying points incorrectly awarded from dining transactions will remain in members’ accounts.

Members are encouraged to reference the IHG Rewards Club T&Cs for a full list of qualifying points.


All the points earned used to count towards the IHG Rewards Club elite status. The program has removed elite qualifying points earning options lately. Now, points earned from the IHG Rewards Club Dining program are no loner elite qualifying.

The program Terms & Conditions regarding qualifying activity isn’t very clear:

Points earned from Qualifying Rates paid for hotel stays, spend on IHG® Rewards Club credit cards, select partner activity, IHG®Rewards Club Bonus Points Packages, and Qualified Spend through IHG® Business Rewards are considered Qualifying Points and are counted toward Elite status.

What partner transactions are elite qualifying and which ones are not, are not clearly defined.

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  • JJ

    Same thing WAS happening with E-Rewards as well…..

    • Yeah. There seems to have been changes to what qualifies as elite qualifying point. I have requested clarification from IHG.

      • Swedboy

        Please, do, John! Ask them about BPP, too (1k/5k/10k). And what the hell happened to 25k EQ BPP at Indigo Brooklyn??? Which bonus points packages ARE elite qualifying if any? “Members are encouraged to reference the IHG Rewards Club T&Cs for a full list of qualifying points” – that’s a very unclear list……………. Thanks

        • I have called their customer service about this several times and after spending nearly two hours talking to many people, I finally had a customer service representative tell me that as of 12/31/16 they were changing the program and that I should have received an email about that.

          After expressing my disappointment and stating that I didn’t receive that email, I asked to speak to a supervisor. That supervisor stated that there was some internal communication that the change was effective on 2/22/16. They said nothing about it being an overlooked error, but they did say that they would take my feedback about having spent so much time talking to at least 5 different people before getting an honest answer about the state of the program… but I’m not holding my breath for a public announcement.

          For me, this was an easy way to help maintain Spire status without worrying too much when it’s more convenient to stay at a hotel outside of IHG. It may be worth re-evaluating where I send the dining rewards and which hotel brands I book with.