InterContinental Royal Ambassador Letter With Free Weekend Night Certificate (Kits Delayed?)

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A LoyaltyLobby reader from Switzerland forwarded me a copy of the InterContinental Royal Ambassador welcome letter that he had just received.

InterContinental Royal Ambassador Letter

Seems that the Royal Ambassador kits may be delayed (yet again!) but the letter came with the Free Weekend Night-voucher (read more about making your booking using it here).

You can access IHG’s page for InterContinental Ambassador program here.

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It is good that IHG Rewards Club is now sending out the Free Weekend Night-vouchers as a separate mail piece. Many readers were not very happy in previous years when these were delayed and the use of the Free Weekend Night-voucher before expiry challenging.

Not sure why it has been difficult for the Ambassador program to get the kits out?

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  • Hazem

    Why do they insist to picture Rome on the certificate, despite the fact that their only InterContinental Hotel there was “deflagged” few years ago?
    Also do not take Ruth Negus letters seriously. I personally received a welcome letter from her with my Spire Ambassador kit (downgraded from Royal after 4 continuous years) in which all what was offered including 25k points was denied! Only got the benefits after escalating to CEO!

  • Nick Hevelian

    I signed up at Christmas time – still waiting for the pack to arrive and it’s now March.

    • You should probably contact Ambassador service center and ask them to send you one by FedEx/UPS.

  • Nordic

    Update: signed up Dec 14.
    Feb 21: “Our records show your portfolio was dispatched last 18 January 2017. Please expect delivery of the kit within 6-8 weeks after dispatched”.
    It’s been 55 days today. 8 weeks then.
    Today got a message from from the Executive Office of IHG.
    NO sign of the kit. Delivery date NOT provided.
    5000 points for the inconvenience.
    Soooooooooooo fooking annoying 🙁

    No idea what the next move should be………..

    • Contact Ambassador service center and request that they send it by FedEx or UPS for tracking purposes.